Places to Go With Kids: Andorra with Kids

Tiny it may be, but the principality of Andorra that is located in the peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain is a true winter wonderland, and a perfect summer getaway destination, too.

Because of its location and unless you are residing in Europe, you may not have heard much about this principality. Yet, if you are looking for a perfect holiday destination for the family, then, that should matter less.

Skiers and travelers alike flock to the mountain peaks of this European principality during winter, but there is more to it than its snow capped mountains.

Andorra with Kids

What Andorra offers to travelers is what you will learn in this article. So, let’s get started and let’s dive into the details.

Start planning your trip to Andorra with kids by including these activities in your itinerary.

1. Be amazed by Andorra’s natural wonders while riding one of its ziplines

Ziplines - Andorra with Kids

Winter or not, Andorra’s zip lines are busy transporting travelers, tourists, and skiers who want to have that bird’s eye view of the mesmerizing landscapes while running full-speed. For starters, you can try the zip lines at Naturlandia, Vallnord Mountain Park, and Mon(t) Magic. Ziplines will give your children their taste of adrenaline rush. How cool is that?

2. Too young to ski, no problem. Try tubing

Tubing - Andorra with Kids

Kids who are too young to lace up those ski boots can enjoy the Andorran winter snow by trying tubing in Grandvalira and Vallnord slopes instead.While assisted by adults, the kids can ride the tubes and slide breathtakingly down the snow. As a famous ski resort, Grandvalira should be a major hit for older kids who want to try snow shoeing in the snowy landscapes, too.

3. Build the snowman or an igloo at Grandvalira

Igloo at Grandvalira - Andorra With Kids

Aside from the sporty activities, your girls can also live their dreams of becoming the famous Frozen sisters – Elsa or Anna – in the snowy landscapes of Grandvalirk Park. Imagine how much fun it would be for kids to build their snowmen and igloos with you. It would be such a great family bonding activity.

4. Tired of snow? You can take the kids to Andorra’s thermal spa

Andorra’s Thermal Spa - Andorra With Kids

Your kids will certainly be delighted to be splashing waters at Caldea, a popular thermal center in Andorra that offers spa hot springs and thermal pools. This children’s spa in Escaldes-Engordany will break the monotony of the nothing-but-snowy landscapes that will surround for days. No, we are not complaining, but we are just giving you options.

5. Try more activities on the snow

Ice Karting - Andorra with Kids

There are several activities that the little ones can engage in to fully enjoy that Andorran holiday vacation besides just skiing. Not only can you can spend your day sight-seeing, but you can also try snow sledging. Unless you don’t want to go outdoors, another option you can throw the kids into doing is ice karting. Andorra has several karting facilities that has central rinks suited for karting on ice, even for kids.

6. Andorra has museums, too

Yes. Even the snowy peaks of this principality have museums you can visit. There are a number of options in the state’s capital of Andorra la Vella alone.Experience the country’s culture by paying the Rocks in the Street Museum.

7. Visiting Andorra in Summer is fun

Sledging in summer - Andorra with Kids

You may not enjoy sledging in summer as much as you will in winter, but don’t fret. There is an infamous local sport or means of transport that the family can try when visiting Andorra with kids during summer. That is mushing. It is a sport or transport method that uses the power of some mighty dogs to carry the sleigh. It will be such a fun experience for the little ones.

8. Go lake hopping

Andorra with Kids

Whether you visit Tristaina, Montmalús, Juclà, or Engolasters, it doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t miss visiting any of these famous Andorran lakes, your trip to Andorra with kids should be unforgettable. Summer is when it is ideal to schedule that trip to these lakes that offer nothing but lush greens and stunning landscapes. Breathtaking they are! That is for sure.

9. Looking for an obstacle challenge? Andorra has it

Obstacle Activities - Andorra with Kids

We’ve talked about ziplines and the winter sports as well- things kids will enjoy during winter. But during summer, mountain parks that offer exciting obstacle activities that include traversing rope bridges, climbing trees, and walking on vines and logs are the best places to spend the holiday. Your options include Mountain Park Vallnord, and the Adventure Forests in Segudet and Engolasters.

10. Taste Andorran cuisine

Imagine how pitiful it would be for you and your kids to end a beautiful and active trip without trying at least one Andorran dish. Food and local cuisine are part of traveling. So, when in Andorra with kids, get a hold of  typical Andorran cuisine while enjoying a panoramic view of the slopes.  The local delicacies are there to satisfy your palate.

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