Places to Go With Kids: Liechtenstein With Kids

Liechtenstein, a pocket-sized, 15.5 mile (25-kilometer) long principality situated between the triangular border of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in the world. The sixth to be precise. Its population of no more than 38,000 in the 2017 census is also considered one of the lowest. Yet this tiny landlocked country, with a name a bit challenging to say, does not run out of offerings for anyone who braved its mountains. The country’s crime rate is at an all-time low, making it an ideal and safe travel destination for the family. If you are looking for adventure and want to take the kids to this European microstate, then you are in luck. I listed the best places in Liechtenstein where you can take your kids.

1. Mauren

Mauren - Liechtenstein With Kids

A village of seven hills with Roman estates and bathing facilities, Mauren is a church community with amazing and stunning scenery. Kids will love the idea of waking up to a view of the hills and mountains off the windows.

2. Schellenberg

Schellenberg - Liechtenstein With Kids

Because of its role in shaping today’s principality of Liechtenstein, Schellenberg  is one of the most significant places in the country. Churches and historic structures can be found in this area, along with ruins of a castle, which indicate past noble times, can be visited.

3. Ruggell

Ruggell - Liechtenstein With Kids

A short trip from Schellenberg will take you to another fascinating place in Liechtenstein that is Ruggell. Visitors who travels the roads to this beautiful ancient settlement will have the chance to visit the town’s parish church that contains sections of older churches. The steep mountain ranges that serve as backdrop of the postcard-worthy houses and gardens dotted with colorful and beautiful flowers can also be seen from the town center. The town is also home to a museum that the family can visit.

4. Bendern

Bendern - Liechtenstein With Kids

Sitting at the foot of the mountain at the Rhine Valley, Bendern, which is also one of the eleven Liechtenstein municipalities, is another must-visit place. Churches, grotto, and imposing mountain ranges are some of the things you will see in Bendern.

5. Eschen

Eschen - Liechtenstein With Kids

The fourth largest municipality in Liechtenstein that is Eschen is home to some 4,000 residents who are very welcoming. Home to some pre-historic areas, this town is also an interesting place to learn about Liechtenstein’s history and religion. Beautiful churches and chapels are significant landmarks of the town that your family can visit.

6. Schaan


Schaan is a charming municipality that is home to a beautiful and attractive town center. A trip to this town should be on your bucket list when traveling to Liechtenstein. The church of St. Laurentius, with its towering bell tower, is the iconic landmark of the town. Additionally, you can also take a snap of your kids against traditional houses with romantic gardens that can be seen everywhere.You will not find traveling to this town difficult since it is very accessible by train or by bus.

7. Vaduz

Vaduz - Liechtenstein With Kids

Liechtenstein’s capital city of Vaduz is, for sure, part of this list. Here you can find the Liechtenstein or Vaduz Castle that is majestically located on top of the hill. The castle serves as the prince’s family residence, giving them a panoramic view of the valley. Aside from the castle, other tourist attractions that you can visit in Vaduz include the town’s neo-gothic cathedral, vineyards, historical houses, contemporary buildings, old town, and the Rhine valley.  Liechtenstein National Museum and the Post Office Museum with impressive collections can also be found here.

8. Triesenberg

Triesenberg - Liechtenstein With Kids

Liechtenstein’s largest municipality of Triesenberg has a settlement and town center located at an elevation of more than 2,624 feet (800 meters). The town is home to unique wildlife such as Lama and Alpaca. Nature and wildlife tours will take you to farms and sites where the kids can meet the animals.  You can also drop by St. Joseph at Parish Church, a famous icon of the town. Despite being located above the mountains, this town has a reliable and efficient bus network, which makes it easier for traveling families to reach the area. You can’t complain, since the bus rides will also give you fine views of the Rhine Valley and the Swiss Alps.

9. Alp Gaflei

Liechtenstein is a dreamy, agrarian state in the European Alps that is a paradise with an untouched and beautiful mountain world, giving hikers the opportunity to enjoy the view and nature. If you love adventure and you want the kids to go for a hike, then ascend to Alp Galflei. The trip will take you to mountain villages, spa houses, and health resorts with a spectacular view of the Alpine world.

10. Malbun

Malbun - Liechtenstein With Kids

Malbun is a ski-village at the edge of Triesenberg. Numerous but tiny mountain huts will serve as your holiday home if you happen to visit  this part of the valley. This place is so peaceful that tourists find it best to relax here. Kids will also love the bird show that showcases birds of prey, such as golden eagles and falcons.

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