Places to Go With Kids: Namibia with Kids

Namibia is an African country known for its dessert and diverse wildlife. Exploring the country will expose anyone to an entirely different world of stunning landscape and astonishing natural wonders.

Can you imagine the adventure that awaits you?

Namibia with Kids

Well, when the dessert is already very imposing, how much more the rest of the country.

For sure, travelers who are used to extreme conditions will find Namibia to be a very interesting place to explore. But for parents who want to take their little ones out, it may be a little challenging, but never impossible.

Despite it being a sandy playground, which may only be appealing to adults, there are a number of things that the family can do with the kids to enjoy that Namibian escapade. There are also a number of reasons why Namibia with kids is going to be fun!

Let’s jump right into the list.

1. The dessert is vast and wide, but consider a short-distance dessert and safari adventure

Namib Desert - Namibia with Kids

Given that kids, especially the younger ones, get annoyed and bored easily, unless they are trained to behave, it is good to consider “short-distance” adventures. Since the country is known for its Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast, you wouldn’t want to miss it while on a family trip because your kids are on a riot. So, look for shorter tour options, something that the kids will love.  If you are with teens who can keep up with the adventure and can withstand the icy nights and blazing heat, then you have  endless piles of sand, a vast and otherworldly landscape at your disposal – just like the one in the picture.

2. Take the kids to Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park - Namibia with Kids

Both the wet and dry seasons offer different kinds of fun and adventure. The landscape changes depending on the season and even the wildlife and plants around it behave differently. So, when deciding to visit Etosha National Park, a protected area with diverse landscapes where lions, rhinos, and elephants roam around, it will be better to do it during the dry season. This is when animals usually go in a cluster around the park to look for waterholes. It would be cool to see a zeal of zebras, a pride of lions, and a tower of giraffes in their natural habitat. It is a sight the kids will never forget.

3. Visit the Himba Village

Himba tribe - Namibia with Kids

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Namibia is a country blessed with so much diversity. You will see it everywhere – from its plants and trees, landscapes, wildlife, and even in its people. So, visiting the Himba Village will certainly be one of the highlights of your Namibian family trip. The Ova Himba are the most photographed semi-nomadic Namibian indigenous people who live in the Kunene Region of the country. Sign up for a Himba Village guided tour to immerse your kids to a cultural experience they will always remember. With the help of a guide, you and the kids can interact with the locals, understand their values, and observe how they go about their daily lives.

Seeing Namibia’s most photographed indigenous people firsthand is priceless. It is an experience your kids can share with their own kids in the future.

4. Climb the iconic Sossusvlei Sand dunes

Sossusvlei Sand dunes

Sossusvlei in the Namib desert is Namibia’s most iconic landscape. The fact that it is considered  the world’s highest sand dunes should interest you or anyone for that matter. Catching a sunrise or watching a sunset are perfect activities you can enjoy with the little ones. Namibia with kids will not be boring if you let the kids experience nature and culture.

When you visit, make sure that you take a snapshot of your family against the backdrop of the vast sand sea. The early morning light and the shadows of the sun will be a fascinating scene to capture as well.

5. Explore the Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon - Namibia with Kids

The Fish River Canyon holds the distinction of being the world’s second largest canyon. Its length of 99.4 miles (160 kilometers) speaks volumes of how massive and how vast this landscape is. It is like the Grand Canyon, except that it is not. Exploring this area will require you to camp for days. Hiking and trekking will be your means of transportation, so visiting this place requires planning. There are no facilities in the area, so it is important to be ready.

6. Camp out at Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppe - Namibia with Kids

With its dessert, canyons, and granite peaks, camping is an almost imperative thing to do when in Namibia with kids. One of the sites where you can camp out at is Spitzkoppe, which is famous for its bald granite peaks that stand out dramatically on the flat desolate landscape. Aside from the granite peaks that resemble the Matterhorn of Switzerland, you can also see ancient Bushmen drawings there. That will be cool to see. There are self-guided tours available for backpackers, but when traveling with kids, make sure to sign up for a guided tour.

7. Witness a scene of seals

Seals - Namibia with Kids

When I say scene, I meant thousands of seals. Head out to Cape Cross in Namibia’s South Atlantic region to witness herd over herd over herd of this friendly sea animal. The herd that comes in thousands is a popular attraction for families who visit Namibia with kids. Imagine being welcomed by up to 100,000 Cape fur seals – that will be an epic scene!

8. Visit Walvis bay and Sandwich Harbor

Walvis bay and Sandwich Harbor

If Cape Cross hosts thousands of seals, Walvis Bay offers boat tours to see dolphins, whales, and again seals on their natural habitat. Kids who love animals will be delighted to see the giant whales out in the sea. Aside from boating, there are other activities that the family can enjoy such as kayaking and paddling. For a side trip, you can also visit the Sandwich Harbor that is home to the colorful and beautiful flamingos and pelicans.

9. Have fun at Namibia’s adventure capital of Swakopmund

Swakopmund - Namibia with Kids

For adventure seekers, Swakopmund is heaven. It is a place where extreme sports take place. Among the things that people enjoy in this town are skydiving, dune boarding, and camel riding. Kids may not be able to sign up for that, but apart from the activities, the town itself is an attraction to see. The  German-inspired buildings that complements the town’s natural beauty will be an ideal background for your family photo.

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