How to Fly Your Kids for Free with Frontier Airlines

Let’s face it: no one likes paying for airline tickets. And if you have a large family, you might find yourself paying more than your fair share just to take a family vacation. 

Not anymore. If you’re looking to cut down on airfare costs, we have great news for you. If you’ve got children under the age of fifteen, you may soon find yourself not paying for their airfare at all. 

We know, we know—it sounds unbelievable. But before you put on your skeptical look, hear us out. Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to fly your kids for free with frontier airlines

Frontier Policy

First and foremost, it’s important to note that this method takes advantage of Frontier’s policies. This means that you can be sure that it will work for you—just as it’s worked for hundreds of others. 

So what’s the deal? Are you really able to let your children fly for free? 

Yes, by choosing Frontier Airlines, you’ll have the opportunity to make airfare for your children under the age of fifteen completely free. 

Frontier Airlines
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But what’s the catch? If you’re thinking this may be one of those “too good to be true moments,” you’re half right. While it’s certainly true that your kids can fly free, it’s not as simple as you may think. The good news is that it’s not particularly difficult, either. 

If you’re wanting to allow your kids to fly for free on Frontier, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to start taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. By using the advice laid out here, you’ll be able to cut back on your family’s airfare for cheaper and more frequent travels. 

How to Fly Your Children for Free

Let’s start with the basics. What will you need to let your children fly for free when choosing Frontier Airlines? 

Fly Your Kids for Free with Frontier Airlines

The good news is that you really only have to do one thing: sign up for their Discount Den member Fare. The better news is that signing up is quick and painless and can put you on the path for better savings in no time. 

But what is Discount Den, and how can it be used to start saving you hundreds in airfare fees? 

Discount Den

Discount Den is a membership program offered by Frontier Airlines. This program allows for individuals to sign up for subscriptions to receive a number of perks when flying with the airlines. And you guessed it, children flying for free is one of the many benefits that you can receive. 

So what do you need to do to sign up for Discount Den? And what else do you need to know about this powerful subscription service? 

First, know that there is an upfront annual fee to join the program—but it doesn’t cost as much as you’d think. For just $59.99 a year—only a fraction of the price of one plane ticket—you can start flying your kids for free. 

Discount Den
Credits: Discount Den

Even better, provided you are one of the passengers flying on the flight, you’ll be able to get lower fare tickets for up to six individuals on your itinerary. This means that you can start saving hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars if you frequently travel. 

Family vacations have never been so easy. With this incredible program, you’ll be able to take the expense out of your routine flights. In addition to allowing children fly for free, Discount Den also gives you premium access to lower fares across a variety of other flights. This means that you’ll be able to cut down on your ticket prices, all while allowing your kids to fly for free. 

So what do you need to do to take advantage of this cost-cutting program? Simply sign up on Frontier’s website

As Frontier notes, the program has several benefits for those who choose to sign up. For starters, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited savings for the entire year of your subscription. (Again, this super low-cost subscription is just $59.99 a year!)

So are there any limitations? The only drawback is that you’ll only be able to get allow one child to fly for free for every Discount Den adult fare that you’ve purchased. Because of this, larger families may have more trouble making use of this deal; however, if both parents are flying, you should always be able to at least get two free tickets. 

In this way, you can start to cut down on your airfare costs for bigger and better savings. 

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