Places to Go With Kids: Cape Verde With Kids

Green and lush mountains, barren rocks, and vast beaches and golden coastline create a dramatically beautiful world, making the nation on a volcanic archipelago that is Cape Verde in the Atlantic an ideal paradise getaway for the family. If you like spending your days on the beach, so the kids can build sandcastles, while enjoying the inviting warm weather, the island is the place to be.

Here are the top places where you should take the kids when visiting Cape Verde:

1. Sal

Sal - Cape Verde With Kids

This exotic island world with diverse landscape is a charming African destination that the kids will love. Sal, located in the northern part of Cape Verde, for instance is blessed with crystal blue water and stretches of endless white sand beaches. Sal is a place of both sunshine and wind. The kids can go strolling along the beach or build sandcastles on a find sunny day. This island is also home to other towns boasting beautiful tourist attractions and historical sites.

2. Fogo

Fogo - Cape Verde With Kids

What can the family find in Fogo? The island, whose name literally means fire, is home to an active strato volcano of Pico do Fogo. The volcano is not only the island’s but also Cape Verde’s highest peak.  There are guided hiking tours that you can sign up for so the family can enjoy the majestic view of the mighty giant. Upon ascent, beautiful sceneries will welcome you. Aside from that, the beaches on the island are also so stunningly beautiful that you would not want to leave anymore.

3. Palmeira

Fishing Village, Palmeira

An emerging port town, Palmeira in the island of Sal has a picturesque fishing village where you and your little ones can enjoy the view, buy a fresh catch, or taste great seafood.  The colorful fishing boats dot the port and gives the port a more touristy feel. Tourism is also starting to appear in this romantic town, which seems and looks very Portuguese with single-story, colorful buildings and spacious parks.Amazing boulders, which kids may love to climb, transform the place into a tourism hub as well.

4. Santa Maria

Santa Maria - Cape Verde With Kids

Still within Sal, in its extreme southern part, you will find the lively and developed town of Santa Maria.  It’s a splendid place for kids and an oasis for tourists who are looking for a place to relax, have fun, enjoy the city, and taste good food. As part of your tour itinerary, there are stately built houses and churches that you can visit. Constantly renewed murals, with historic and artistic significance to locals, are major attractions off the streets of Palmiera you also need to check.  Don’t leave the city without taking photos of your kids with the murals serving as the backdrop. Just like the other towns and cities in the island, Santa Maria, with its sandy beaches that lie only a few minutes walk from the hotels will definitely give you the ultimate summer getaway when in Cape Verde with kids.  The private hotels in the area also offer clear blue water and several water activities, making the city a true watersport hotspot.

5. Santiago

Santiago - Cape Verde With Kids

Santiago is the nation’s largest archipelago. If you take your family here, you will see a lot of Portuguese influences through its culture, heritage, and architecture. After all, it’s where the conquerors first settled.  The historical buildings, churches, and colonial houses are for the family to feast.

6. Praia

Praia - Cape Verde With Kids

Cape Verde’s capital city of Praia is a bustling city that is home to the presidential palace, Portuguese monument and statues, churches, fortress, and several buildings depicting the strong colonial roots of the nation. Although the city is not the center of tourism, there are still plenty of things to explore – from Museu Etnográfico da Praia, to Farol de D. Maria Pia, to the city’s market for a true African treat.

7. Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha - Cape Verde With Kids

The historic old town of Cidade Velha is the place where Cape Verde’s history started. A stroll to the city center will give you a glimpse of the strong European influence. Some of the places that the family can visit here are a cathedral ruins and a more than 500-year old church.

8. Mindelo

Mindelo - Cape Verde With Kids

Another destination where the family, especially the little ones, can enjoy a lively atmosphere and music with Brazilian-influenced Carnival celebrations is Mindelo, a port city on Sao Vicente. When visiting, don’t forget to visit Porto Grande Bay to enjoy the view of the sea, the Cultural Center of Mindelo to check the city’s cultural heritage, and the cheery pink former governor’s mansion with colonial flair, Palácio do Povo.

9. Tarrafal

Tarrafal - Cape Verde With Kids

Whether you’re in Tarrafal  just for a day or two, you can still explore this city of Cape Verde with kids and get a feel for its culture. Additionally, the city is one of the most popular places for swimming, so make sure to spend quality time on the beach.  During your idle time, you can also walk around the town to hop on several quality restaurants to enjoy good African food.  Tourists also flock along streets dotted with shops to buy souvenirs, so make sure to get one for those who are left at home.

10. Porto Novo

Porto Novo - Cape Verde With Kids

To end your Cape Verde with kids’ adventure, take the ferry from the port of Mindeloto Porto Novo to enjoy a number of exciting things such as visiting historical sites, checking cultural attractions, and exploring other local attractions. You can book a guided Porto Novo sightseeing tour to maximize your time in the region.The city is also home to a museum detailing the lives of Porto Novo’s past kings.

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