Guide to Visiting Copenhagen and Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

Planning your vacation to Copenhagen Denmark and wondering what to do in Copenhagen doesn’t have to be a struggle—not even if you have kids. That’s right—with so many family-friendly activities available, you’ll never have to worry about finding something to do with your family. This means that you can have the safe, fun vacation that you’ve always wanted.  But if you’re wanting to make your next vacation one that your entire family will enjoy, you’ll need to plan ahead of time. If you haven’t started planning your itinerary yet, you’re in luck. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to travel to Copenhagen as well as the best things to do in Copenhagen, which incidentally, is one of best world’s cities to visit anytime.

Where is Copenhagen and Copenhagen Map

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and is also one of the highest populated cities in all of Denmark. It is situated on the eastern coast of the country between two coastal island – Zealand and Amager. The Copenhagen map shows where Copenhagen is located in relation to Sweden and Germany. 

Copenhagen map
Credits: Wikipedia

Copenhagen was initially a Viking’s fishing village in the 10th century and became the capital of the country in the 15th century. Copenhagen is in the Baltic Sea. 

What is the Population of Copenhagen?

The population of Copenhagen currently stands at 1.3 million people. However, when surrounding suburbs and towns are accounted for, the population becomes shy of 2 million people.  This is almost 50% of Denmark population of 5.8 million people! The population density of Copenhagen is approximately 45x larger than anywhere else in the country of Denmark. The largest nationality in Denmark is unsurprisingly Danish, but they only make up 72% of the population; the rest is made up of foreign nationals. 

How to get to Copenhagen 

Getting to Copenhagen is not difficult at all. There are multiple flights to Copenhagen every day from almost all major European cities. There are also direct flights from North America and Asia, but they are not quite as frequent as the European flights. Most trans-Atlantic flights originate from major cities in the U.S. such as  Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York. So if you’re come from a slightly more remote section of the U.S., you may have to connection flight before reaching Copenhagen. 

The quickest route to the city center is the train or the metro. It takes no more than 15 minutes, and you can buy your ticket at the airport. Alternatively, there are frequent buses which run directly to the city center, as well as taxis available. A trip from the airport to the city center should take no more than 30 minutes. 

Another popular way to visit Copenhagen is by car or land. From the Eurostar station in Calais in France, it is a 12-hour drive to reach Copenhagen. From Berlin, Germany, the journey takes just under 7 hours. Whether your end destination is in Copenhagen, or whether it’s part of a larger European road trip, driving is a great way to reach and explore the city. 

How to Get Around Copenhagen

The beauty of a city like Copenhagen, is that there are so many ways for you to get around. Copenhagen actually feels a lot more like a small town than a city which is why cycling and walking can be a perfect way to get around. Most of the major sights are all seemingly within a few blocks of one another. Bicycles aren’t expensive  to rent and cost approximately $5 per hour. 

Copenhagen Metro Train
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The city also has a fantastic public transport system as well. Buses and metro trains are available 24 hours per day, and fees range between $4 for an adult and $2 for a child. Alternatively, you may want to rent a car, which is a great option. Even though you might not need an international driver’s license to drive in Copenhagen,  you should have your driver’s license on you at all times when driving. Many car rental agencies are available at the airport. 

When is The Best Time to Visit Copenhagen

The best time to visit Copenhagen is normally during the months of March, April, May, June, July, and August when Copenhagen weather is mild, however it really depends on what exactly you’re looking for. While the summer months of June and July can bring hot weather and some fun events, it also brings along inflated prices and large crowds.  Therefore, if large crowds aren’t quite your thing, you may prefer to come in the spring, when weather is mild and the crowds haven’t yet started filling in. Around October time, things begin to settle down again and stay that way through the following Spring, apart from in December, of course, when the beautiful Christmas market comes alive, and the streets come to live for holiday celebrations. 

Currency in Copenhagen

In money or currency used in Copenhagen is the Danish Krone. 1 US dollar is worth about 7 Danish Krone. You can exchange your money at almost any bank as well as any currency exchange/bureau de change location. 

Language Spoken in Copenhagen

The language spoken in Denmark is Danish. However, some other minor languages include German and Faroese. Given that Danish can be a very complicated language to learn, Danish locals in Copenhagen will be very impressed if you make an attempt to learn a few conversational phrases.



Time Zone in Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen’s time zone is GMT+2. This puts it 2 hours ahead of London, 6 hours ahead of New York, and 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles, California. 

Is Copenhagen Safe?

Copenhagen, like its Scandinavian neighbors, has a reputation for being some of the safest countries in the entire world. The only kind of crime that you should be worried about is petty crime, such as pickpockets. And as long as you use common sense and keep an eye on your belongings, you should be just fine. 

Where is The Best Place To Stay in Copenhagen?

When it comes to the very best place to stay in Copenhagen, the city center jumps right out. It is active 24/7 and there’s always something to do for locals and tourists alike. Most of the main sites are within walking distance, and accessible by foot, or in the worst case, by using the well-organized public transport system.

