Places to Go With Kids: South Africa with Kids

In several instances, South Africa has graced our page for different reasons.  In other articles, we talked about the things that, generally, any type of traveler or tourist can do and provided the 101 places to visit in the country considered to be the tip of Africa.

South Africa is, after all, one of Africa’s most visited countries, along with Kenya and Tanzania. So, there is no wonder we can’t help ourselves but talk about it again. This is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last.

With cosmopolitan cities, like Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, inland safari destination Kruger National Park, lush winelands, and even its own penguin beach, there is no doubt why families would love to visit this African nation, especially traveling parents who want to have a relaxing family vacation with kids on one of the world’s oldest continents.

In this article, we will focus our attention to the things, places, and activities the family, especially the little ones, can enjoy.

Family Destinations to Visit in South Africa with Kids

1. Cape Town

First on the list, a towering and a major tourist destination that attracts visitors is the Table Mountain. Located in the heart of the country’s legislative capital city of Cape Town, Table Mountain’s distinctive flat plateau is popular among climbers, bikers, and hikers, both local and foreigners. The mountain sets the backdrop for one of the world’s best beach cities.  Families, parents, and kids who are into an active lifestyle can spend a day biking and hiking within the mountain trail routes. To witness the stunning view of the city or savor the beauty of sunsets, the ocean from a far, and the jaw-dropping backdrop, take the Table Mountain cable car ride.

Boulders Beach - South Africa with Kids

Another popular tourist destination in the capital includes the Boulders Beach.  This sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders is where kids can enjoy the view of cute little penguins. Though the entrance fee is a little hard on the pocket, the excitement of seeing a colony of free-roaming African penguins that you will give your kids is something money can’t buy. So, don’t think twice about giving them that.

Adding to this list is the Two Oceans Aquarium, a modern aquarium and conservation center located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in the capital. Kids will not only enjoy the amazing puppet and reading shows, but the little ones will also find the tour informative and educational. They will learn about the history of sea animals that are native to Africa and most importantly know a thing or two on how to take care of them and their habitat. A day pass will be worth it.

2. Johannesburg

Aside from its capital city of Cape Town, Johannesburg is another tourist destination in the country that offers an upbeat city vibe. It is the largest city in South Africa. First on the list is an amusement park. The family can visit Gold Reef City, which is located in an old gold mine that closed in 1971. This amusement park, given the location and the gold-rush theme, has exhibits that talk about the history of gold mining. Additionally, you and your kids can enjoy around 30 coasters and other thrill rides.

Amusement park - South Africa with Kids

You are in Africa but couldn’t visit a Safari? Well, the closest option you have is the Johannesburg Zoo. Some people don’t like the thought of seeing caged animals, but for those who love animals, they understand the zoo was established for the accommodation, breeding, and medical care of wild animals that are often captured or poached. In fact, the zoo is known for its successful white lion breeding program.

Another popular tourist destination in Johannesburg is a place that history-lovers love – the Cradle of Humankind. Aside from its well-maintained and amazing facilities, this UNESCO World Heritage site is known to the world as the cradle of mankind because of its caves containing primate fossils. The area has a great collection of wildlife, too

Activities to do in South Africa with Kids

Now, onto the activities. When visiting South Africa, your imagination is the limit in terms of the things you can do once you land in one of the world’s most diverse environments. Here are some things you can enjoy with kids

Visit the Kruger National Park – Being the most well-known park in the country, Kruger National Park is the best place to see Africa’s big five if you are in this part of the continent. I suggest you tick this off your bucket list once you land in South Africa with the kids.

Kruger National Park - South Africa with Kids

Find the rare white lion – Visiting Johannesburg Zoo will definitely offer you and your kids the chance to meet the illusive white lions. But another popular choice, yet more exciting and challenging way to find them, is by visiting Timbavati. This park is where the last remaining white lions are living now.

Stay at Simunye – Away from the big and busy cities, visit and consider staying at Simunye, KwaZulu-Natal. This village is a cultural site where families are transported to it via an ox-wagon or donkey cart. There is a great chance for the parents to let the kids experience local cuisine. At the start of your trip, families are greeted in traditional Zulu style, and the rest of the days, you will spend on site will be a great immersion.

Overall, the range of activities is massive. Traveling to South Africa with kids will be filled with days spent in national parks, like Kruger and Timbavati, but also time spent on the beach and harbor cruises offering a relaxing atmosphere.

This article is part of our popular series, Place To Go With Kids!

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