Lithuania With Kids: Top 10 Places to Go

Lithuania is one of the three Baltic states located in northern-eastern Europe. It is known for having the oldest Indo-European living language and its unique beer culture. If you are planning a trip around the Baltic region with the entire family, Lithuania is a great country to add to your itinerary.

Here are the top 10 places to go in Lithuania with kids:

1. Druskininkai Aquapark

Druskininkai Aquapark - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids
Credits: Druskininkai Aquapark

Kids love waterparks- this is something that is not a secret to all parents. Druskininkai Aquapark is an indoor waterpark in Lithuania that is hit for kids and for adults. The park has everything that everyone in the family can enjoy. The park has pools, waterslides, and tubes for the children to have fun in. Private baths and sauna are also available for adults. The waterpark also has restaurants that serve superb food selection for anyone to grab a bite in after an eventful day at the waterpark.

2. Bernardinai Garden

Bernardinai Garden - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids

The city of Vilnius, Lithuania has a beautiful garden called Bernardinai Garden (also called Bernardine) which is frequented by families both locals and tourists. The garden has a lot of open spaces where little kids can run around, and parents can sit in picnic blankets and have a relaxing time with nature. The garden has a botanical exposition where plants are sorted by groups and classes. Spending an afternoon here is both relaxing and educational for both kids and adults.

3. Palanga Beach

Palanga Beach - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids

The beach is always a perfect destination especially if you are traveling to Lithuania with kids. Palanga Beach is one of the best beaches in the country. It has sandy beach and the water is crystal clear. Your kids can play on the beach and swim in the sea. If you prefer to chillout in a local bar, there are bars just a walking distance from the beach. These are perfect spots for sunset watching.

4. Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park

Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids

Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park is a sure hit for kids. The park has a fairytale ambience full of wood sculptures from popular characters of Lithuanian literature and so much more. You can walk around the park for an hour and check the beautiful sculptures while enjoying the relaxing calmness of nature. The park is great to stir up the imagination of the little kids. It is a great place to take family vacation photos, too.

5. Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered as the gem of the Baltic Sea. It has the largest sand dunes in Europe that reaches up to 115 feet in height. The park comes to life especially during summertime. Outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, and hiking are popular here. If you are in Lithuania with kids, make sure to check out Curonian Spit National Park and enjoy outdoor land and water activities all in one place.

6. Trakai Island Castle Museum

Trakai Island Castle Museum

Take the kids to see a castle while you are in Lithuania. Trakai Island Castle Museum is still standing proud in an island. Having it surrounded by water adds an extra magical look to the already beautifully preserved castle. Currently, it houses exhibits about the culture and history of the town and its people. There are various guided walking tours that you can join in, so you would make the most out of your visit. You can also take the kids on a boat ride around the castle and enjoy the view from the outside. Gift shops and cafes are also available around the area.

7. Vilnius Toy Museum

Vilnius Toy Museum - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids

This Toy Museum is not just for kids, but also for adults. The museum has different spaces. There is an archeological space which contains the oldest toys, the ethnographical space for the 19th to 20th century toys, and the space for the modern toys. The museum has both original and copies of the toys displayed, so the visitors will have a chance to touch and play the copies. If you are in Lithuania and are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained for hours, take them here. They will be spending hours playing, not just looking, with the toys on display.

8. Vilnius Old Town Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot Air Balloon Flight

What else could be more fun than hopping on a hot air balloon with the entire family? Yes, a hot air balloon ride over Vilnius Old Town is a possibility in Lithuania. If no one in the family is afraid of heights, this is a perfect bonding moment. The hot air balloon flight takes about an hour and you will get to enjoy the aerial view of this lovely old town. No need to worry about safety because a pilot will be flying with you. You can just relax and enjoy the calmness of being up in the air.

9. Lithuanian Sea Museum

Lithuanian Sea Museum

More commonly referred to as Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, this is one of the best places for families with kids who are visiting Lithuania. Dolphin shows are the highlight of your museum visits. Your kids will get to enjoy and learn about various species of dolphins, their history, and their habitat. Interacting with dolphins are sometimes allowed. Of course, other species of marine life is also available. The museum has a huge aquarium that houses hundreds of different fish species as well. This museum is the most popular in the country and it attracts about half a million visitors per year.

10. Nida Beach

Nida Beach - Best Places to Visit in Lithuania With Kids

If you are the type of family who can spend days on the beach, Nida Beach is another must-visit for you in Lithuania. The beach is often not crowded. The beach is sandy, and the water is clear which is perfect for swimming. There is a play area for children which they can spend time with if the water is a little too cold for swimming. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby, so you won’t have to worry about packing lunch for the whole family.

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