20 Best Things to Do In Copenhagen

1. Marvel and Play at Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens has more than just beautiful flowers to keep your family entertained. The gardens actually doubles as an amusement park. In fact, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world—a title that it proudly boasts to the thousands of tourists who visit it each year. It has a number of family-friendly rides that are great for everyone in your party. 

Tivoli Gardens - Best Things to Do in Copenhagen with Kids

But what really sets Tivoli Garderns apart, however, is the fact that the park is beautifully interwoven into the gardens to provide one of the most original and beautiful visual experiences you’ll ever encounter. It’s fair to say that you won’t find another theme park quite like Tivoli Gardens, so you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to visit while you’re in Copenhagen.  Your kids will also appreciate the sights—though probably not as much as they will the rides. So if you are looking for what to do in Copenhagen, this garden should be on your list. 

2. Go to the Design Museum Danmark

For anyone who has any kind of interest in Danish design, this museum is a must visit on a trip to Copenhagen. The building, which is truly a masterpiece in itself, is a phenomenal example of Rocksso architecture, and truly demonstrates the kind of beauty that can be expected on the inside. The museum was initially housed in what was formerly Denmark’s very first public hospital that was turned into a museum in the 1920s. Take time to enjoy the decorative art, glass works, textiles designs, and poster arts; and if you’re lucky, even participate in a hands-on workshop.

3. Take a Trip to the Copenhagen Zoo

Heat out to the Copenhagen zoo after your visit to Tivoli Gardens. For those with kids, there are few places better to go than the zoo with a child. Here, you’ll find a large collection of exotic animals and a number of educational opportunities. This is one of the top Copenhagen things to do when you’re in town. 

Elephants, Copenhagen Zoo
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Fascinate your children’s minds and get involved in enjoying the experience with them for an unforgettable vacation memory. We’re sure your children will remember this experience long after you return home. 

4. Visit Rosenborg Castle 

Looking for more things to do in Copenhagen and want a unique experience? Then head to the Rosenborg Castle. This castle has origins which date back all the way to 1606, when it was used as a summer house by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings. Now, visitors can get a glimpse into Copenhagen’s rich history – very much like a time capsule that was filled with fabulous works of art and treasures from the past. You can walk down the exact same halls that the Danish royalty once did. You’ll even find the king’s private writing cabinet, living room and bathroom. We think this is one of the top things to do in Copenhagen. 

5. Visit the Blue Planet Aquarium

But don’t just stop at looking at animals on land. Make sure that you head to the Blue Planet Aquarium to see the city’s collection of marine animals, as well. 

Blue Planet Aquarium - Best Things to Do in Copenhagen with Kids
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Here, you’ll find a large selection of marine animals sure to capture your fancy. What’s more, just like the zoo, this will provide a wonderful educational experience for children, teens, and even adults of all ages. If you are looking for the best place to go in Copenhagen, then this aquarium should be on your list. 

6. Spend some time at Copenhot 

Copenhot is a beautiful Al Fresco Spa. Well, it’s somewhat like one even though massages are not offered here. However, what it lacks in massages, it makes up for in its coolness. Situated right by the water in the industrial and hip Nordhavn neighborhood, the Al Fresco Spa is a cluster of hot tubs and saunas overlooking the water. For warming up and chilling out, there are plenty of options. The hot tubs are filled with clean mineral water from below the fire (all thanks to the guy chopping firewood on-site), and the panoramic saunas overlook the harbor. You have to admit that this is a fun thing to do in Copenhagen.

7. Go to the Theater

In the evening, don’t miss a chance to go to the theater to see a world-class performance. If you can, make this an adult and romantic outing as we think this can be one of the most romantic things to do in Copenhagen solo or with another adult. 

Royal theater - Copenhagen
Credits: Nelson L. CC BY 2.0

The shows will change depending on what’s playing when you arrive, but you can always count on the quality being excellent as well as the show being entertaining. Certainly a cool thing to do in Copenhagen even during the winter when you’d want to opt for indoor activities. 

8. Eat at the Alchemist 

The Alchemist is a dining destination worthy of a spot on anyone’s bucket list. Its menu is made up from 47 creative and delicious courses. While maybe not all of them will please you, you will either enjoy the challenge or receive a pleasant surprise. You might want to reserve a visit here for a special adult evening as it is one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen. Visiting here and getting pampered is also easily one of the most romantic things to do in Copenhagen. 

9. Visit the Little Mermaid Statue

Before leaving Copenhagen, make sure that you visit the Little Mermaid Statue. Perfect for the Disney lovers in your family, this statue is the perfect place for a selfie or family photo. The kids will love seeing this statue and might think a visit here is one of the coolest things to do in Copenhagen. 

Mermaid Statue - Best Things to Do in Copenhagen with Kids

10. Ride on Hey Captain 

Hey Captain is a unique excursion that offers a fun and exclusive perspective on the city, as well as an insight into Danish life.  In order to keep the experience intimate and personal, every boat typically has one guide and a maximum of 12 guests. We think riding on a “Hey Captain” will tickle the kids and probably count as one of the best things to do in Copenhagen with kids. 

