Places to Go With Kids: Cambodia With Kids

Cambodia is a friendly nation in Southeast Asia. It is a major player in the region’s tourism industry, attracting tourists, solo travelers and traveling families with kids from around the globe. Visitors who come for the culture and nature will not be disappointed.  This country, which is one of the three countries that comprise the Indochinese Peninsula, along with Vietnam and Laos, was once the stronghold of the lost civilization built by the Khmer Empire.  Those who want to experience the charm of the Cambodians and expose their kids to the life of the people in this region are up for a good treat. There are a large number of things you can see in this country of diverse and accessible landscapes, but I have listed the top options for you.

1. Explore Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh - Cambodia With Kids

Phnom Penh, the reawakened capital of Cambodia and former hub of the Khmer Empire, sits at the junction of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers. One of the things the family can do in the city to enjoy the trip in Cambodia with kids is to visit the Royal Palace that showcases the power of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Amazing views of centuries-old temples and stupas in the palace complex also await visitors. The Silver Pagoda or Wat Ubaosoth Ratanaramare among  the  major stars of the tourism show. Don’t forget to also take the kids to the National Museum to learn more about Cambodia’s history and to the walkable Central Market where you can purchase local goods.

2. Enjoy the traditional Cambodian dance show

Cambodian dance show - Cambodia With Kids

While you are on the grounds of the National Museum in Phnom Penh, do not miss the chance to buy tickets for you and your littles ones to witness the authentic Cambodian traditional dance show. The kids will certainly love the 60-minute performance that showcases unique highlights of the rich Cambodian culture and tradition. Interesting Khmer music that keeps the dancers alive will also invite the family to join the beat.

3. Cruise on the Mekong River

Mekong River - Cambodia With Kids

Departing from Phnom Penh, the two-hour sunset dinner cruise along the Mekong River will be unforgettable for the kids. It will be an amazing opportunity for them to see the country’s Royal Palace and floating villages from another perspective. Watching the sun burst into colors of red and orange during sunset will also be one for the books.

4. Catch the performance of the Phare Circus

Phare Circus - Cambodia With Kids

Exploring Cambodia also means appreciating its culture, arts, music, and drama. Letting the kids watch the performance of the Phare Circus, either in Siem Reap or Battambang, will be a great cultural immersion for them. You will not only be entertained by the high-flying acrobatics with live music but also help the organization which runs the circus raise funds, because a portion of your ticket fee goes to finance  the local youth’s education and provide employment to others.

5. Visit Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat - Cambodia With Kids

What is a trip to Cambodia with kids without Angkor Wat? Located in Siem Reap in the country’s northwestern region, Angkor Wat, the 7th Wonder of the World, provides an opportunity for the kids to explore the very ground that the Khmer Empire first occupied thousands of years ago. The former palaces, tombs, and the temples of the gods have now been transformed into tourism attractions. Ancient and Regal pagodas that once stood beautifully in one of the world’s largest cities attract millions of travelers each year. Kids who are avid followers of Indiana Jones will definitely love the adventure around Cambodia’s premier and highly-regarded tourism jewel. Being a massive complex, there are enough rooms for your kids to explore the temples. Aside from the temple of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Angkor Thom are two of the many temples famous in the area.

6. Get sun-soaked in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville - Cambodia With Kids

A Southeast Asian trip is normally associated with a lot of sun and beaches. So, your trip to Cambodia with kids will not be complete without enjoying the sun and the beach. Along with other neighboring countries, Cambodia’s Sihanoukville  resort town is famous for its tropical beaches where the little ones can run around and bask under the summer sun. To maximize your trip, you can choose from a variety of watersports activities such as kayaking, boating, swimming, snorkeling,  diving, and even horse-riding.

7. Appreciate nature and wildlife in Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri - Cambodia With Kids

Located in the eastern part of Cambodia, Mondulkiri  is a province that boast several nature and wildlife tours for the family to enjoy. It is the best part in Cambodia to have fun with the elephants. The two or three-day Mondulkiri Project tour is recommended to maximize this adventure. The organization behind it, in one way or another, lets tourists and visitors help conserve and care for the mighty giants of the jungle. Eco-tours also offer activities including a canopy walk and a zip line.

8. Eat like a Cambodian

Cambodian Food

A trip to this Indochinese country will be half the ultimate experience if you do not splurge on food. Cambodia’s extensive list of dishes lets you choose good food for the kids to try. Among the top favorites and Cambodian culinary heavyweights are Fish Amok, Khmer, Red Curry, Kdam Chaa (fried crab), and Khmer Noodles.

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