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Are you traveling to Poland soon and looking for fun activities for the kids to enjoy? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will walk you through some of the best places to take the kids in the European country of Poland! For sure, there are a lot of beautiful places with fascinating scenery that the kids will enjoy, but there are also a lot more to visit than just the country’s natural wonders. On this list, you will find the best places where kids can be kids and where the entire family can truly enjoy a Polish vacation.

Let us take a look at the list of attractions together.

1. First on the list is an attraction located at the heart of the Polish capital city of Warsaw – Kopernik!

Copernicus Center - Poland With Kids
Credits: Copernicus Center

Copernicus Center in Warsaw, Poland is not only best known for its attractions but also for its people, with some excelling brilliantly in their fields. One of them was Nicolas Copernicus, a world-renowned Polish mathematician who formulated the heliocentric model of the universe, in which he placed the sun in the center, rather than the earth in the center of the universe. To celebrate his brilliance and a great contribution to the world of science and mathematics, Warsaw founded the Copernicus Center. The center offers not just 400 exhibits, but theaters and a planetarium where your kids can enjoy the 5-hour tour.

2. If your kids can’t get enough of being nerdy and cool, then take them to Torun.

Torun - Poland With Kids

We certainly expect nothing short of excellence and fun in the birth city of Nicholas Copernicus – Torun. The city is a popular family destination because of its best-known planetarium –  the Torun Planetarium. Your kids can get a little geekier and nerdy while learning new things about the planets, the stars, the universes, the galaxies, and basically anything conceivable about outer space. The young ones will love the jaw-dropping exhibits and will definitely admire the display of constellations.

3. Poland obviously loves Science a LOT! From Warsaw to Torun, and now to Gydnia, another attraction that features Science and Technology is a must-visit place for your family.

Science Center Experyment - Poland With Kids
Credits: Science Center Experyment

The  Science Center Experyment in Gdynia features some of the best and interactive exhibitions that provides the visitors, especially the kids with entertaining and educational experience. Among the most well-loved attractions and exhibits are: Hydrroworld, The Tree of Life, Invisible Forces, Operation: Human, and the Virtual World of Leonardo  Da Vinci Inventions. This modern facility is definitely one of the best places to kill your time while on vacation. It’s a scientific playground for your kids!

4. Head down south to Zator for some pure adrenaline rush and adventure.

The Energylandia - Poland With Kids

If you are finally sold on science and now want the kids to have some real adventure, then head down to Zator. About 248 miles (400 kilometers) off the streets of Warsaw, you’ll find the largest and the greatest amusement park in Poland – The Energylandia.  The park’s four major attractions are its themed zones that offer rides for the kids and hardcore rides such as the Hyperion Mega coaster for the brave. You can also enjoy the Waterpark Zone to ease the summer heat.

5. Enjoy summer at Lodz!

Fala - Poland With Kids
Credits: Fala

When you and your family happen to be in Poland during summertime, you don’t have to be on a tropical coast to enjoy the sun and the water. Poland’s biggest water park, Fala in the city of Łódź, will definitely be the most ideal place for a splash. The aquapark has several pools of varying size and depth, slides, and other water attractions. So ready your swimming apparel and have fun.

6. Go see the dinosaurs in Baltow.

Baltow - Poland With Kids

After enjoying some watery attractions, get a little serious and learn about the lives of the dinosaurs in Bałtów JuraPark. There your kids will enjoy the world of paleontology while seeing accurate life-size dinosaur figures of varied sizes and types. There are over a hundred of them scattered everywhere. The park also exhibits dinosaur tracks discovered in the nearby mountains.

7. Take the train ride to Krakow.

Wieliczka Salt Mine - Poland With Kids

If you think that mine sites are just for adults, think again because your kids can also go underground in Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow. Tourists flock to this place to feel trapped in one of the world’s oldest salt mines in operation. This place offers tours for kids, even toddlers, to learn about interesting stuff by exploring the mine. The guided tour that is Discover Solilandia also allows kids to participate in exciting and educational activities, which include the easy to mind-boggling puzzle activities.

8. Looking for a real gold mine? Visit Złoty Stok.

Złoty Stok - Poland With Kids

In the town of Zloty, which borders Czechoslovakia,  you will not find salts but gold in the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy. This millennia-old gold mine site offers fun, interesting, and educational guided tours for the entire family. There you’ll also meet the tour guides, whose humor and antics are exemplary,  making the visit worthwhile.  It is definitely an excellent place to visit with your kids.

9. Travel to Kielce to learn history and to see the past.

Ethnographic Park - Poland With Kids

Whatever has become of present-day Poland is because of its colorful past. So, Kielce, Poland pays tribute to its heritage through the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia. The museum is a heritage park of roughly 160 acres (65 hectares) with monuments, buildings, houses, mills, and windmills showcasing the traditional way of life of the people in that part of the country. The place will take you back in time during your tour.

10. Meet the dwarfs or gnomes of Wroclaw.

Gnome Statue, Dwarf - Poland With Kids

Wroclaw is a city that is easy to love. It’s beautiful and picturesque, so there are definitely so many things to love about this city. It’s not the big things that make this city standout, though, but it’s the little and gentle dwellers – the gnomes! Despite being small, these gnome statues are easy to find, and kids can spot them everywhere since they are spread throughout the city. They dot the streets like flowers. Kids will certainly have fun hunting all of them. Today, these gnomes serve as one of the city’s main attractions, but in the past, they served as a peaceful protest against communism.

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