Places to Go With Kids: Ethiopia with Kids

Africa is definitely one of the best places to explore and travel with kids. Without a doubt, it is rich in culture, has diverse communities, and countless natural wonders.  The number of things to do and places to visit is just endless.

Yet, when travelers talk about Africa, it is not common to hear Ethiopia as their top choice of destination. Usually, the countries of South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya emerge first.  Despite the lack of attention from travelers, Ethiopia is like no other. This mysterious country in the Horn of Africa is a special place in the planet with so much beauty. The country is not only blessed with an incomparable history that is considered to be among the richest in the region, but also with fascinating wildlife. Its people are just among the friendliest African souls. So, with all of these, we guarantee your trip to Ethiopia with kids will be nothing short of fun.

Ethiopia is not just the oldest independent country in Africa but also among the most amazing travel destinations.  In fact, those who have visited were not disappointed to see stunning sites and sceneries. The country is also home to several world heritage sites, which provide children with educational opportunities. Isn’t it inspiring to see ruins, castles, and obelisks?  The awe-inspiring Blue Nile is also located in Ethiopia. This African country may well be a great family holiday destination.

1. Simien Mountains National Park

Ethiopia with Kids

I have to say that the Ethiopian wildlife is among Africa’s most underrated. Yet, those who wandered and visited have found Ethiopia to be a great wildlife destination. In fact, its Simien Mountains National Park not just offers breathtaking sites, but also offers an amazing lineup of wildlife. There, you and your kids can have the sighting of a lifetime. Among the animals that you will highly likely meet around and within the park, are the rare and famous Ethiopian wolves, walia, gelada monkeys, and baboons.

2. Lake Tana

Ethiopia with Kids

Ethiopia’s underrated wildlife is not just isolated in the mountains. The country’s largest lake is also home to a number of birds, which makes it a good site for birdwatching – among the best in Africa.  Kids can take photos of birds, trek on the lakeside, or visit some 20 monasteries and churches spread out across the islands of the lake.  A scenic boat ride will also be an ideal activity for the family.

3. The Blue Nile Falls

Ethiopia with Kids

The water that flows out of Lake Tana feeds the great Blue Nile, which gives the Blue Nile Falls its mighty mist locally known as Tisisat or smoking fire. This waterfall offers anyone rare but stunning views during the wet season. Tagging a local guide with you, an excursion to this stunning natural tourist attraction is a must.

4. Addis Ababa

Ethiopia with Kids

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. Being the capital gives the city a special place for travelers. It is the best place to experience Ethiopian culture, and it is also the best place for kids to learn about the history of the country. Here, you will find amazing structures, and centuries-old churches. Within its center is the lavishly furnished Menbere Selassie Church, which was also the final place of rest of Ethiopia’s last royal family. At night, the shadows of the buildings blends well with the mountains that create an amazing backdrop. Make sure never to miss a tour of the city during your trip to Ethiopia with kids. 

5. The National Museum of Ethiopia

Ethiopia with Kids

Whenever you are in Ethiopia, there is no better place to learn and educate yourself about the country’s history and culture, than in the National Museum of Ethiopia. Anyone, especially children who have an interest in world history, culture, and religion will find a trip to this museum a treat. It contains weapons and relics of various religions. But among its most prized and remarkable collection is the copy of Lucy, a pre-history, female skeleton considered as one of our most celebrated ancient ancestors.

6. Lion Zion

Ethiopia with Kids

Located in the busy city and being an old zoo, one would ask, “What is so special about the Lion Zoo?” Well, apart from its amazing collection of lions and other animals, including the rare black-maned Lion, the zoo has a long tradition and interesting history. It was once the home of the emperor’s lions. It would be a shame not to see this place if you have already invested in visiting Ethiopia.

7. Fasil Ghebbi

Ethiopia with Kids

The remains of the imposing Fasil Ghebbi reflect its colorful past and rich history. Located near Lake Tana, this fortress was once the residence of Ethiopian emperors. It would be unfortunate to miss this place as it is also a UNESCO heritage site, which is one of the most remarkable and unexpected marvels in the whole of Africa.

8. The Ruins of Aksum

Ethiopia with Kids

The ruins of the ancient city of Askum are testaments of ancient Ethiopian’s influence in the culture, history, and religion of the community surrounding Aksum. During its prime between the 1st to the 8th centuries AD, Ethiopian emperors built castles, monolithic obelisks, stelae, and royal tombs that symbolized their kingdom’s power. For centuries, these structures also stood as symbols of Ancient Aksumite kingdom’s wealth and importance to early civilization.  These architectural wonders may have lost its old glory, but they have remained to have an outstanding universal value to present-day Ethiopia.

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