How to Make Money Online From Home When You’re Not Traveling 

Most of us are avid travelers and we might be homebound for a few weeks or even months due to the recent pandemic. That means our expenses might be higher, while our incomes may be lower. It is possible to make extra money from home with some ingenious methods that you might have never thought of. If you can’t work a regular job or are staying at home with the kids, the need to earn a living still exists. The world we live in is continuously changing, and that means we’ve got to search for new ways to make money and learn how to how to work from home and make money. Yes, there are certainly more than one way to earn a buck and we hope the traveler in you find the best way for you. 

1. Be an Online Tutor and Help People Learn English

There are students all over the world who need someone to practice their spoken English with. If you’re not a native English speaker, you might be able to find an online company willing to hire you to speak your language to students. If you can’t find a company, then it’s possible that you might find students on your own.

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Skype is a great free Voice Over IP tool that allows you to make free online calls to any computer in the world. Skype also has a feature where you can talk via live cam, and many students will prefer to both see and hear you. Being a tutor is a great way to earn money online and also one of the popular quick ways to make money online. 

2. Learn a Skill that you Can Make Money from online

Let’s say that you don’t know of any way how to make money on the side from home. That shouldn’t stop you from trying to make a few bucks. There are plenty of both free and paid resources that can teach you a valuable skill that you can turn into cash. Have you ever thought about doing graphic design or becoming a programmer? If not, then now is the time to start considering. You can learn how to do many things from home and the more skilled that you become, the more money you can make. So wondering how to make money quick and don’t know where to start? Learning a skill is an easy way to make money online and frankly, one of the best ways to make money online as well. 

3. Get a Temporary Job that Allows you to Telecommute

Telecommuting is going to become hot in the coming years. You can search for local businesses that hire people to work from home or global companies that hire people from all over the world. If you have a real-world skill, that can be transposed online to do work for others.


Start looking at job boards and search for people on social media who telecommute and ask them for some advice. You may have to network a little, but you’ll find more than enough companies who are hiring workers with the skills you already have. So if you can’t travel now due to circumstance beyond your control, this is a fast way to make money. It’s not really a way to make quick money, but it’s a way to make real money online. 

4. Transcribe Audio and Files

Audio transcription has been picking up steam over the past few years. Why? YouTubers often pay for people to transcribe their videos so they can enter the text for closed captioning. YouTube spiders the text, and it plays a part in their algorithm. Transcribing video and audio is a difficult task, and that’s why some people are willing to pay upwards of a dollar per minute for people to do it. If you have a good ear, then this is one method of how to make money at home for free that you can do without any startup costs. All you need is free word processing software and VLC (an open-source multimedia platform) which doesn’t cost anything to watch or listen to the videos. Compared to the other methods we’ve discussed so far, this can be one of the fastest ways to make money online and a good way to learn skills that will always help you earn money online. 

5. Do Simple Video Editing that Doesn’t Require Much Skill

At first glance, you probably think video editing isn’t something you can do. Video editors are highly skilled and it takes years upon years of practice to become a professional. You don’t need to be an expert to make money editing videos. Many YouTubers hire video editors to take out awkward pauses or bloopers from their recordings.

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You will need a computer capable of doing basic video edits, but other than that, you won’t need much skill. A simple timeline video editor will work, and you just highlight the area with the undesirable content and hit delete. So if you’re thinking of how to make money without a job and love editing videos, you should consider this method of earning money online. 

6. Become A Social Media Manager

Companies all over the world need people to manage their social media accounts. Do you find yourself on Twitter or Facebook all day long? If so, then you might be a great candidate for this position. You should specialize in one social network and stick to it. When it comes to social media marketing, there are no jacks of all trades. Anyone who thinks they’re a master of all social networks quickly learns that they don’t know much about any of them. Pick the social site that you find the most enjoyable and spend every minute you can learning how to get followers, and your content is seen. Social media traffic is sought after because it’s free and plentiful. Most people are already very familiar with using social media, so we think this might answer your question of how to make money online for beginners or ways to make easy money online. 

