Places To Go With Kids: Ireland Family Vacation

Ireland, Europe’s Emerald Isle lands a good spot on our list of safest countries to visit with kids in 2018, making it a good candidate as a travel destination for your next family vacation. There is much to see and much to do in this peaceful and historic European country. The mixture of old and new and the blending of nature and architecture make Ireland very appealing to travelers, including families who are looking for laid-back countryside experience and tidbits of city liveliness. In this article, we will cover the unique things you can do on your Ireland family vacation.

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1. Catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights - Ireland Family Vacation

Topping this list is the Northern Lights experience. An Ireland family vacation will only be complete if everyone in your kin has caught a glimpse of the amazing Aurora Borealis. The phenomenon has been captured so many times and in so many ways that it continues to capture the hearts of many travelers around the globe. You wouldn’t want to be left behind in this unique experience when visiting Ireland.

2. Seaweed baths in Co. Sligo or Strandhill

Seaweed bath - Ireland Family Vacation

Yes, this experience sounds so bizarre and unique that it should be on your bucket list of must-dos when traveling to Ireland. The seaweed bath experience is a relaxing spa-like treatment where freshly harvested and crab-free seaweed is added to the tub. The oils in the seaweed relax and revitalize your skin and hair, leaving you ready for the next day of adventure.

3. Watch a Hurling match at Croke Park

Hurling match at Croke Park - Ireland Family Vacation

For a unique and truly Irish sports experience, watching a hurling match is a must-do. Hurling is a sporting event that combines the skills of hockey,baseball, and lacrosse in one high speed, high scoring, high octane sport. The experience will be mind-blowing for those who love sports.

4. Take a dip at the Forty Foot

Forty Foot - Ireland Family Vacation

Named by the New York Time as one of the best places to swim in the world, Forty Foot in Dublin is a promontory where the entire family can enjoy swimming in the Irish Sea. The best time to join the locals for a cold swim is during Christmas in the festive tradition of Christmas Day swim.

5. Explore the English Market in Cork

English Market in Cork - Ireland Family Vacation

Aside from hiking and sight-seeing, one of the best ways to enjoy your Ireland family vacation is by eating and tasting Irish delicacies. Speaking of the best, there is no better place in Ireland where you can buy local produce, food, and delicacies than Cork’s most famous food market, the English Market. Serving the local Irish community since 1788, quality product is guaranteed from one of Emerald Isle’s best culinary destinations.

6. Chase sunset at the Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland Family Vacation

Nothing is more dramatic than watching sunset in the Atlantic ocean from Ireland’s most photographed piece of land and iconic tourist spot of Cliffs of Moher. Standing at 700 feet from the sea, looking at the vastness of the ocean while the sun goes down is such a romantic experience you can give your family.

7. Go meet the Puffins in Skellig

Puffins in Skellig - Ireland Family Vacation

The Great and Little Skellig that make up the Skellig Islands, which are famous among Star Wars fans, as the islands were among the film’s set locations, are not only home to a 6th century monastery but also to the cute puffins. If you ever make it there, do not forget to photograph these cute animals. The kids will love them.

8. Try BloKarting in Bundoran

BloKarting - Ireland Family Vacation

Have you ever heard of BloKarting? Well, whether you are familiar with this unique sport or not, it is a must-try activity during your Ireland family vacation.  BloKarting is a sport where the go kart meets sailing.  Your teens can ride a beach buggy with a sail to enjoy this exciting adventure on a windy day in Bundoran.

9. Go on a road trip at the Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland Family Vacation

The ultimate family road trip in Ireland has to be through the Wild Atlantic Way. This 1,553 mile (2,500 kilometer) coastal drive, along nine Irish counties, is the world’s longest defined coastal driving route, giving road-trippers an unforgettable experience. A trip to the Wild Atlantic will give you and your family access to breathtaking scenery and an exceptional experience.

10. Ride Ireland’s only cable car in Dursey

Cable Car in Dursey - Ireland Family Vacation

Like many other European countries, you might have expected more cable car options in Ireland. But no, there is only one and that is on Dursey Island. Since its opening in 1969, the cable car remains, to this day, the most used means of transport across the turbulent waters of the island. Aside from being the only cable car in the country, what makes this mode of transportation unique is the fact that it is the only cable car that traverses open seawater in all of Europe. Don’t miss ticking  this off your Irish bucket list.

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