Kids Travel Accessories – How to Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Traveling with the whole family is a rewarding experience. It is one of the best ways to bond and make memories, but every parent knows that traveling with kids is not an easy task. It is fun, but it could also be challenging. Luckily, there are a lot of kid-friendly travel accessories that make traveling with the little ones bearable. These will save your vacation.

14 Kids travel accessories to make traveling with children easier:

1. Portable High Chair

Portable High Chair - Kids Travel Accessories

Taking this portable high chair on your travels would save you a lot of time and inconvenience. Trying to feed a squirming toddler on your lap is not the best way to enjoy a picnic or a meal in restaurants where they don’t have high chairs.  Summer Infant’s Pop and Sit portable high chair is perfect for road trips and international travels. It is lightweight, durable, and safe. Get one for your next travel here.

2. Kid-sized Headphones

Kid-sized Headphones - Kids Travel Accessories

As much as we would love to limit the kids’ access to gadgets, letting them watch their favorite shows on an iPad or tablet is one of the best ways to keep them entertained. Getting them headphones will keep them focused on what they are watching. Elecder’s i37 over ear headphones is compatible with iPads, cellphones, MP3, and Kindles. It is also rated five stars on Amazon.

3. Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic Drawing Board - Kids Travel Accessories

Kids love to draw and doodle. Buying this magnetic drawing board from Mailesi is a smart parenting decision. This comes with four zones of color behind a white film, which will inspire the kids to be creative and imaginative. The board is also made of durable non-toxic materials,which makes it kid-friendly. This is a great alternative and even more cost-effective than the traditional drawing books and crayons. If you will use this on long road trips, you can be sure your car’s interior will not have crayon marks on it.

4. Ride-on Suitcase

Ride-on Suitcase - Kids Travel Accessories

If you would like to start training your school-age kids to carry their own suitcase, Trunki’s ride-on suitcase is a perfect fit for a fun yet durable combination. It is luggage that doubles as a toy trunk. It is designed for ride-on and tow-along, and is suitable for planes, trains, and cars. It can hold up to seventy-five pounds, and has a five-year warranty. With this ride-on suitcase, your kids will not feel that carrying a suitcase is a task. Make your trip even more fun for the kids by purchasing Trunki’s ride-on suitcase here.

5. Inflatable Travel Pillow

Inflatable Travel Pillow - Kids Travel Accessories

Naps are important to kids and to parents, too. Kids can often get cranky when they miss their naps. This inflatable pillow by Kuki is the perfect accessory to let the little kids have comfortable naps during long distance trips. It can also be used as a bed, chair extension, or leg rest. It is easy to inflate and deflate this pillow. It is super lightweight and does not occupy a huge space in your luggage. Make nap times while traveling a little easier with Kuki’s inflatable pillow.

6. Activity Lap Tray

Activity Lap Tray - Kids Travel Accessories

This activity lap tray by Ozziko is a travel essential that will keep your kids occupied and entertained during long trips on planes, trains, or cars. It is a portable station for drawing, coloring, playing, or eating snacks. This tray provides a steady surface and keeps your kid’s toys or snacks from getting dropped or spilled. This keeps you from picking things off the floor, which saves you time and energy. This is made of polyester and smooth leather, which makes it easy to clean..

7. Portable Toddler Bed

Portable Toddler Bed - Kids Travel Accessories

This lightweight and portable toddler bed is the perfect travel essential for parents who are traveling with kids. This is a life-saver in situations where extra beds for kids are not accessible. With a fold-and go design, you won’t have to spend so much time and hassle setting this up.

8. Magnetic Board Game Set

Magnetic Board Game Set - Kids Travel Accessories

Nothing beats the classic. Gamie’s magnetic board game set includes twelve retro games such as checkers, chess, snakes and ladders, tic tac toe, ludo, and so much more. This is great for entertainment on long flights or during down times in hotel rooms or camping tents. Instead of keeping the kids occupied with gadgets, let them have fun while sharpening their minds and enhancing their creativity with these classic board games. Adults can join in too, which makes playing with these board games a great bonding time. If you don’t have kids of your own, you can get this set here and give it to friends and family as a gift.

9. Family Walkie Talkies

Family Walkie Talkies - Kids Travel Accessories

Going on a nature trip where reception is an issue? Do not forget to buy and pack these walkie talkies from Topsung. They come in variety of fun, bright colors that your kids can choose from. With these walkie talkies, you can keep the conversation running with the kids even if they are a mile or three away. The kids can also use these during playtime. The talk button is easy to press, which makes this handy even for little kids.

10. Backpack

Backpack - Kids Travel Accessories

A backpack is a travel essential for all ages, but especially for kids. When exploring tourist spots with kids, their backpacks can be used to carry water bottles, snacks, activity books, games, and a change of clothes. Trail Maker has cute backpacks with character prints such as sharks, unicorns, and emojis that boys and girls will love. Get this cute and versatile backpack here.

11. Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Neck Pillow - Kids Travel Accessories

A neck pillow is a travel essential not only for adults, but also for kids. Getting one for your kid will save a lot of neck cramps and tantrums during the entire trip. There are a lot of neck pillows on the market, but Bcozzy’s travel neck pillow is ideal for kids. It is designed to support both chin and neck, which is perfect for long drives or long-haul international flights. It is highly recommended and highly rated on Amazon. It has a snap strap feature which makes it easy for you to hang it, so it does not get lost nor dirty. It comes in different colors in case you need to buy multiples. It is also machine washable, so you can make sure it is clean and disinfected right after every trip. Bcozzy also has this product in adult sizes so you can match with your kids and be as comfortable.

12. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle - Kids Travel Accessories

Always make sure that your kids stay hydrated all the time, especially when traveling. Get this collapsible water bottle from Nomader for only $23.95. You can order the bottles for kids or the entire family on Amazon. You can conveniently refill the bottles with water or juices, and roll them up for easy storage. It is designed to be durable and shatter-proof with its silicone body. You won’t have to worry about its safety, as well since this water bottle is made of one hundred percent food-grade materials and is free of harmful leaching chemicals. You can safely fill and refill Nomader’s collapsible water bottle at restaurants while enjoying exploring new places with your kids.

13. Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket - Kids Travel Accessories

A travel blanket is an essential accessory when traveling with kids. This comes in extremely helpful in making sure that your kids will be comfortable in cold places such as airports, especially when you have to stay longer than necessary because of a delayed flight or an unforeseen emergency. Cloudz bamboo travel blanket is a compact and lightweight blanket that can easily be folded and stowed away in your luggage. It opens up to 42” x 72” and includes pockets to keep your feet cozy. This would also be perfect for nights spent outdoors such as camping trips.

14. Travel Crib

Travel Crib - Kids Travel Accessories

For families traveling with babies and toddlers, packing a travel crib is necessary. You would not really have time for child-proofing your hotel room or your AirBnb, so placing a baby who is learning how to crawl or a toddler who crawls a lot inside a crib is convenient and necessary. Baby Bjorn’s travel crib is simple to set up and is easy to carry wherever you go. It is ideal for children ages 0-3 years old. It is made of lightweight and washable materials, which is perfect for globe-trotting families..

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