Kids Talk: Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

We enjoy exploring kids club options whenever we stay in hotels. My younger brother, Zi and sister, ZK love hotels with kids programs so they can meet and play with new friends from all over the world. Occasionally I’d go along with them depending on the age range of the other kids in the club.

On our trip to Tenerife, Canary Islands in March 2017, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton, Abama. Ritz Carlton has a well-organized kids club program called Ritz Kids and in our hotel, it was available for children between 4-12 year old and opened from 10am-6pm. The club required that our parents make a reservation 24 hours ahead. We spent some time at the club (my younger siblings more that me) and here are the best seven things about Ritz Kids, Abama.

1. Feeding Koi Carp (fish) with a group of children from other countries

Feeding Koi Carp - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

2. Clean, kid-friendly, and colorful indoor play area and friendly staff too!

Colorful Indoor Play Area - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

3. Meeting new friends from Belgium, Germany, Austria, and UK in the morning and playing a racing game with them in the afternoon at the hotel pool with the wooden overpass!

Hotel Pool With the Wooden Overpass - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

 4. Playing Soccer with our new friends. We play team soccer at home so it was nice to compare and contrast soccer between different countries; of course it’s called football almost everywhere else but home.

Playing Soccer - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

5. Participating in outdoor/lawn games including ping-pong and sack races.

Lawn Games - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

6. Ball Pit! Ball Pit! And jumping into them with other kids! Need we say more?

Ball Pit - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

 7. Other activities including: cultural games, painting, food workshops, pirate games, treasure hunt, arts and craft, talent contests, ball games, science games, Zumba, story time, movies, face painting, cookie workshop, musical games, and more!

Games Area - Ritz Kids Club, Abama, Canary Islands

Our take on Ritz Club: It was one of the better kids club we’ve been to and the time we spent with new friends from other countries was a great learning experience. The highlight of our time was feeding the Koi fish as well as the soccer games, and yes, the ball pit too! Ritz Kids Club is however more suited for younger kids even within that age range of 4-12. Will we go back to Ritz Carlton, Abama? In a heartbeat! 

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