Is Travel Insurance Worth It? Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Without It.

Is travel insurance worth it? Are you one of those travelers who skip the “travel insurance” part when booking your airline ticket? Do you cautiously click NO to the one-time subscription? If the answers to those questions are yes, then you are not alone.  Many travelers fall into the trap of failing to get travel insurance because of many reasons but here is a list of 10 reasons why travel insurance is worth it and why you should never travel without buying travel insurance.

So is it worth it to get travel insurance? Is travel insurance really worth it?

1. 24/7 Emergency Assistance

Smartphone - Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Without Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to give us peace of mind every time we travel, especially when we head out for that much-awaited international trip. When we are out of the comforts of our home with no access to emergency assistance, things can be tough. So, getting a travel insurance policy takes care of your worry since they have a 24/7, normally multi-lingual assistance team who will help you just when you need them. Wherever you will be, they will address your needs based on your coverage.

2. Adventure Activities Coverage

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What does it mean to have adventure coverage? Well, as travelers, people love to explore and take part in activities, which do not exclude extreme or watersports activities such as paddle boarding, skiing, ice skating, hot air ballooning, camping, and skydiving.  I can go on with the list, but in the event that something happens while you are having fun, you can be sure that you are secured. You can explore your boundaries with World Nomads as they have a very comprehensive list of coverage.

3. Donate to local communities

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Getting a travel insurance policy not only secures you and your family, but it is also one way of giving back. How? Well, several travel insurance companies, such as World Nomads, allow travelers to allocate an amount to support community development projects. Through this, you can also be an agent of positive change.

4. Emergency Trip Abandonment and Curtailment

Trip abandonment means that your trip is canceled. There could be a number of reasons why a trip will not push through. These reasons include illness, natural disaster, accident, or the carrier goes out of business, but regardless of the stated reason, a subscription to a travel insurance policy would mean the big chance of reimbursement is underway. For this reason alone, travel insurance is worth it.

5. Emergency Trip Delays

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Delays are sometimes inevitable. It can happen to anyone. Anyone can experience a simple baggage delay, but it can also be a terrible flight delay. The magnitude of possibilities can exponentially increase whenever you are on the road. It is also possible that you are unavoidably delayed because of being sick. So, getting travel insurance will guarantee that your needs, such as hospitalization for coverable illness are taken care of.

6. Emergency Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses - Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Without Travel Insurance

Avoiding expensive medical treatment fees is one of the many reasons why people need to get a travel insurance policy. It will be beneficial for you and your family to be worry-free in case you get unfit while on the road. It takes the pain of medical costs away. Some insurance companies even have dental costs coverage. This benefit of travel insurance outweighs the minimal cost of acquiring the insurance coverage.

7. Emergency Medical Transportation

Travel Insurance

Getting to the hospital can sometimes be stressful, much more if you can’t easily find a medical vehicle. But if you take advantage of travel insurance, they will normally take care of your medical evacuation needs. With the help of their 24/7 assistance team, they will arrange and pay for medical transportation and will take you to the nearest medical facility.

8. Protect Your Gear

Is Travel Insurance Worth It

Travelers like to take photos or to explore new boundaries using their own gear, such as a camera or sports equipment. Most of the time, traveling involves a lot of action, so your equipment is exposed to possible loss or damage. When we fall on the negative side of the road, this is where travel insurance is most useful.

9. Stolen or Lost Luggage/Travel Document Coverage

Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Without Travel Insurance

Being in a foreign country is an exciting feeling. It gives you the freedom to explore, have fun, and enjoy what this new territory has to offer. Yet, things can go wrong and you may be wandering off the streets not to enjoy the food but to look for your passport or luggage. Good thing travel insurance is here to the rescue – another benefit of getting a travel insurance. They will help locate lost luggage, documents, personal belongings, or assist with the replacement of lost travel tickets.

10. Medical, Accident, and Death Coverage

Reasons Why You Should Never Travel Without Travel Insurance

You’d prefer to be positive and not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip, but things such s accident, illness, and even death can and do happen.  This is basically why every traveler should get travel insurance because this alone makes travel insurance worth it.

So, are you still wondering – is travel insurance worth it? Yes, it is and should never be skipped especially when you’re traveling internationally or with family. The cost of travel insurances is so minimal that the benefits of the travel coverage outweigh the cost. However, not all travel insurances are the same and you have to do your due diligence to make sure you find the best travel insurance for your needs before handing your money and travel coverage to any insurance provider. Be sure to ask these 10 questions to get the right travel insurance for you and your family.

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  2. Got great travel insurance information here. I’ve always wondered if I truly need travel insurance but I guess I should always have one whenever I leave the country. Thanks for reminding me about protecting myself and my family during our travels.

    • Glad you find this information, Sunny. It’s pretty easy to overlook travel insurance as we don’t typically go on vacations to fall sick, but essentially, this is the main reason why we need travel insurance – for emergency issues that are unplanned. Glad you protect yourself and your family while on vacation. Safe travels!


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