How to Stay in an Airport Lounge without a Business Class Ticket

You’re on what feels like the longest flight of your life. All you want to do is reach your destination and hit your hotel room. Unfortunately, you are experiencing a layover. You begin to panic, until you remember that you have airport lounge access. This thought energizes you, and as you step off the plane and head to the lounge, you thank yourself for thinking ahead.

If you want this same security but can’t afford anything but coach, don’t worry. There are ways for you to gain access into a high-quality airport lounge.Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Buy a Day Pass

Airport Lounge

Sure, it’s not the same as having unlimited access to lounges of your choosing, but if you really wish to escape the concourse and enjoy your layover, you can always buy a day pass from your airline. These passes are generally sold for less than $100, so while they aren’t cheap, they’re not the most expensive things in the world, either. Certainly, they are worth it for passengers who are desperately seeking a better way to relax during their layovers.

2. Go Third Party

One of the best ways to enjoy the perks of an airport lounge (which includes free food, Wi-Fi, beverages, and entertainment) is to go third party. Going third party is perfect for those individuals who don’t fly with one set airline.This is because third-party vendors generally offer cheap membership packages for passengers to access multiple airport lounges. This means that you won’t be tied down to a particular airline’s lounge and will have more freedom in where you go when you’re experiencing a layover.

Websites such as Priority Pass offer a variety of membership options that will keep you relaxing in a lounge—even if you’re on a budget.

3. Opt for a Public Lounge Instead

Stay in an Airport Lounge without a Business Class Ticket

In order to compete with these fancy airline lounges, airports have begun creating their own public lounges for customers to relax in until the start of their flights. These lounges offer the same benefits for a fraction of the price. If you are flying coach and don’t have access to your airline’s lounge, it’s time to see what amenities your specific airport has to offer. More than likely, you will find a public lounge that affords you a quieter place to rest and gear up for your flight. Make sure to confirm these details before you fly, however, as not every airport has made investments in these lounges.

4. Gain Elite Status with Your Airline

If you are part of your airline’s rewards programs, you will find it much easier to have access to an airport lounge. This is true even if you always fly coach. Simply put, earning rewards and leveling up your status with your preferred airline puts you in a unique position to gain access to your airline’s lounge.Generally, you will receive access to your airline’s lounge after you have reached elite or top status with your airline. While this may take a while, it’s a good (free) way to level up your membership and enjoy at least some of the perks of flying business.

The Bottom Line

Just because you fly coach doesn’t mean you have to sweat it out on the concourse. With the tips and strategies provided here, you can find your own way into a quality airport lounge. If you’re dreading your next flight, take advantage of these tips to make your flying experience more comfortable. So don’t worry if you don’t have a business or first-class ticket. You can still enjoy your layovers in style!

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