Swim with Pigs in Pig Island Exumas, Bahamas

Swimming with pigs in Pig Island, Bahamas is one of the favorite excursions when vacationing in the Caribbean.  It is quite an exciting adventure that we know you will love if you simply give it a chance! 

Can You Really Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas

One of the most-asked questions we get when people are thinking of vacationing in the Bahamas is, “Can you really swim with pigs?”!  And yes, we admit it seems funny to be swimming with pigs, because most of us think of pigs in a pen covered in mud and not in sparkling clean water.  However, we can assure you that yes, you can swim with pigs!  

Where is Pig Island, Bahamas

Pig Island is also called Major Cay and Big Major Cay and it can be found over in Exuma, which is within the Bahamas.  It is close to Staniel Cay and the capital of all the islands in that group is Georgetown. While the entire area of Exuma has a population of more than seven thousand, only approximately fifteen hundred people live within Georgetown.  The pigs are also known as Exuma pigs. 

How to Get to Pig Island, Bahamas

It is a little tricky to get to Pig Island in Bahamas, so you will need to plan ahead if you want to make your Pig Island vacation come true!  Basically, you will need to take an international flight to Nassau before hopping onto a flight that goes to Staniel Cay. Once you reach Staniel Cay, you must head over to Pig Island on a boat with a tour group. You can also take a long day trip from Nassau through The Exuma Cays to see the swimming pigs. 


If you do not want to fly to Staniel Cay, you can take a boat from Nassau to Pig Island.  However, the boat ride will take about three hours each way. There are many tours available, but it is best to book the one you want in advance of your Pig Island vacation.  

When is the Best Time to Visit Exuma or Pig Island, Bahamas

There are two different times of the year for visiting the Bahamas and the same holds true for Pig Island.  One of the best times to visit Pig Island, and the other Exuma Islands, is during the months of December, January, February, March, and April.  All these winter months are the best time to visit because it is slightly cooler in the Caribbean, but the sun is shining, and the pigs are ready to swim.  If you cannot visit at that time of the year, then the best time to visit Pig Island is July and August. The summer weather can be the best time to visit. Although it will be hotter during those months, and there is a chance that a hurricane can interrupt your trip, but you will still have an amazing time.  

It is also best to plan your trip to Pig Island, Bahamas for the morning, because the afternoon brings lazy pigs that do not want to do much more than sleep!  

How to Get Around Pig Island, Bahamas

Many people always ask if they can drive a car around Pig Island, Bahamas.  The answer to that is no, so be prepared to do quite a bit of walking during your visit.  You will find that the other Exuma islands usually have scooters or golf carts for rent, so take advantage of those if you make stops on any of the other islands when you are in the area.  

Currency Used in Pig Island, Bahamas

When you want to spend your money in Pig Island, or anywhere else in the Bahamas, you will be happy to know that everywhere accepts the US dollar. 

US dollar

That means you will not need to convert your money before making a purchase or dining at a restaurant. The best part is that the standards for tipping in the Bahamas are the same as in the US, so you won’t need to figure out any complicated algorithms when you want to tip your server, driver, or anyone else who offers you assistance during your Bahamas vacation.  

Language Spoken in Pig Island, Bahamas

English is the official language of Pig Island, Bahamas and the rest of the islands.  However, you may notice that some verbiage is different since it is more of a Bahamian English.  That type of English is a mixture of the Queen’s English, the dialect of the islands, and an influence from African cultures.  

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Exuma (Pig Island, Bahamas)

A passport is required to go to Exuma, whether by sea or by air.  While a birth certificate used to be acceptable identification, that is no longer the case, although you can bring it in addition to your passport.  The requirement is the same for a child and you will need parental permissions for all minors you are traveling with if both parents are not traveling with them at the same time.  

Is Pig Island in Exuma Safe

Pig Island and the entire area of Exuma is quite safe, as long as you are using the proper precautions you would use anywhere else in the world.  Of course, when you are on Pig Island, you will have to use caution around the pigs, because they will bite if they are treated poorly. So, it is best to swim with them and give them their space at the same time.  

Swim with Pigs in Bahamas

When you decide to fly from Nassau to Pig Island, you will need to get onto an air charter to Staniel Cay and then take a ten-minute boat ride over to Pig Island, Bahamas.  If you do not want to go with a tour group, you can always hire your own boat taxi when you arrive at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. A local fisherman might even be willing to take you over to the island if the price is right.  

There are many tour companies that offer swimming with pigs’ tours and they include Island Routes, Exuma Water Sports, AquaQuest Escapes, Sugar Adventures, Hidden Beaches and Island Boy Adventures.  We recommend choosing one of these tour groups, because they will share their experiences, so you have the best time during your visit.  

Prices vary, but for instance, a tour company,  Hidden Beaches had a cost of $399 for adults and $299 for children.  It is important to know that this cost was for an entire day, departing at half-past eight in the morning and returning around half-past four in the afternoon.  Also, the child ticket price is for children ages two to six. Anyone over the age of six is charged the adult price and children under the age of two are not allowed to go swim with the pigs.  

