Seven Things to Do in Bogota with Kids

What makes for a great vacation is being somewhere you always have something to do in case you can’t think of anything ahead of time. This assures that you don’t get bored, and that is extremely important if you have children and are taking them along for your adventure.

Consider Colombia. A country that we consider safe and relatively inexpensive to travel to with your family. And your next important step will be to determine which of the three main Colombian cites to spend your time in – Medellin, Cartagena, or Bogota? We’ve done our best to compare Medellin vs. Cartagena vs. Bogota, but our advice is for you to visit all three of them and then decide where to return to! Our bet is that you will want to come back to all three.

But for starters, consider Bogota for your first stop if you have never been to Colombia. Bogota, the capital of Colombia and a city that is not short on things to do for a good and memorable time. Some of the activities we recommend may be hard to come by back at home, and others emphasize how traveling can be fun if you find the right source. Here are seven things you should do in Bogota if you’re taking your kids on vacation.

1. Ciclovia

If you’re looking for one place that is designed to have things for the whole family to enjoy, then a visit to Ciclovia is the way to go. You and your kids will be able to get around easily thanks to the bike rentals available throughout the area, and some provide extra seats in case you have younger kids. Roller skating is another fun option, especially if your kids want to show off some neat tricks.

Ciclovia - Things to Do in Bogota

Stands are set up throughout Ciclovia to sell local snacks and fresh juices so that you stay refreshed in a healthy way, as well as toys and souvenirs that you can show off to friends when you get back home. Local markets are available in case you want to look for something specific, and the restaurants focus on treating you with local meals.

2. Cable Car to Monserrate

Sometimes, the way you get to the attractions on your to-do list can be just as exciting as the attractions themselves. That’s the case with the cable car that allows you to get to Monserrate mountain so that you have enough time for other activities you have planned for your visit. The cable car acts as a ride for the kids that is fun and safe, and they can enjoy amazing views of the city along the way.

Cable Car to Monserrate - Things to Do in Bogota

This is an opportunity for your group to take photos of whatever you see outside, whether it’s the city or the wilderness in the background. The mountain itself is full of greenery and wildlife once you get to the top, which can be a nice break from the crowded and loud city life. Souvenir markets are also available at the top in case you want to do a little spending.

3. Maloka Museum

As much as learning may not be a priority for your kids while on vacation, they may thank you for it if you take them somewhere that makes education fun. That is a possibility with Maloka Museum, which focus on the advancements made in technology and science over the years in different parts of the world.

Maloka Museum - Things to Do in Bogota

There is no shortage of games and activities that will give your kids a more interactive experience with engineering, biology, space science and other interesting fields. Your kids will definitely get a kick out of the Universe Room, which allows them to conduct experiments involving potential interactions on different planets.

4. Divercity

Another spot in Bogota that allows kids to learn and be interactive is Divercity, which provides a variety of games for them to play that allow them to expand on their imagination and prepare them for possible avenues for their future. Some give kids the chance to play police officers, firefighters, doctors and other professionals that benefit society.

Divercity - Things to Do in Bogota
Credits: Divercity

If your kids want to get a little more active and have some adrenaline flowing, then they can try out the climbing walls, ball pits and other areas that will leave them exhausted at the end of their visit. Other attractions can test their skills in writing, drawing and cooking so that they can show off their creative side.

5. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Cathedrals are among the most beautiful attractions in major cities because of the different parts that come together to create strong, long-lasting structures. There are a few that can take the tourist experience to another level, such as the Salt Cathedral in the town of Zipaquira, which was created in a salt mine and is as big as a small town.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira - Things to Do in Bogota

Alcoves in this cathedral come in different sizes and shapes to provide places for worship, and the paths you take to get to different areas make you feel like you’re traveling in another world. Crosses are lit up with beautiful colors and provide lighting and colors to the rest of the area, which adds to the other-worldly experience.

6. Jaime Duque Park

Amusement parks are also reliable locations for providing fun memories for families. That’s where Jaime Duque Park comes in, as it has different sources of entertainment for parents with kids of different ages. The amusement rides are smaller compared to the bigger chains, but they come in handy if you have smaller kids who aren’t ready for rollercoasters yet, or if your group is exhausted and just needs a break from adventure.

Jaime Duque Park - Things to Do in Bogota

Go-carts and dodgems will give your family a good time between lunch and when you check out huge replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids, and other famous structures. The buildings light up at night, which gives your group somewhere to go later in the day.

7. Andres Carne de Res

If you want a fun way to enjoy your dinner, then we advise giving Andres Carne de Res a shot. While you and your family are waiting for your meals, you can have artists paint your faces to look like animals, and the staff is dressed up in intriguing costumes while they do performances with neon signs and knick-knacks.

Andres Carne de Res - Things to Do in Bogota

You and your spouse can enjoy the show while your kids are watching clowns or trying out the climbing walls. The menu consists mostly of meat-focused dishes with a local emphasis, though they do come some global options. There’s also a dance floor in case you have some moves that you want to show off.

Make sure these activities are on your to-do list so that you and your kids have a blast in Bogota. And in case you’re wondering about other cities in Colombia to visit, Medellin and Cartagena are also safe, inexpensive, and a great addition to your trip to Colombia. Beach town Cartagena is a great international Spring break destination, and for the most part, Bogota and Medellin are also equally worth your time. Wherever you end up in Colombia, you’ll be sure to have an amazing vacation.

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