How to Lose Weight While On Vacation

Now, usually you don’t think of going on vacation as a dieting method, but you’d be surprised to find how much weight you could lose while on vacation without taking away from the fun. In fact, sometimes it’s even easier to shed the pounds than at home! With so much to see and do, there’s no way you can be the usual couch potato you would be in the comfort of your own home. Here’s some easy tips to keep in mind while you’re vacationing abroad.

1. Skip public transport.

Now this depends on where you’re traveling, but if you’re in a European city or a small island town, the go-to is often to stick to public transport and taxis. However, skipping that and walking, instead, has more than one attraction. For one, on my month-long trip through Europe, I found myself easily walking ten miles a day to fit in all the sights I wanted to see. It was hard to put on any vacation weight with such a routine, and, second, I saw way more of the place, people, and culture when I was out and about!

2. Share meals.

Tips to Lose Weight On Vacation

Again, this tip has more than one appeal. Often, restaurants serve such extravagant portions – you’d be surprised to find out how full you are after eating just half of it. What’s more, you’re only spending half the money! Splitting meals is perfect for staying trim and keeping within a budget.

3. Decide on just one splurge a day.

It’s tempting to associate vacation mode with doing and eating whatever you want, but believe me, you won’t be happy about that once you try to head out to the beach in your bikini. Don’t be so strict with yourself that you don’t enjoy your time there, but maybe just decide on one splurge a day – perhaps that huge, sugary margarita or the slab of black forest chocolate cake or a pile of puffy pancakes, but not all three!

4. Move a little every day.

How to Lose Weight On Vacation

Now, if you find yourself walking ten miles a day like me, you don’t have to worry about scheduling this in. If not, just commit to yourself that you will move some each day. Make it fun! Maybe the resort you’re at offers classes. Maybe that friend you met at the bar the night before loves to run. Or maybe you like checking out new gyms. Or maybe you can keep it as simple as a 30-minute workout before you leave your room in the morning!

5. Eat local food.

If you’re outside of the states, it is guaranteed that any local food you eat will be much better than what we get on the regular here in America. There will be less dairy, less wheat, and less processed sugar. You’ll look and feel a whole lot better!

6. Water, Water, and More Water.

This is especially important if you’re somewhere hot. Stay hydrated! The more you drink, the better your metabolism works – and just about everything else too.

7. Let yourself sweat.

If you’re on a beach vacation, you’ll probably find yourself dripping sweat quite often. Well, some people pay extra to go to a sauna! Take advantage, and let yourself sweat out those pounds.

8. Drink wine.

Lose Weight While On Vacation

No, that was not a typo. Wine – especially red wine – is a great alternative to soda and most other alcoholic beverages. If you make it your regular dinner drink, you’re good to go!

9. More Sleep and Less Stress.

Lack of sleep is the worst for staying fit or losing weight. Let yourself get in a full night’s sleep, no matter the night’s fun or morning plans. And let any stress just roll off you; vacations are a time to let go and relax, and that’s one of the best things you can do for your body.

10. Snack on fruits.

Make your snacking food fruits. This is especially exciting when you can try local fruit that you don’t usually get, like dragon fruit, passion fruit, and certain types of pineapple. Take advantage of the variety, and keep your snacking light!

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