Travel Tours: How to Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

Did the possibility of getting lost in a place you are not familiar with ever occur to you? Do you want to travel the world but are too afraid to explore new territories on your own? Or, are you concerned about spending too much for a tour guide? Well, for sure, at some point, we all asked the same questions because at one point, for the first time, we traveled to a place so unknown to us that we needed someone to help us get around. We need an expert!

The risk of getting lost and finding your way in a jungle or in a massive metropolitan subway system excites most backpackers. It gives them a special feeling of independence. But if you don’t want to risk it, maybe because you are traveling with kids or your parents and you want everything laid out properly, then, this article about Travel Tours: How to Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide is just right for you.

We will dive into the nitty-gritty part of selecting the expert and best guide who will help you make the most of your trip. Let’s look into the how-tos together.

1. Check travel websites such as Viator

Viator - Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

Access to a repository of travel guides come in handy, whenever you venture to new places. Viator simply puts everything we need together. They have the best repository of travel guides from Asia to Europe to North America. They also have a section where you can “Find your expert private guide.” Who else can better tour you around than a local? The steps are as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is indicate your destination, and you will be presented with available local guides. From there, you can contact the guide to help you customize your itinerary. If you are having trouble deciding who to pick, then make sure to check the guide’s rating and reviews.

2. Get an Explorer Pass

Explorer pass - Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

If being on a private tour does not really appeal to you, probably because you think it so disengaging and boring, then, perhaps an explorer pass is just what you need. This type of tour does not involve an actual person to tour you around, but instead, it offers tour packages that include itineraries created by city experts. These city experts are your virtual guides, who will help you put things together and take you from point A to B. You can check additional information about the multi-attraction pass through SmartDestinations.

3. Ask your hotel for recommendations

Hotel - Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

Asking your hotel directly for recommendations is one of the simplest, quickest, and most reliable ways of getting a local tour guide. For sure, hotels have affiliates they can easily tap. Sometimes, you don’t even have to ask anymore because hotels proactively offer guided tours.

4. Listen to Customer Testimonials

Testimonials - Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

Whether you are buying  merchandise online, checking something out from a retail store, or wanting to know if a product really works like business owners advertise them, “word of mouth” is one reliable option to know that you are getting the best service. This idea also applies when selecting a local tour guide. It is difficult to trust just any tour guide without prior knowledge of how he or she handles his or her clients, but if you read blogs or gets a friend’s recommendation, then you are highly likely to book that guide.

5. Get into Klook

Klook - Book the Perfect Local Tour Guide

Another best way to book your local tour guide is by booking a guided tour that comes with the best guy in town. Klook is one app that offers guided tours, which also provides comprehensive information about the places or attractions that are part of the packages, tour details, and even tour guide information. Just download the app, search for a destination, or use a keyword to search. You can opt for a private tour or you can also join in a group to start your adventure.

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