Seven Best Things to Do in Mexico City

One of the best ways to spend your vacation is to visit a place that is full of beautiful sites in a populated area. Attractions can not only provide a history lesson into the city you’re visiting, but also make great additions to your photo collection. If you’re saving a break for a trip to Mexico City, Mexico, then you will have a very long to-do list.

The options on the list below allow you to find unique places to enjoy entertainment, find a nice spot to go out for some food and drinks with friends, and learn some interesting facts about the history of Mexico. Here are the seven best things you should do while you’re in Mexico City, a city that is one our popular summer and spring destination.

1. Palacio de Bellas Artes

If you want to get a taste of what the culture is like in Mexico City, then you must stop by the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a.k.a the Palace of Fine Arts. The inside and outside of the building demonstrate what great artists are capable of when they put their ideas on paper and then make them a reality.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The architecture on the outside and the marble floors on the inside make for great phots. Murals are located throughout the palace, and the National Museum of Architecture offers a long list of galleries of work from professionals from different time periods for visitors to look at. The national theater holds events about music, dance, opera and other forms of entertainment.

2. Fifty Mils

Nights on vacations should be spent enjoying great food and drinks. Those taking their friends to Mexico City should spend at least one of their dinners at Fifty Mils, which is known as one of the best bars in the world. This is thanks to the variety of native and global drinks that you can try, as there’s definitely at least one that you haven’t had before.

Fifty Mils

Guests also have different options for what they can have to eat, from steak and tacos to seafood and burgers. The wine and champagne make great additions to these meals, and you can stay at the hotel overnight in case you want to see what they have for meals in the morning.

3. Teotihuacan

Spending time in a big city doesn’t always been that you’ll be far away from the outdoors. Mexico City is close to several spots closer to nature, including Teotihuacan, which is home to some of the largest pre-Columbian pyramids in Mexico. Options for transportation to this spot include public transport and car rentals.


The Pyramid of the Sun and Palace of the Plumed Butterfly make for great sites and demonstrate the architecture that was used centuries ago. You can also check out artifacts and other important objects from the time period at Museo de la Sitio. Getting to the top of the pyramid will give you a great view of the area.

4. National Autonomous University of Mexico

Universities make for great tourist attractions because of the different fields of study they allow visitors to learn about, as well as showcases of some of the greatest pioneers in these fields. When it comes to Mexico City, the National Autonomous University of Mexico shows off some of the best discoveries made in science, history and other areas.

National Autonomous University of Mexico

The lessons that tourists are provided are done in innovative ways, which you can enjoy at the UNAM Theatre. The presentations and films include texts and graphics that are designed to explain what happened in important parts of history in a modern fashion.

5. La Lagunilla

Whenever you’re visiting another city, you should take something home to remember the trip by. That is made easy in Mexico City thanks to La Lagunilla Market, an open-air market full of clothes, furniture and other items that you can buy and show off to everyone back at home. The store opens at 6 a.m. on Sundays in case you have a full day planned ahead.

La Lagunilla

Items at La Lagunilla range from paintings made over the course of centuries to music records from only a few decades ago. There are also items that you can use in your kitchen either for making meals or adding decorations to the room.

6. Catedral Metropolitana

Cathedrals are another spot that make for great sites and chances to learn about the history of the area. Mexico City is home to the national cathedral of the country, known as Catedral Metropolitana. The inside and outside of the cathedral demonstrate the architecture that makes the city famous, and they will make great additions to your photo collection.

Catedral Metropolitana

You will have a variety of sections to explore at this location, including naves, chapels and underground catacombs. This should work for those who have other days reserved for seeing additional attractions. The cathedral is open daily, meaning you can stop by when the sun is setting behind the building, making for an even better picture.

7. El Zocalo

If you need to visit the places in a city that make the location famous, then you need to stop by El Zocalo when you visit Mexico City. This main public square, also known as Plaza de la Constitucion, is full of cathedrals, palaces and federal buildings that make for a beautiful setting.

El Zocalo

We advise stopping by during the Holy Week so that you can take part in the religious events that are held at El Zocalo. A large Mexican flag is situated in the center of area, and visiting during sunset will let you see Mexican soldiers take the flag down.

Give these activities a shot so that you can enjoy the best that Mexico City has to offer.

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