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Now that winter is just right around the corner, it is ideal for the entire family to take a break from the usual “mom and dad” busy schedules at work and the demanding school activities of the kids. Doing just that means finding time to explore new boundaries, possibly having fun in the snow, and wandering around new places. Visiting a winter wonderland soon is certainly a great idea.

Speaking of winter wonderlands, Finland usually is among the top choices for travelling families. So, in this article, we will talk about why you should consider this Northern European country as the destination of your next big family vacation.

There is no doubt that kids love winter. More so a winter wonderland that is home to the world’s friendliest huskies, snow-filled mountains, and Father Christmas. Traveling in Finland with kids is a dream adventure for the entire family. It will be a wonderful experience for you and your kids. Don’t forget to also check our other suggestions for additional winter wonderland options.

Activities with Kids in Finland during Winter:

The Finns are known to be extremely welcoming to traveling families, but aside from their amazing hospitality, they are also generous in offering families activities to keep them warm and active during the cold, chilly, and possibly freezing winter season. And since winter is definitely fast approaching, it will be worthwhile to keep the little ones busy with some delightful activities such as sledging, snowmen building, and reindeer-nuzzling, while the older children can kill time snowshoe hiking or ice karting. Yes, there is something called ice karting where you drive go-karts on ice!

Ice Karting - Finland With Kids

Catching the winter sun go down to witness the Northern Lights is another fun and terrific activity that the kids will love in Finland.  You can never go wrong by spending a day, or a night just watching the colorful sky. It is for sure on everyone’s bucket list, and so make sure that your family does not miss it on your vacation in Finland with Kids.

Northern Lights - Finland With Kids

While waiting for Aurora to appear, you can maximize the hours of daylight you will have in Finland by visiting husky safaris in the northwestern Lapland. Older kids, with the supervision of excellent Finnish husky drivers, can also learn how to drive a team of huskies. This will be a remarkable experience for everyone.

Husky Safari - Finland With Kids

If a husky safari is not your cup of tea, maybe a reindeer safari is. Snowmobiles on a reindeer drawn sleigh will take you to places with amazing landscapes while providing a truly amazing Finnish winter experience. They won’t take you as far as the huskies, but the ride will surely be more peaceful, making the trip extremely relaxing.

Aside from cross country skiing, another famous winter activity that the family can take part in is biking. winter-ready, and winter-made bikes with customized tires will keep the trip safe and comfy. This experience will take the family to frozen lakes, forests, and snow-filled wilderness. Keep in mind though that this activity can last for days, so you will have time to spend some good silent nights with the kids inside cozy winter cabins.

Biking - Finland With Kids

Activities with Kids in Finland during Summer:

For sure the kids are already excited to wear their winter OOTDs (Outfit-of-the-day), but just hold off a bit. Let us also take time to learn about the equally fun activities and holiday experience that the family can enjoy during the Finland summer days.

Finland’s geography tells us that it occupies a peninsula with surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea, which provides a good avenue to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the sand. Read on to learn more.

The country’s fascinating national parks such as the Oulanka National Park, Hossa National Park,  and wonderfully remote wilderness areas of Korouma Nature Reserve may not be very accessible during winter, but the summer days will keep you warm and will allow your family to roam around, take a few snaps, and enjoy nature.

Hiking comes first in our list of things you can do in Finland with kids during summer. You can opt to go with a small group and hike the well-managed trails of Hossa National Park’s that will lead you to amazing boardwalks and wetlands.

Hossa National Park - Finland With Kids

A tour of the country’s capital during summer comes next on our list. Helsinki is a handsome city that is home to many attractions such as the 18th-century fortress Suomenlinna, diverse and kid-friendly museums, Linnanmäki amusement park, and Serena water park. Visiting the zoo is also not a bad idea at all. With boats, trams, and taxis, going around the city and hopping from one place to another will not be challenging for your and your little ones.

Helsinki Panorama - Finland With Kids

Speaking of boats, kayaking, island hopping, and boat tours are also among the more famous summer holiday activities in the country. Don’t forget to embark on any of these activities to keep everyone busy.

Kayaking with Kids, Finland

The virtually endless lakeshores of Finland, with nearby summer holiday cabins and resorts, will be ideal places where the kids can put on their summer swimming clothes to enjoy the crystal-clear water. Mom and dad can also go sailing or fishing so the family will have something to devour once the kids get hungry.

Lakeshores of Finland

Best places for kids in Finland

Now that we’ve covered the activities you can do with kids in Finland, it is time for us to talk about the best places you can spend the holidays at.

1. Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna - Finland With Kids

This 18th century sea fortress is an amazing place to take the kids for a short getaway from Helsinki. Summer will be a good time to visit this World Heritage Site, when you can also spend the day exploring the King’s Gate drawbridge and Suomenlinna Museum. Got some extra time? You can also take a cold dip on the beach or visit tunnels and abandoned military facilities.

2. Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village - Finland With Kids

Located in the Lapland Region, Santa Claus Village is definitely made for the kids and kids-at-heart. This beautiful amusement park in Rovaniemi opened in 1985 to ensure that every kid has a happy Christmas. Don’t worry if you visit in June, since the place is opened all-year-round, offering families Christmas-focused attractions.

3. Linnanmäki

Linnanmäki - Finland With Kids

Right at the heart of the capital, Linnanmäki is an amusement park with amazing rides and attractions such as Ferris wheel and roller coasters. The amusement park is a perfect place to spend a sunny summer day with the little ones.

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