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In a Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland with the Family post published in March 2018, I introduced you to the best, jaw-dropping, and heavenly places to visit Switzerland. With an abundance of natural playgrounds, fascinating history, and culture, Switzerland surely has more to offer and is a great place for family vacations. We can’t get enough of the Swiss paradise, so this time, we will focus our discussion a little bit more specific to Switzerland’s largest and well-loved city –  Zurich.

No doubt, Zurich is both a global financial center and a cultural hub. This is why the city appeals to anyone whose inclination is into culture and history, but there are, for sure, other interesting places to take the kids to and fun-filled activities to engage them with during your visit.

1. Sail away with your family at Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich - Zurich With Kids

Lake Zurich is undeniably, for some obvious reasons, one of the most notable icons of the city.Missing a trip to the lake is almost impossible, and the best way to enjoy it is by renting a boat or by hopping on to a motor or steamboats that offer themed cruises.  The family will enjoy the enchanting view of the lake that is bordered by the Swiss hills while on board the boat.  There are also swimming areas at the edge of the lake where your kids can make a splash while you take time to relax.

2. Swim at the Limmat River­

Limmat River­ - Zurich With Kids

Speaking of swimming in Zurich, Limmat River is one of the top places where your kids can make a splash during summer. When the sun is up, your family can join the locals in the shallows to have fun and enjoy the crystal clear and vivid blue waters of the river.

3. Visit Churches

Zurich Church

You would not want to miss visiting the four main churches in Zurich during your trip. The idea of visiting churches may sound like a pilgrimage, but these churches have been around in the city long enough that people, especially visiting tourists, considered them not only as religious structures, but also worth-visiting icons. So, head on and take the kids to Grossmünster, Fraumünster, Predigerkirche, and St. Peter Church (the oldest parish church in the city).

4. Take the little ones to the Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum - Zurich With Kids

Zurich is home to some 50 or more museums and hundreds of art galleries and what better way to start your museum tour than  by taking the kids to the Swiss National Museum.  Being the largest in the country, the museum plays a vital role in preserving history, heritage, and culture. It has a wide array of impressive collections that the little ones will be interested in. It also has the most important depository of cultural and historical items in Switzerland, which is very impressive.

5. Learn About Swiss Art in One of Zurich’s Art Museums

Zurich’s Art Museums

History and culture are displayed and preserved in many different ways, and the Swiss take it in the form of art. One of the best art museums to take the kids to is Kunsthaus. The museum has a vast collection of sculptures and impressive wall pieces that will surely entertain the kids. While they feast their eyes on the art work, parents can also set them up for a private visit with a guide who will tailor fit the tour according to the kid’s interest. Another way to enjoy the tour is to have their own personal audio guides.

6. Visit Altstadt (Old Town)­­

Altstadt - Zurich With Kids

If you want to immerse the kids in a cultural tour, then taking them to Altstadtor Old Town is the top choice. Known as a social, historical, and cultural melting pot, Zurich’s Old Town has a plethora of attractions that the family can enjoy. There are pre-medieval houses and structures, streets and alleys, and the main churches of Zurich which can all be found in this location.

7. Hike to Uetliberg

Uetliberg - Zurich With Kids

Do you want the kids to enjoy nature and a 360 degree-panoramic view of Zurich? Well, Uetliberg is the ultimate destination for you and your kids. A number of hiking trails that lead to the roof of Zurich have been established to let visitors enjoy hiking or even biking. Convenient transport options are available for the family to take advantage of, if ever you sign up for the easy hike.

8. Experience Zurich on Wheels

Biking in Zurich

Biking in Zurich is always a good way to explore the city.  Sporty or not, you can take advantage of the free bike rentals from “Zürirollt,” and your options range from children’s bikes, e-bikes, and city bikes.  The “Zurich on wheels” experience will let you discover the city free of charge and from a completely different perspective.

9. Take the Classic Zoo Tour

Classic Zoo - Zurich With Kids

You can never go wrong with the classic attractions such as zoos and museums. The Zurich Zoo is another must-see place in the city. There are different and interesting wildlife in the zoo, but its pride and premier attraction is the Masoala Rainforest hall, which simulates the ecosystem of the Madagascar’s Masoala National Park. The zoo also has lions, Siberian tigers, leopards, and wolves that your little ones may love to see.

10. Visit the FIFA World Football Museum

FIFA World Football Museum - Zurich With Kids

Is your little one a football fanatic? Then the FIFA World Football Museum is a must-visit museum for you. This unique gallery, dedicated to showcasing all aspects of the world of football, provides an extensive and amazing history of the sport.  You will not run out of things to do while in the museum, since there are interactive and multimedia features that your kids will also enjoy. The museum’s exclusive memorabilia and the giant pinball machine, which invites visitors to test their own ball skills in a playful manner, will ensure that your kids will have fun.

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