How to Travel More with Less Time

The main reason people give when asked why they don’t travel is that there just is not enough time. What if we could teach you to travel more on a time-budget? What if you could travel every month! It can be done! And it can even save you money in the meantime.

Here are a few tips you may want to hear about traveling more, with less:

1. Retrain the brain

One of the top secrets to traveling more is to retrain your brain. Stop believing that every vacation needs weeks to plan, and years to save for, because it doesn’t. Traveling can be done over the weekend, and if it’s an extended weekend? Even better!

Travel More with Less Time

Take a road trip to the next town for a music festival or frequent local camping grounds. This may not be “seeing the world,” but it’s considered “travel” and makes for an awesome getaway.

2. Take advantage of vacation time

 If you’ve accumulated eight days of vacation time a year, why not add two unpaid days, and make it a two week trip? The same can go with weekend travel.  Or many adventurers have negotiated their annual raises for more vacation time. Smart move!

3. That smartphone you have? Use it!

There are some pretty amazing apps that are making travel super easy and fast. With flight finders like Hitlist, you are continually being updated with cheap airfare flights that are round trip from your local airport.

Smartphone - Travel More with Less TimeYou will be amazed at how inexpensive your weekend getaway can be, and how easily you can now book flights.

4. Rewards, points, and miles really work.

Here is another secret if you love to travel: Rack up those rewards, points, and miles that your credit card offers. What?  You don’t utilize your credit card? Bad move! The term “travel hacking” or getting rewarded for what you’re already spending money on is an amazing concept. You can literally fly across the country for $10. This can replace your travel savings account. Take full advantage of these deals. Actually, go out of your way to start using cards with great rewards.

5. If you are in college, boy are you in luck!

Now, if you’re a starving college student, you’re better off in terms of travel than you think.! You probably have more travel opportunities than most. Universities are notorious for their study abroad programs. You can have the chance to focus on completing class credits while seeing the world at the same time.

Also while in college, you can look into national and international internships. When you’re not working, you can explore the local areas.

6. Working Remotely

Look into the possibilities of working remotely.  If your company offers this, take full advantage of it. You can literally work from anywhere! With technology, a lot more things can be done from the luxury of your own home off the balcony in that cute little hotel you’ve had your eye on.

Blogging - Travel More with Less Time

Now you know, time and money are inexcusable reasons not to travel! Ultimately, if there’s a will, there’s a way. If you really want to travel, you can do it, regardless of any restraints.

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