Places to Go With Kids: Lithuania with Kids

Lithuania is the most southerly but the largest of the three Baltic states. Being the largest gives the country an advantage in terms of tourism offerings. A family who loves nature, culture, and history will definitely find a trip to Lithuania very delightful. The country balances its offerings off through the unique urban vibe that its urban cities exudes. For obvious reasons, the stunning Baltic coastline, which beach-goers flock in summer is among Lithuania’s main attractions. But for sure, there are more places to visit or things to do in Lithuania.

If you are planning to visit the country soon and you are not sure where to go yet, then, you are in luck. In this article, we will talk about the best places to visit in Lithuania with Kids.

1. Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit - Lithuania with Kids

A Lithuanian trip will only be remarkable if you and your kids visit the famous Curonian Spit. A World Heritage Site, it is a 60 mile (98-kilometer) long, curved and elongated sand dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. What kids can do here is enjoy the natural wonder of the national park or walk on the shores of white sand beaches that attract beach-lovers. During the country’s short summer break, kids can also hike the dunes that also attract many travelers.

2. Palanga Beach

Palanga Beach - Lithuania with Kids

Beach-lovers, kids in particular will find Palanga Beach a perfect place to spend the day in the chilly waters. Given that it is the busiest summer destination in the country, you can expect a great influx of locals, vacationers, and travelers during summer. The stretch of white sand beaches have several peaceful spots where your family can just take the day off, in case your kids do not really like the crowd. You can even let them play volleyball or just let them stroll in the afternoon. Palanga Beach has plenty of activities for different tastes.

3. Trakai Island Castle

Trakai Island Castle - Lithuania with Kids

Located in the country’s historical capital city of Trakai, the Trakai Island Castle is a Gothic-style castle where the Grand Duchy of Lithuania used to live. Due to its unique location, being on an island, the castle is not only a pride of the city but of the entire country. It being one of the most visited places in Lithuania should be one reason to take the kids there soon.

4. Druskininkai Aquapark

Druskininkai Aquapark - Lithuania with Kids

The Lithuanian town of Druskininkai is home to a modern water park where the kids can make a splash on its water pools or enjoy the waterslides. Additionally, young adults and parents can also spend time enjoying the different saunas and bathhouses in the park. A stunning view of the nearby Nemunas River is a bonus attraction you will enjoy.

5. Uno Park

Uno Park - Lithuania with Kids
Credits: Uno Park

Still in Druskininkai, Uno Park or One Adventure Park is where the kids can play, run, and climb. This outdoor adventure park situated in a green Lithuanian forest has areas where kids can do rock climbing and other outdoor activities. They also have a great array of zip wires in case you want to try ziplining. With the amazing adventure that the park offers, the place will give your kids amazing experiences they will never forget.

6. Toy Museum

Toy Museum - Lithuania with Kids
Credits: Museum of Toys

Toys will always be part of any kid’s childhood. So, don’t miss visiting the Museum of Toys. Your little ones will be delighted to see the most amazing collection of toys. Knowing that there they will find toys their parents and grandparents played with when they were young is such a cool experience. The best part during a visit is that the kids are allowed to touch the toys. If you have some extra cash, you can also buy some items that are on sale.

7. Kaunas Zoo

Kaunas Zoo - Lithuania with Kids

One might find it too touristy to visit a zoo, but you shouldn’t be missing the chance to visit Kaunas Zoo that is located in the picturesque oak forest because it’s the only major zoo in Lithuania. There are around 300 animal species from different parts of the world that the kids can see. These animals are housed in an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible, giving anyone the chance to witness how these animals behave naturally.

8. Lithuanian Sea Museum

Lithuanian Sea Museum - Lithuania with Kids
Credits; Lithuanian Sea Museum

Aside from a zoo, Lithuania is also home to a Sea Museum. Specifically located in Klaipeda, the Lithuanian Sea Museum has onsite aquariums, ship models, and archaeological artifacts that the kids will love. In the halls of the museum, the kids will be able to see different marine animals and creatures such as sea lions, penguins, and grey seals, which are the local dwellers of the Baltic Sea. Several exhibitions also showcase the history of marine life and conservation efforts in the area.

9. Grūtas Park

Grūtas Park - Lithuania with Kids

Grūtas Park, known locally as Grūto Parkas, is essentially a communist monument graveyard with Soviet-era statues. It is best to visit this place with a guide, especially if you are not familiar with the history of the park. The guides can best explain the story behind monuments that were dismantled and left on the ground after Lithuania regained its independence. Kids can also find a handful of wooden buildings housing exhibits including communist memorabilia, paintings, and propaganda posters.

10. Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle - Lithuania with Kids

Kaunas Castle is another attraction in Lithuania where kids can learn about the great Lithuanian history. Apart from that, kids will find the place so magical, as this medieval castle was built in the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. Art collections and historical exhibitions can also be found inside the castle.

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