Restaurants You Need to Try in New York City

Vacations aren’t all about taking pictures of unique landmarks, going on rides and touring through old and famous neighborhoods. This is an opportunity to try out new food or different forms of your favorite dishes. New York City has you covered if you’re stopping by for a few days and want to see what the Big Apple’s dishes have to offer.

The options on the list below range in style of country of origin, and while some are more fit for lunch or dinner, others offer something for any time of the day. Read on to see which restaurants you need to try in New York City.

1. Katz’s Delicatessen

When it comes to restaurants that are commonly associated with cities, Katz’s Deli fits the bill for New York. This option is more suited for lunch with friends and family, and while there’s burgers and other sandwiches available, you need to try its famous pastrami, which comes with spices and bread that ensure a delicious meal.

Katz’s Delicatessen

These are huge sandwiches, so be sure to come with someone who can help you finish if you don’t plan on cleaning the plate yourself. You can also look at the walls filled with photos of all of the actors, comedians, athletes and other celebrities while you eat.

2. Le Coucou

Those who have more of a taste for French food, as well as dining in a luxurious environment, should make a reservation for Le Coucou. The dining rooms are huge and come with lighting that sets a pleasant mood no matter who you’re coming with. The menu provides meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it a great spot no matter the time of day.

Le Coucou

Dishes range from eggs, avocado toast, smoked salmon and French pancakes for breakfast to oysters, lobsters, duck and steak for lunch. Drinks come in the form of wine, cocktails, spirits and beer, which are best suited for dinners.

3. Di Fara Pizza

Very few cities have the reputation of providing excellent pizza the way New York does. One way to access this delicious dish is through Di Fara Pizza, which provides a variety of pies that work for both lunch and dinner. This restaurant is situated in Williamsburg and Midwood, giving you more than way one to taste their pizza.

Di Fara Pizza

You can have your slices cut in the traditional triangle forms or as squares, depending on what you’re used to, and toppings make up a long list, including pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage, sun dried roasted peppers, meatballs, green olives, prosciutto, sausage and sopressata. You can also try the cheese calzone if you want to try something different.

4. Atla

If you’re in the mood for Mexican food, then your best bet is Atla, which is not short on options for lunch or dinner. You can try the chicken soup if you need a small dish in the morning to give you the energy needed for a full day of work, or a pork belly or avocado taco if you’re taking friends from work out for lunch on your break.


Guests have a variety of options to add on to their quesadillas, tacos or other meals, such as chicken, roasted sweet potato, sliced avocado and poached egg. Sides of tortillas work great for these plates, as well, and dessert options include baked apples and vanilla ice cream.

5. Superiority Burger

The amount of vegetarian alternatives to meat-centered dishes is growing, and one in New York City that is a great fit for burger lovers is Superiority Burgers. This location also works for those who are looking for healthier versions of their favorite sandwiches while they’re on a diet so that they can save their meatier meals for their cheat days.

Superiority Burger

Whether you want to try out the Superiority Burger, Megamouth or Burnt Broccoli Salad, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds of healthful meals and delicious plates. The iced tea makes for a great drink to go along with whatever you eat, and you can have your meal delivered in case you don’t feel like leaving your room.

6. Sonnyboy

One of the best reasons to eat in the Big Apple is that you’ll be able to try food from around the world. If you’ve never tried Australian food and want to see what it has to offer compared to the Italian and Mexican dishes you’re used to, then you should save an afternoon or evening for a visit to Sonnyboy for a meal.


This café has dishes for any time of the day, whether you need some banana bread, baked eggs, brunch rolls and coffee for an early meal to get you ready for the day, or a crispy chicken sandwich or spicy salmon salad for lunch. Burgers, salads and other dishes are also available for dinner, and the wine and beer go well with these meals.

7. Takeshi

Some of you may be in the mood for some sushi. In this case, Takeshi has you covered with options made best for lunch and dinner. The omakase is the most popular option at this sushi restaurant, and it is personally crafted by the chef so that it includes all of the ingredients you ask for and is heated just the right way.


Guests have a long list of food that they can add to their sushi, including octopi, salmon, sea eel, lean tuna, cuttlefish, salmon roe, sardine and striped beak fish. Seasonal tea and sparkling water are great additions to these dishes.

Give these restaurants a try so that you can satisfy your taste buds during your stay in New York.

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