Experience Royal Caribbean Cruise’s All-New $250-Million-Dollar Private Island

Royal Caribbean Cruise announced the official opening of its brand-new private islands for cruise guests—and it’s already a hit. Just like Carnivals’ Mardis Gras cruise and Virgin’s Adult-only cruise, this is a welcome news for cruise lovers.

This incredible island—the result of a $250-million-dollar investment—is the latest in Royal Caribbean Cruise’s commitment to providing customers with an unforgettable experience. Currently, the island is connected to eleven different cruises, adding value to each line. 

Perfect for families, couples, and singles alike, this innovative island—known as Perfect Day at CocoCay—features all-new innovations that make it an unforgettable experience. Those looking to book a cruise with Royal Caribbean should consider choosing one that makes a stop at this fine island. 

A Customer-Centric Experience

The motivation behind Royal Caribbean Cruise’s recent island upgrades is simple. The company prides itself on providing the best-possible cruise experience to its customers. Now, they look to push the envelope even further with a fully fleshed-out theme park and other attractions that make Perfect Day as incredible as it sounds. 

And trust us—when your name is Perfect Day, you’ve got some big shoes to fill. 

President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruise International Michael Bayley commented on the island’s upgrades in a recent statement. 

“With Perfect Day at CocoCay, we are so proud to bring our 50-year legacy of innovation ashore to transform an incredible island that now completely revolutionizes private destinations in the vacation industry,” he said. He then connected the company’s commitment to innovation to providing an unbeatable customer experience. 

Royal Caribbean Cococay
Credits: Royal Caribbean International

“It is exciting to see what we have dreamed up finally come to life,” he said. “Our guests truly are in for an experience unlike any other.” 

The CEO’s glowing reviews seem to have resonated with guests, who have already started experiencing the all-new island since its opening in May. The recent glowing reviews seem to support Bayley’s praise for Royal Caribbean. 

“Royal Caribbean is the proven leader when it comes to pushing the envelope in cruise ship design and the experiences offered at sea,” he said before commenting on Perfect Day at CocoCay. 

An Exclusive Destination

Part of Perfect Day at CocoCay’s appeal comes from its exclusivity. Guests who are looking to take part in this one-of-a-kind cruise experience will have to book their cruises with Royal Caribbean. Other cruise lines will be unable to stop off at this privately-owned island of wonders. 

In this way, Perfect Day at CocoCay looks to raise the value of their already-esteemed cruise vacations. 

More to Come

As exciting as recent renovations have been, Royal Caribbean Cruise wants to remind guests that they’re not yet done. In fact, some of the most adult-friendly areas of the island won’t be open until December of 2019. 

It’s then that Royal Caribbean will open Coco Beach Club—a stellar addition that will include the first over water cabanas anywhere in the Bahamas, a sprawling 2,600-feet Infinity Pool, and an incredible club and dining area. 

Guests who are fond of Perfect Day have a lot to look forward to, as the company now looks to make similar expansions into other cruise markets across the globe. 

Family-Friendly Fun

Perfect Day at CocoCay’s recent innovations have largely focused on an upscale, family-friendly water park. Known as Thrill Waterpark, this incredible park features a number of jaw-dropping rides—including the tallest waterslide in all of North America. 

Known as Daredevil’s Peak, this impressive slide stands at 135-feet tall, providing intense family fun for the entire family. If that’s not enough, guests have several other options to choose from—such as the zero-gravity ride “The Slingshot,” and an impressive wave pool that proves to be the largest in the Caribbean. 

Coco Cay Water Park
Credits: Royal Caribbean International

Other rides that have been added include the Dueling Demon, Manta Raycers, Screeching Serpent, Green Mamba, The Twister, Splash Speedway, and Adventure Pool. 

And that’s not all. Outside of Thrill Waterpark, Perfect Day at CocoCay includes a number of other attractions that have proven popular among recent visitors. These include a 1,600-foot-long zipline and incredible dining options such as Captain Jack’s, Skipper’s Grill, and Chill Grill—the largest of all the dining venues that CocoCay has to offer. 

These recent innovations have proven to be incredibly popular among recent visitors to the island—with many taking the chance to see everything that it has to offer. But while excitement for the island’s new innovations and attractions has proven overwhelming, Royal Caribbean anticipates that it will hit its climax when renovations are complete in December 2019. 

Those wishing to visit Perfect Day at CocoCay can do so buy purchasing one of the eleven associated cruises. 

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