11. Visit the National Museum Of Denmark 

The largest museum in Denmark is a phenomenal display of cultural history. It is located in what used to be the prince’s palace of the 18th century, and proudly displays exhibitions which date back further than the Stone and Viking Ages.

National Museum Of Denmark
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

 If you are coming during the high season, make sure that you are well-prepared for large crowds as this is a popular attraction in Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole. 

12. Go to the Botanical Garden 

This collection of botanic gardens are a green and natural oasis in Copenhagen’s city center. It has the biggest collection of flora in all of Denmark, and includes more than 13,000 plant species spread across 10 hectares of historical 19th century greenhouses. And while you are in the area, feel free to swing by the National Gallery Of Denmark, which is the country’s largest art museum. Visiting these gardens is one of the most fun things to do in Copenhagen.

13. Spend time at Nyhaven 

This harbor, which still stands from its origins in the 1600s, is surely one of the most impressive and remarkable landmarks in the entire city of Copenhagen. It is filled with a blend of modern and wooden boats, fabulously colored townhouses and lined with a diverse range of seafood restaurants. This what you often see on a postcard from Copenhagen. Nyhaven is one of the best places to visit and best place to stay in Copenhagen. 


Nyhaven is always hugely vibrant and always bustling with visitors and tourists. This historic landmark is also free to relax in since it’s a public place. You can head out here alone or with family and enjoy the diversity, as well as hustle and bustle of Copenhagen.  Some of the oldest houses in Copenhagen can be found here. 

14. Visit the Cisterns (Danish: Cisternerne)

As an extension of Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg Museum, this Cisternerne operates as a venue for events and other exhibitions. However, people come here, not just for events, but for the space itself. What was once a cave within a city, and a subterranean reservoir with 16 million liters of water, is now an exhibition space. This cryptic underground cave is the only drip stone cave in Denmark and is filled with stalagmites and stalactites. As you can imagine, visiting here is one of the fun things to do in Copenhagen. 

14. Go to Jægersborggade 

Despite not being the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen, this is still one that you should certainly visit if you get the chance. This beautifully cobbled street lined with fabulous colored buildings has a fantastic range of bars, restaurants and clubs to keep visitors entertained.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

It is easily the kind of place where you could stop by for a drink, and end up staying the entire evening. Regardless of what type of food, drink or entertainment you like, there is bound to be something here to meet your needs. This could be a place to consider when you’re wondering where to stay in Copenhagen. 

16. Cycle Around The City

Despite the fact that Copenhagen has perhaps one of the most developed public transport systems in all of Europe, it is still a fabulous city to see by bike. There are so many cycling paths that allow you to ride around the city on two wheels while taking in all the local sites. Riding a bike in Copenhagen tops our list of things to do and things to see in Copenhagen. 

17. Go to Assistens Cemetery

This historic cemetery is situated in the Center of Copenhagen’s Nørrebo district. Apart from being a historic cemetery and burial site of many nobles and notable people including the famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen, it’s also a public area for individuals to hang out in peace and quiet. 

Assistens Cemetery
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The paths on the grounds twist through meadows, woods and gardens, alongside the tombstones of some of the most famous Danish people. If it won’t spook you out, stay to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, including its artistic sculptures. We know it might be a weird thing to do,

18. Take a Food Walking Tour – The Culinary Experience Tour

This 4-hour food walking tour takes you through the fabulously diverse and historic range of Danish cuisine. You’ll get the chance to taste your way through the most fabulous eateries in Copenhagen. The best part is that you get to sample 8-9 individual delicious and fresh foods. So, take this tour as it is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen, with or without kids. And if you take this tour, you’ll probably get a chance to see the best places to eat in Copenhagen! 

19. CopenHill 

CopenHill is a multi-purpose waste-to-energy plant. You may ask, why exactly would anyone want to visit a plant like this? Well the building itself, is worthy of a visit on its own for several reasons. First off, it was initially designed by famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Copenhill Ski Slope
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Secondly, it has its own skiing slope, a climbing wall and a cafe.  So even if the skiing isn’t quite your thing, you can still sit by and watch the action unfold in front of you, or better, swinging by the cafe for a post-ski beer. 

20. Visit Carlsberg

Carlsberg Group is the world’s 5th largest brewing company, and the founder, J.C Jacobsen, was known to be one of the most famous citizens in Denmark. The Carlsberg Brewery Offers a fun tour around the location of its very first brewery. There are interactional exhibitions, and visitors can get a glimpse into some of the original machinery alongside some of the world’s largest collection of beer bottles. Not to mention, the free beer comes with entry – adults only. It doesn’t get better for adults looking for fun places or top things to do in Copenhagen. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the most out of your next vacation to Copenhagen with kids. And remember that Copenhagen is a great city to visit anytime – winter, fall, spring, summer – no time is bad for visiting one of the safest cities in the world

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