Places to Go With Kids: Slovakia With Kids

Can’t get enough of Europe and still up for more adventure, dramatic landscapes, medieval villages, castles, and national parks? Then Slovakia, a European country that sits on the banks of the second longest river in Europe and the longest in the European Union – the Danube River, offers all these and more to anyone who dares visit it. This place will be an ideal destination for family and kids who love going outdoors! And if you want to give your kids that true European experience, then take them to the heart of the culturally-rich and naturally-gifted continent – Slovakia in Europe.

In this article, we will focus our attention on some of the most visited places in Slovakia, including its capital city of Bratislava, the High Tatras, and some of the other best places to take the kids to.

1. Bratislava Old Town

Bratislava Old Town - Slovakia With Kids

Let’s start with the capital. The Slovak capital city of Bratislava is home to some of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the country and in all of Europe. Bratislava is not only budget-friendly, but also child-friendly. This city features a pedestrian-only, historic, and beautiful Old Town. The castle-shrouded streets of the Bratislava Old Town are easy to navigate, even with kids to walking around. Parents can also enjoy the view of the baroque buildings. There are other monuments, museums, and buildings worth visiting.

2. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle - Slovakia With Kids

Carrying the name of the city, the Bratislava Castle is the very landmark that people who already visited the city will always remember. The beautiful Bratislava Castle, perched on top of the hill above the Danube River, is a true Slovak icon. Its design, following baroque style, is unique.  It houses a branch of the Slovak National Museum, with exhibits showcasing relics and artifacts from the past. Another interesting fact about the castle is that for roughly 200 years, it was where the crown jewels of Hungary were stored. Today, however, it hosts many displays presenting the rich culture and history of the city. The castle ground is also an ideal place for some leisurely walks, while the kids enjoy their time on the playground.

3. The Novy Most Bridge

The Novy Most Bridge - Slovakia With Kids

Anyone who visits Bratislava is welcomed by the famous Novy Most or New Bridge. Unlike the usual tourist destinations in the city, this attraction is rather unconventional and more modern than the castles and museums that thrive around the area. What the family can do here is enjoy the good food that is served by the restaurant in the UFO-shaped observation deck at the top of the bridge. The visit may be a little bit pricy, but if you are looking for the best place to get an amazing view of the cityscape, then it’s definitely a place worth the price.

4. Devin Castle

Devin Castle - Slovakia With Kids

Located in Devin, one of the capital’s boroughs, Devin Castle is remarkable and very notable for its unique location. It stands above a 695 foot (212 meter) cliff, Devin Castle is very close to the Old Town, and kids will love the cruise and the views. There is a museum in the area, which has several exhibits. The family can embark on a trip from the port of Danubiusfor sightseeing cruises along the Danube, with a trip to the ruins of the Devín Castle.

5. Slovak National Museum

Slovak National Museum - Slovakia With Kids

Bratislava’s most beautiful and liveliest squares, the Hviezdoslav Square is home to yet another attraction – Slovak National Museum. Housed in a beautiful historical building right in the city center, the museum offers several exhibits and expositions of natural sciences, which the kids will definitely love and enjoy. Considered the most important Slovak institution that focuses on research and education, the museum operates eighteen specialized museums in all parts of the country, and hundreds of monuments, including national cultural monuments.

6. Dobšinská Ice Cave

Dobšinská Ice Cave - Slovakia With Kids

There are different kinds of caves around the world, but Dobšinská Ice Cave is probably one of the most unique and beautiful. It’s the largest ice cave in all of Slovakia, and the most famous of its kind in the world. Visiting this winter wonderland would mean seeing its amazing icy corridors, halls, and domes formed out of ground ice, waterfalls, ice stalagmites, and ice stalactites. If you plan to visit Dobšinská, please make sure you are in town between May to September. Don’t forget your jackets as well.

7. Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise - Slovakia With Kids

Slovak Paradise is a Slovak national gem. There are about 186 miles (300-kilometers) of  established hiking trails that might sound long and distant but are very walkable. The elevation is also something that the kids can endure, so there will be no problem hiking the trails.  A trek to this mountain paradise means contact with nature, where you can spot wildlife that lives in the forests, wide meadows, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, canyons, gorges, and underground caves. The famous Dobšinská Ice Cave is among the visited sites.

8. High Tatras

High Tatras - Slovakia With Kids

The High Tatras are a mountain range with rugged terrain and snow capped peaks that sits in two countries – Poland and Slovakia. This famous mountain range is an ideal place for families who love the great outdoors. There are just so many natural sceneries and attractions to see. Tourists visit the place to ski, or to reach climb the mountain’s highest peak – Gerlachovsky Stit that sits 8,710 feet (2,655 meters) above sea level.  The Slovaks have so much respect to the mountain ranges, and this is why the High Tatras is one of the national symbols of Slovakia, which you will find on the shield of the Slovak flag.

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