7. Do Local SEO for Businesses in your Area

When you hear people talk about SEO often times, it might make you feel uneasy because you don’t know how to deal with big companies or don’t even know what SEO means. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which means setting up a site to work favorably with Google algorithms to help business get found by clients online. It’s basically making a website more visible and easier to find.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not really as hard as it sound but it just require that you invest time and energy into learning about SEO and then implementing it for businesses. If you go the route of local SEO, then that’s not a problem. What you do here is seek out local businesses that need someone to improve their listings in Google. You work to improve their site and do whatever it takes to get them to rank higher on search engines. The best way to make money as a local SEO is to charge a monthly fee. Local SEO is a service that many businesses will need month after month, and all it takes is a few clients to earn a full-time income. So this can be a great way to make money fast if you already know SEO and if not, you can still learn this method as it can be a good way when you’re looking for how to make a lot of money. 

8. Per Pay Click Advertising

There are many ways to make money from home fast, but all of them require that you put in some time and energy into learning the basics of the business. One popular way that people have had success with is PPC. PPC means Pay Per Click advertising. If you haven’t, then you should do a little more research on this because if fast is what you’re looking for, then look no further. However, it is not one of the popular easy ways to make money online as it has a steep learning curve.

We think that one of the fastest way you can make money online is through Pay Per Click advertising. It’s really means that you buy advertising on sites like Google, Bing, and Facebook. First, you’ve got to be able to create a high converting advertisement and landing page. So you need a good website to sell things to people. Then you place an ad on search engines.

When people click on that ad and come to your site, you pay the search engine something small for sending you that traffic which hopefully converts into a big sale. It will take a lot of tweaking to get the job done, but it’s possible. PPC can be a high risk venture as you can lose money as well, so only do this when you’ve spent sufficient time learning the in and outs of the business. And of course, you’ll find tons of resources online for PPC marketing if that’s something you want to explore. 

Extra Tips On Making Money Online from Home


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  • The long-term money making method online is to build an audience and sell to them

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or social networking pro, the best long-term method to make money on the internet is to build a strong following of people. Your following will dictate how much money you make off of them. If you want a sure-fire way to make money today and forever, then the best and only way is to build a following. The following you build will be loyal to you, and they will buy whatever you’re selling. You could be a YouTuber who talks about your love of cats and suggest products to people using Amazon’s affiliate program and make money that way. Work at building an audience, and if you do, then the money will start to roll in.

  • Freelancing will make you money, but you’ll have to work for it

Freelancing is a grueling way to make money. Customers are always expecting more for less money. There’s plenty of money to be made at sites like Fiverr and Upwork, but be prepared to work for it. No one ever said that freelancing was easy. If you have a specialized skill, then it might be easier than someone who does generalized work. There are so many things that you can do at freelancing sites that anyone reading this can find something to make a few bucks doing. If you only have a few hours a day to dedicate to working, then make sure that your delivery time reflects that. The time you tell your customers that you’ll deliver their product is up to you, and it’s best to be upfront if it’ll take a while to fulfill their order.

  • Stay focused, stay busy, and the money will come

If you’ve never made a dime online, the entire process can seem like an uphill battle at first. Your anxiety will leave once you make a few dollars and you see how everything works. Some of you will want to turn your side hustle into something more sustainable, and it’s possible to do by scaling things up. If you find that blogging is your thing, then create as many posts as you can for new blogs. No matter what you do, stay busy and always work hard to produce something new of value. The big mistake people make is being distracted and not completing what they start. Working online is challenging in the sense that there are a dozen things competing for your attention. All of those things will get in the way of you making money if you allow them to. If you’re working from home, then you’ve got spouses, children, and pets to deal with. Put yourself in a separate room where no one will disturb you and pound out some work in your free time.

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