Places to Go With Kids: Latvia with Kids

Latvia, a small European country and one of the three countries that comprise the Baltic states, is a great place to take the kids to enjoy the forests, unspoiled scenery of the Baltic coast, the amazing culture and tradition, and the warmth of its people. Kids who love outdoor adventure or recreation can enjoy the beach or try water-skiing at the beaches in Jurmala. The country is also home to some of Europe’s most popular adventure parks and family-friendliest cities. There is definitely no reason why you wouldn’t take your kids there soon. It is time the family enjoyed the best Latvian holiday.

But before you book your flight to Riga International Airport (RIX), read on first to know Latvia more and to check out what are the best places and attractions that await the entire family.

1. Jurmala Beach

Jurmala Beach - Latvia with Kids

I have kind of given you a hint in the introduction about what your family and kids can expect in Jumarla Beach, but there are other things you need to know about this place. Jumarla is a resort town of 20-mile silky sand beaches. It is among the countries most populated cities that offer great swimming possibilities to tourists. Kids will surely enjoy the numerous cafes and restaurants offering Latvian cuisine. It is also a perfect place to ride a bike or play volleyball. The kids will find this place ideal for kite-surfing and other recreational activities. Sunset-watching by the beach is also why tourists frequent its shores.

2. Tērvete Nature Park

Tērvete Nature Park - Latvia with Kids
Credits: Tērvete Nature Park

With over half its territory covered by forest, it is not surprising why nature parks are favorite tourist attractions in Latvia.  A popular Latvian nature park that tourists visit is the Tērvete Nature Park. It is one of the best go-to places for the family when travelling to Latvia with kids, not just because of its forest, but also because it is famous for its obstacles courses.

3. Riga Zoo

Riga Zoo - Latvia with Kids

Located in the Latvian capital city of Riga, Riga Zoo is a much-loved family-friendly attraction. Your kids will enjoy the tranquility of the forest while seeing different species of animals and birds, many of which are rare species of eagles and falcons. Kids will also get the opportunity to pet some of the zoo’s animals, such as goats and sheep.

4. Līvu Aquapark

Līvu Aquapark - Latvia with Kids

I see no reason why kids will not love the idea of visiting one of the largest water parks in Europe, the Līvu Aquapark. Since the park is home to some amazing slides and offers a wide array of watery attractions, including water pools and saunas, kids will have plenty of options to choose from.  Kids will for sure be over the moon riding the the parks’ tornado ride, which is the only one in Europe.

5. AB Amusement park

AB Amusement park - Latvia with Kids
Credits: AB Amusement Park

“Avārijas Brigāde” may not ring a bell to you, but for kids and kids-at-heart who love cartoons, they will find AB Amusement Park a great place to be. The park’s name is obviously derived from  “Avārijas Brigāde,” a famous Latvian cartoon and the film comes to life in the park. There are a number of things the kids can do and enjoy, including the amazing doll exhibition, tube sliding track, go karts, and dinosaur trails.

6. Preili’s Puppet Kingdom

Preili's Puppet Kingdom - Latvia with Kids
Credits: Puppet Kingdom

The Puppet Kingdom or Museum of Dolls is an interesting place to visit in Latvia. Its collection of dolls and puppets is unconventional. Here your kids will find an unusual doll collection created by the museum’s founder, Preiļi artist Jeļena Mihailova. What’s more interesting about Mihailova’s dolls is the fact that these dolls can show facial expressions and express feelings that eerily resemble those of a real person.

7. Dzintari Forest Park

Dzintari Forest Park - Latvia with Kids
Credits: Dzintari Forest Park

Locals and tourists love the Latvian forests as much as they love the beaches. So, the Dzintari Forest Park is a perfect place for you and your kids to spend the day. Regardless of the season, the park offers a number of activities for the kids to enjoy. During snow-free seasons, the kids can climb ropes, skate, ride bikes, or play basketball. In winter, skiing is the perfect activity to spend time on. When you visit, don’t forget to visit the observation tower that does not only offer a stunning view of the pines, but also lets you see ships that cross the Baltic Sea.

8. Ventspils

Ventspils - Latvia with Kids

Considered one of Latvia’s most family-friendly cities, Ventspils will give you more reason to stay than to leave. It is famous for Ventspils Beach, where the kids can have fun under the summer sun, while you rest on a lounge chair. You and your kids can enjoy a good afternoon walking along the shores or dine at one of the city’s restaurants. Another must-visit highlight is the Ventspils Water Adventure Park that has obstacle courses for the kids, plus educational Science demo centers  where science comes to life.

9. Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park

Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park - Latvia with Kids
Credits: Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park

For the adventure seekers and for those kids who love a bit of adrenaline, Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park is certainly for them. The park is the largest outdoor adventure park in the Baltics that offers wall climbing, archery, paintball shooting, and go karts as part of its Tarzan obstacle track. Other activities for the kids to enjoy include tube sliding and bungee jumping.

10. Liepaja Olympic Center

Liepaja Olympic Center - Latvia with Kids
Credits: Liepaja Olympic Center

I listed this attraction last for a reason. The trip and tour can be tiring, so the Liepaja Olympic Center is the place where you and your kids can do nothing but relax.  It is equipped with modern swimming pools and sports facilities where you can enjoy a good water massage. If the kids still have the energy to burn, they will find the center’s water amusement park and swimming pools interesting.

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