Places to Go With Kids: Tanzania with Kids

Africa, the oldest among Earth’s continents, is a massive body of land that stretches far and wide, offering visitors no less than real adventure, wildlife encounters, jaw-dropping landscapes, extensive flora and fauna, and postcard-worthy white sandy beaches. Your imagination is the limit in terms of the things you can do once you land in one of the world’s most diverse environments.

The mere thought of planning a trip to Africa is as exciting as actually getting there. The continent that consists of about 54 countries is truly blessed with so much beauty, natural wonders, and incomparable wildlife.

Out of the many African countries, it is difficult to choose which place to visit first, especially if you are tagging along with your family and the kids. A good tip to help you decide is to understand what the kids want to see and experience. Safari? Wildlife? Nature? Africa has it all.

In this article, we will focus our discussion around the things you can do and places you can visit in Tanzania.

Tanzania with Kids

Tanzania is entire world altogether. It is one of the most unique destinations in Africa that has yet to be discovered by travelers and tourists.

Unlike Europe, you won’t see a lot of buildings and architectural wonders, but a trip to Tanzania with kids will not disappoint. Read on to learn more about what this country has to offer.

 1. N’gorongoro

N’gorongoro - Tanzania with Kids

If your kids like visiting zoos, then a trip to N’gorongoro will be a delightful experience for them. Jump into the details below to learn more.

Tanzania certainly offers nothing but an authentic African experience. This vast country of is home to the N’gorongoro Conservation Area, a crater and a natural amphi theater of natural wonders. Visiting it with kids is an experience like no other. You and your little ones will be exposed to the heart of nature blessed with amazing resources. N’gorongoro offers more than just stunning beauty. It has a unique and great collection of wildlife and otherworldly landscape. This area in Tanzania has witnessed extreme changes, evolution, and migration. That is why a safari experience in this area is tough to beat. It will be a remarkable experience for your kids to see animals freely roaming around their natural habitat.

2. Serengeti

Without a doubt, Serengeti, with its endless plains where wildlife roams freely, is one of Tanzania’s pride and one of Africa’s premier national parks. Arranging a safari tour for the family is in order whenever you are in the area. So, what can you expect during the safari tour?

There are quite a number of things to do, but the highlights of your Serengeti trip should include:

Checking the Giraffes. Personally, I find giraffes very adorable. For sure, most of the kids feel the same way, too. The best place you can take them to watch these long-necked animals to pump up your “Tanzania with kids” vacation will be at the Lobo River Valley in the North Serengeti area. Aside from it being one of the most stunning places in the entire park, Lobo Valley is where these friendly giraffes stay most of the time. It would be fun to see the kids react when they see giraffes munch on some leaves from tall trees. How exciting!Giraffes - Tanzania with Kids

Look for the elephant families at Lower Grumeti Woodlands of the Western Serengeti. From babies to the big ones, elephants live in harmony with nature in this part of the park. They normally welcome visitors with some stunts of spreading ears and trumpeting noise. Kids will find these antics very amusing, for sure.

Elephants - Tanzania with Kids

Ultimately, you can also spot lions, rhinos, and zebras in this part of Tanzania. They are stars in their own right. There are tour options that include visiting places where these animals normally stay. Lions, elephants, leopard, buffalo, and rhino, often called the “big five” consider the park home. So, make sure to book that safari tour.

3. The Great Migration

Great Migration - Tanzania with Kids

The Great Migration in itself is one great experience you can give your kids. It is when animals (such as zebra and wildebeests)of all kinds parade up north. You can witness the natural migration of animals from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Reserve, to the Serengeti, and then to Masai Mara. Seeing African animals on TV is already fascinating for the kids, but being able to watch these migratory herbivores walk around and along the park is a priceless moment.  The Great Migration is a continuous cycle of movement that happens annually. Don’t miss it.

4. Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park - Tanzania with Kids

Like Serengeti, Ruaha National Park is another famous safari park in Tanzania. It is in fact the largest among all national parks in the country. Holding that distinction gives this park an advantage in terms of stunning views, amazing landscape, and number of inhabitants. Wildlife in this region is in an ever-ending battle for survival. From dusk until dawn, each animal plays an important role in this game of life and survival.

Will you see giraffes and lions there? Well, what you will see is diversity. You will see a number of animals living together in the rainforest, savannah, and woodland. They may not always get along very well, but they have survived the safari setup for years.

The park is accessible anytime of the year, so you can jump on a trip to this part of the world whenever you want. To fully enjoy the experience, you can also camp at Jongomero Camp, where you can experience the ultimate luxury living in the wilderness.

5. Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro National Park - Tanzania with Kids

If your family is one of those with a sense of adventure, you will love Tanzania for Kilimanjaro National Park. Aside from its vast wilderness, this East African country is also known as the home of Africa’s highest peaks. Climbing the mountain and exploring it may not be very ideal for very small children, but teenagers and older kids will find it interesting to walk around camp sites.

If you are with young children, seeing the mighty mountain from afar will also be a good thing to do, especially if climbing it will not be an option. Though it lies within the tropical side of Africa, kids who love the snow will be amazed to see the Kilimanjaro’s peak covered with snow and ice.For a more detailed discussion on how to get to Mount Kilimanjaro, don’t forget to visit this link

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