Places to Go With Kids: Bulgaria with Kids

Bulgaria made it to our list of the 10 cheapest European countries to visit because tourists find traveling to the country affordable. You can enjoy the European vibe without spending a fortune.

But this Balkan nation is not just affordable, it is also a perfect holiday destination for traveling families who are looking for fun.

So, indulge the inner travel bug in you as we explore Bulgaria and check out how kids can enjoy the trip to this fascinating European country.

Let’s dive in and see how Bulgaria with kids looks like.

1. Summer fun at the beach

Summer fun at the beach, - Bulgaria with Kids

Whenever you find yourself traveling in Bulgaria during the short summer vacation, kids can enjoy the amazing climate by sunbathing on beaches. The amazing Black Sea coastline of the country offers fun water activities that the kids will love. At the famous Sunny Beach, kids can build sand castles, admire the sunset, or enjoy watching windsurfers.

2. Aquaparks galore

Aquapark - Bulgaria with Kids

Yes. Even this country that has stunning coastlines boasts a number of aquaparks that offer recreational activities for the little ones. Thus, an epic vacation in Bulgaria needs to include a stopover at Aqua Paradise Action – two of Bulgaria’s most famous waterparks. Aside from water slides and a pool,there are many fascinating and safe themed rides in these parks which the kids will like.

3. Trek at Rila National Park

Rila National Park - Bulgaria with Kids

Is your family up for an adventure?

If yes, then, Rila National Park, Bulgaria’s largest national park, awaits you. Though the trek may not be very ideal for very young children, older ones will find it a remarkable experience to see canyons, rivers, waterfalls, springs, and numerous mountain peaks along the way. Among the famous stopovers in the region are the Borovets Ski Resort, a famous ski area, and Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4. Visit Varna for the dolphinarium and the zoo

Peacock in Varna Zoo - Bulgaria with Kids

Kids will find the zoo in Varna very appealing. It has a diverse collection of animals – from birds, to reptiles, to mammals. What is interesting about this zoo is the fact that zookeepers make it a habit to welcome kids by letting them ride a pony. After your zoo excursion, you can also drop by the Festa Dolphinarium, so the kids can spend time watching dolphins demonstrate acrobatic tricks.

5. Explore the capital city

It seems imperative to visit a country’s capital city. In this case, your Bulgarian trip with kids will not be complete without exploring the historic sites in Sofia, the country’s capital city.

There are a number of attractions, but among the most extraordinary ones include mostly churches. There, you will find Alexander Nevsky Cathedral as the most architecturally appealing. St. George Rotunda Church  and Boyana Church are significant religious grounds that are equally stunning.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia - Bulgaria with Kids

Aside from churches, the best way to learn about the country’s history and culture is by visiting the National Archaeological Museum, 20th-century National Palace of Culture, and Vrana Palace. They are must-visit places as well.

6. Visit the ruins in Sofia

Present day Sofia is home to the 3rd to 4th century AD city of Serdica. After the ruins of the ancient city were discovered in 2004, it has become one of the many historical sites people visit in Sofia. There you will see ruins of the Amphitheater of Serdica, basilica, and roads, among many other interesting finds.

7. Complete a side trip to Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain - Bulgaria with Kids

While you are in the Sofia with the littles ones, arrange a trip to Vitosha Nature Park that is famous for a number of outdoor activities such as biking and trekking during summer or skiing in winter. Make sure not to miss this.

8. Satisfy your cravings

Even though trying out local cuisine is sometimes an acquired taste, it is out of the question that you should try at least one of the traditional Bulgarian dishes. It is a must-do for the family. So, once in Sofia, arrange dinner in a local restaurant and make sure that it will include kuffe, kebapche, banitsa, shopska salad, and kuffe.

9. Celebrate and enjoy Christmas with the Bulgarians

Christmas Tree - Bulgaria with Kids

Like many European countries, Bulgarians have a list of their favorite festivals and holidays. Christmas is first on the list. It is a world-known celebration, but Bulgarians add personal touches to it by ensuring that they dress up for the occasion and have set the table with an odd number of dishes. Plus, cooked piglet will not be absent on the dinner table.

10. Smell the scent of roses at Kazanlak

Rose Water in glass bottle - Bulgaria with Kids

The Bulgarian town of Kazanlak happens to be the center of rose oil extraction in the country. I suggest visiting in June so the kids will enjoy the Rose Festival, but if that is not possible, then make sure to drop by the Rose Museum to learn the history of the rose oil industry in the Rose Valley.

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