Places to Go With Kids: Reunion Island With Kids

Imagine waking up to a French-styled breakfast in a beautiful French-styled island. It will be an ultimate island getaway. Well, dream no more, as you can always travel to Reunion Island with kids. La Reunion or Reunion Island is a region of France in the Indian Ocean. As you step out of the plane and head to your hotel, locals will greet you with “Bonjour.”  Your trip to this island will be a spectacle that you remember for life!

Reunion Island has an enormous diversity of landscape and culture because of its location in the middle of the Indian Ocean between India and Africa. It is one of the groups of islands also known as the Vanilla Islands. It’s time for your well-deserved holiday vacation with your family. In order to maximize your adventure to Reunion Island with kids, just keep this list of places to visit and things to do with you.

1. Get sun-soaked at the island’s West Coast

West Coast - Reunion Island With Kids

The island’s western coast is undeniably the resort’s hotpot. This means that while you enjoy lounging on the shades of the palm trees, the kids can spend the entire day on the sunny beaches that can be found all year round. There is as so much marine life to see in the coastal area. Stretches of coral reefs are among the main attractions. The west coast is indeed so beautiful that it is dotted with amazing lagoons, spread between St. Paul and St. Leu.

2. Visit the island’s interior region

Reunion Island

Unless you want to stay away from the beaches, then you can take the kids through the island’s interior. With bridges, mountain tips, and famous locations, there is definitely so much life and beauty to experience in this part of Reunion. For a chance to see the unique sights up close, then, making your way to his part of the island on foot is also ideal. Aside from this, you can also visit farms and villages to mingle with the islanders.

3. Travel to Piton de la Fournaise

Piton de la Fournaise - Reunion Island With Kids

Just like many islands, Reunion Island has some of the most active volcanoes in the world, one of which is Piton de la Fournaise or “Peak of the Furnace,” which is located at the eastern side of the island in the Indian Ocean. Kids will love the drive with views of jaw-dropping sceneries.  A visit to this island is a must.

4. Hike in Cirque de Mafate

Cirque de Mafate - Reunion Island With Kids

Though there are three well-known cirques in the island, hiking to and through Cirque de Mafate during your trip to Reunion Island with kids is a good workout. The hike will certainly be a fun-filled adventure since Mafate, a caldera formed by the collapse of the shield volcano, is only accessible by foot or by helicopter. There are several hiking trails you can take the kids to. If you want to chase waterfalls and see gushing rivers, then, you won’t want to miss this.

5. Fly above the Reunion Island

Helicopter Ride - Reunion Island With Kids

Speaking of flying and of helicopters, another way of viewing and touring the island from a different perspective that is so unique is by seeing the island from above. This adventure will not only give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but also the fulfilling moment of seeing the impressive and stunning topography of the island.

6. Walk around the towns

Reunion Island With Kids

Another way to mingle with the locals while in the island is by visiting the  island’s towns. While other tourists crowd the beach and bars, you can take the kids for a walk around the pretty towns, which boast fun outdoor activities and street markets.  Lots of traditional and colorful Creole houses for you to admire. Boutiques sell French products and local handicrafts. Restaurants also offer amazing tasting French and local delicacies. Strolling St. Denis, the capital and largest town is where you can kick off.

7. Try snorkeling or scuba diving

Snorkeling - Reunion Island With Kids

While a majority of the visitors usually opt to laze on the beach or go on long walks, you can bring the family’s Reunion Island adventure to the next level by trying out a variety of watersports such as snorkeling, windsurfing and stand-up-paddling. It will definitely be a wet but exciting day!

8. Go dolphin and whale watching

Whale Watching - Reunion Island With Kids

Aside from the beautiful white sand beaches and iconic landscapes, the island is also home to a diversified marine environment. The waters surrounding the island is blessed with dolphin and whales. The presence of these marine animals gives tourists, like yourself and your kids, another way to enjoy the island getaway. You can book for a whale watching adventure in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains to start.

9. Enjoy the fauna and flora at your fingertips

Orchid - Reunion Island With Kids

The botanists within your little ones will enjoy the botanical trails and parks at the Botanical Conservatory. The local fauna and flora of the island are blessed with tropical fish, marine turtles, dolphins, and the whales.  Saint-Leu is also home to zoos and aquariums.

10. Indulge in food

Food - Reunion Island With Kids

A true Reunion Island experience will not be complete without indulging in food. So, go on a food trip of Creole cuisine at one of the markets such as the Saturday market in St. Pierre. The mix of French, African, and Asian dishes is something you shouldn’t miss.

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