How To Score Discounted Or Free Flights On Private Jets

Discounted or free flights on private jets are now something that is possible to enjoy nowadays. The challenge comes from knowing exactly how to score yourself a spot in one of those seats. Fortunately, we have found a couple ways that you can arrange to get yourself one. Here are some tips to follow for finding free flights on private jets without having to buy the aircraft yourself.

Free Private Jet Flights

Overall, there are two main ways that you can obtain free flights on private jets. The first way involves using your saved-up airline miles and the other way involves going through a service. We’ll go over some of the pros and cons of each of these methods.

Flying Free Using Miles

There are a lot of airline reward programs being offered, but not all programs are created equal. With Delta’s Sky Miles you can do a lot more than just upgrade your seating with those miles. For individuals who’ve racked up at least 2.5 million miles, they can exchange those miles for a $25,000 Delta Jet Card.

Free Flights On Private Jets

Typically the Jet Card has an entry price of $150,000, but now this luxury is being offered to more members. The card lets customers pre-fund a travel card, allowing for simplified booking, guaranteed jet availability and locked-in rates for private jet travel. The Jet Card canalso be used to purchase both commercial and Delta Private Jets.

As of now, Delta is the only major airline to offer its reward members an opportunity to redeem miles for a private jet experience. With that said, this opportunity does have its points of concern to consider. For instance, the hourly rate for Delta Private Jets is around $5,500. So for your $25,000, you’re only getting a little under 5 hours of flight time on a private jet. Plus Delta’s miles work out to be worth about 1.2 cents apiece. At 2.5 million miles, you’re looking at $30,000, so you end up losing $5,000 in miles value to get the jet card.

Private Jet Flights Using A Service

Alternatively, to using your hard-earned points for a free flight, you can instead get a membership to a Private Jet service all through a travel card.

1. Delta Jet Card

We briefly spoke of the Delta Jet Card and being able to use Delta Sky Miles to get one. If you have a little money and you like to travel then maybe the Delta Jet Card can work to get you free flights on private jets. If nothing else you can at least find discounted private jet flights to make it more affordable.

Delta Jet Card

With the Delta Jet Card you have access to more than 70 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft positioned throughout the U.S. As a cardholder you will also have the ability to book empty leg flights free of charge. It should also be noted that when you book empty leg flights that you are booking the entire aircraft and not just the seats.

With private jets from light to large and everything in between, they have every size option to fit your needs. The Jet Card cardholder has privileges like SkyMiles Diamond Medallion Status. There is also no initiation or annual fee, however, the card pricing starts at$150k and goes up from there.

2. Delta Sky Access Membership

If getting a travel card that starts at $150k seems a little out of reach, Delta also offers the Sky Access Membership. With this membership, travelers have empty leg access and fixed hourly rates for private jet flights. For regular commercial flights members will receive a 20% discount off select, Delta Air Lines fares.

Delta Sky Access Membership

Empty legs, if you are not familiar with the term are flights scheduled without passengers to ensure an aircraft is positioned for a trip at the right airport and the right time. Flying empty planes is frowned upon by airlines so they often at times sell reduced priced tickets for these flights to fill seats.

With Delta Sky Access you get access to empty legs flights on private jets for free. You also have reduced fixed rate hourly for private jet flights so you don’t have to wonder about the cost. The Sky Access Membership and these perks do come with a price and that is $8,500 for the first-year annual fee. After that, the price paid per year drops down to $6,000, however, the rates do vary so be sure to check with Delta for the most accurate rate.

3. JetSmarter

JetSmarter is a new airline service to make flying on private jets a lot more affordable. They offer a Pay-As-You-Go plan, that allows you to book a seat aboard a private jet at a non-member rate. They also offer a paid membership version for only $2,500 per year. The paid version offers access to private events and luxury partner benefits.


Besides the discounted member pricing on flights, you’ll be able to create flights to and from 170+ countries worldwide or fly on high-frequency routes between major cities. Using this service, you will be able to skip the lines and crowd and arrive at your terminal 15 minutes before takeoff. Relax in the private terminal with complimentary Wi-Fi and champagne. Enjoy non-intrusive security inspections and if you book the private charter, you can skip the whole security process altogether.

More Services

Besides JetSmarter, there are a few other options for travelers looking for providers of private jet airline travel. As these types of services begin to gain attention, there are more and more companies that are joining the private travel trend. A number of people are having success using Companies like JetSuite and Blade. Both air travel companies offer private aircrafts at a fairly reasonable price, however, each company is quite unique in comparison to each other.

In Summary

When it comes to flying free, or at a discounted price on private jets, it may have seemed like a fantasy in the past but not anymore. There are services and programs available that offer travelers the chance to experience flying in luxury, at an affordable cost. And by using some of these services, it will certainly make the traveling process a lot easier and way more enjoyable.

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