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Czech Republic may be a relatively new European country that was formed in 1993, but its culture, parks, structures, and centuries old architecture speak volume of its rich and colorful past. Its capital city of Prague alone is home to Prague Castle, that is considered to be Europe’s and the world’s largest castle complex. This, among other reasons, is why Prague is a favored European city among traveling families who want to expose their kids to culture and a fun adventure.

Taking the kids of all ages to a holiday vacation in Prague is always a good idea. So here are the 10 best sites to see when in Prague with your kids:

1. The Old Town Square

Old Town Square - Prague With Kids

With Prague’s eventful and historical past, highlighted by the events from the Middle Ages when the city was the toast center of central Europe and the center of the Holy Roman Empire, the city’s medieval old town square is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Today, people flock to the square to take beautiful photos and create wonderful memories. The Old Town also is full of life in December, where kids are also drawn by the famous traditional Christmas markets.

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge - Prague With Kids

Though crowded most of the time, Charles Bridge is a favorite sightseeing option for travelers who want to see the Old Town and New Town. Locals use this pedestrian bridge to complete daily errands, while tourists cross this bridge to take in the fascinating river views and statues that adorn it. Except for the pack of people that cross this bridge, there will be no problem taking your children, or even your toddlers for a leisurely walk on this cobblestone bridge.

3. Grevin Praha

Grevin Praha - Prague With Kids
Credits: Grevin Praha

Unlike the traditional museum that may not appeal to all ages, Grevin Praha lets the kids interact with famous people, or at least their wax figures. Kids can strike a pose and take photos with these famous people.

4. Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery - Prague With Kids

Prague has a colorful Jewish history, and the best place to learn about it is by visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery or Jewish Quarter. The place may be a little gloomy for toddlers, but it should still be on the family’s Prague bucket list. Here, the family will learn about the lives and moving stories of the Jewish community from the past to the present day.

5. John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall - Prague With Kids

The famous John Lennon Wall was painted just right after the life and death of John Lennon in 1979. Young Czechs artistically used the wall to express their frustrations and aspirations by painting graffiti during the time when Communism was still part of the city. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction in Prague.

6. Prague’s Museum of Communism

Prague’s Museum of Communism - Prague With Kids

Speaking of Communism, the Museum of Communism is the best place to take the kids to learn the effects of Communism on Czechoslovakia and Prague altogether. If politics does not really appeal to your taste, this museum has extensive exhibits of Prague’s recent history, focusing on sports, education, art, music, media, and a lot more that you may find interesting.

7. Kampa Park

Kampa Park - Prague With Kids

Adjacent to John Lennon Wall is the Kampa Park where you can stroll and walk by the river bank. Sculptures that are scattered around the park are also some of the main attractions you can enjoy watching. Similar to the other love bridges around the world, Kampa Park also has a Lock Bridge where you can also add a padlock.

8. Prague Castle

Prague Castle - Prague With Kids

Like what I mentioned at the start of the start of this article, Prague is home to Europe’s biggest and largest castle complex. Therefore, this place is a must-visit for your family. Though it is so unlikely that you can tour all of the more than 700 rooms in the castle, your kids will be able to see some of them and witness the amazing display of artistry and rich culture. Touring around the castle will bring everyone back to history.

9. Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill - Prague With Kids

The Petrin Hill and Observation Tower tour is something you also shouldn’t miss. Petrin Hill, being the largest park in Prague, offers several attractions that the young and old will definitely like. You can take the kids up through a funicular to the 19th century Petrin Tower, which resembles the Eiffel Tower in France. While on your way up, you can enjoy the fresh air and scenic view of the city. Once on top of the hill, you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of Prague’s cityscape. The entire hill is mostly covered by parks and garden, so the family have plenty of room for a walk or even cycling. This place is also a go-to place to relax under the blooming cherry trees. Another attraction you can catch is the astronomy exhibit at the nearby Stefanik Observatory.

10. Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze - Prague With Kids

While you’re in Petrin Hill, I suggest also visiting Mirror Maze. The attraction that is located at in a miniature castle in the hill provides an excellent entertainment experience to the littles ones and even to the visiting adults. The distorting mirror of the labyrinth and the stone hallways make the visiting exciting.

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