Pig Island, Bahamas

This pig island Bahamas tour also had stops to see the rock iguanas and the sharks at Compass Cay, so you will definitely find a more budget-friendly price if you look for a tour that just includes swimming with the pigs.  You should not go swimming with pigs if you are pregnant and you are urged to not do any of the tours if you have back problems.  

Tips on How To Swim With Pigs

You should  bring sunscreen, sunglasses, identification, bathing suit, towel, camera, and a light sweatshirt with you for an incredible tour or pig island excursion.  Your time in the water with the pigs will have you swimming right alongside them, while feeding them their favorite foods. A couple of their favorite foods include carrots, apples, and grapes, and you must feed them in the water, so they do not lose their ability to forage for food.  We know this seems silly, but they are wild animals and they must survive on their own if people all of a sudden stop visiting them.

  1. When you feed the swimming pigs, never let them eat out of your hands.  They are not very coordinated, so doing so can result in your fingers being chewed up.  Simply toss the food in front of the pig and watch them eat it eagerly.
  2.  If you are approached by a pig on land, or even in the water, and do not have any food for them, all you need to do is hold your hands out with your palms flat.  The pigs seem to understand that this means you have no food and they will move on to the next person.
  3. You should always use caution when swimming with the pigs, because they are wild.  You should give them their space, never provoke them, and always know where they are in proximity to your location.
  4. There are no restaurants or hotels on Pig Island, Bahamas, so you will want to be prepared with food and drink for your visit.  Most tours offer lunch or a snack, but it is best to see what is offered before you book so you do not go hungry or thirsty. 

Is It Safe to Swim with Pigs

Yes, it is safe to swim with the pigs at Pig Island, Bahamas.  If you take a Pig Island tour, your guide will tell you everything you need to know to stay safe during this fun adventure.  If you go without a tour group, you will just want to make sure you do not provoke the pigs and stay a safe distance away from them.  The most important thing to remember is to keep your fingers away from the pigs’ mouths, because they can and do bite. 

Is there a Pig Island in NYC

As people do their research for their trip to Pig Island, Bahamas, they often think they have found a Pig Island in NYC.  Well, while there is a Pig Island and a Pig Beach in NYC, they are not really like the island down in the Caribbean. Pig Beach is a restaurant that is currently in Brooklyn and the plan is to open a second location out on Long Island in the summer of 2020.  As for Pig Island, NYC, that is a festival that has been held in the city for ten years now. Multiple chefs prepare delicious pork cuisine that pair well with different craft beers, ciders, and other alcoholic beverages. There is live music to listen to as you eat, and everyone gets a say in which chef wins the prize of being the best of the best.  

Swim with Pigs in Bahamas

Can You Stay at Pig Island at a Pig Island Bahamas Hotel

Swimming with pigs Bahamas is quite the popular activity, and while you may want to stay on Pig Island in the Bahamas for multiple days, you can’t.  There are no hotels on Pig Island, but you can stay at one of the fabulous resorts on one of the other Exuma Islands. It won’t be as thrilling as it would be if you could look out your hotel room window to watch the pigs swimming in the water.  However, each island offers something unique, so you will have a wonderful time wherever you choose to stay for your Pig Island vacation. 

Can You Swim with Pigs in Florida in Pig Island Florida

If you are vacationing in southern Florida and decide you want to swim with the pigs one day, you are going to be thrilled to know it is possible!  While there is no Pig Island in Florida, you can easily reach Pig Island in the Bahamas in a short amount of time.  

You can choose to take the easy route and fly from Miami to Staniel Cay, which takes approximately one hour each way.  You would then take a boat from Staniel Cay to Pig Island to go swimming with the pigs. There is another way to reach Pig Island in the Bahamas from Miami and it is a lengthy boat ride that takes three hours each way.  The time that you spend on the boat will mean that you won’t have as much time to spend on the island with the pigs. 

How Far is a Boat Ride from Miami to Exuma

The distance between Miami and Pig Island is two hundred and sixty miles, and the boat ride from Miami to the Exuma Islands is approximately three hours.  The lengthy boat rides are cancelled on occasion due to rough waters, so it is best to be prepared with alternate plans if you are making this journey by boat.  

How Far is Nassau to Exuma

When you want to know how far Nassau to Exuma is, the answer is simply seventy-seven nautical miles.  The distance is the reason why many people choose to fly to Exuma from Nassau, so they can save time when it comes to travel and spend more time with the swimming pigs.  

How Long is the Boat Ride from Nassau to Pig Island

If you are wondering how to get to Pig Island from Nassau, you’ll need to get on a boat. The boat ride from Nassau to Pig Island takes between two and two-and-a-half hours if you are taking one of the speedboats.  A ferry ride is going to be much longer since the ferries go much slower. If you go that route, you should plan on a four-hour journey each way.  And you might be wondering  – what is the cost of the ferry from Nassau to Exuma. This will differ based on which local tour or boat company you talk with. So if you are thinking of a day trip from Nassau to pig island, it’s doable but you’ll spend a lot of time on the water getting there. Is it worth it? Certainly, if you want to swim with pigs on your vacation to the Bahamas 

How Much Does It Cost to Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas?

When it comes to the cost of swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, it is all dependent on the tour option you choose.  Some options cost more than others, so your personal experience will be dependent on your mode of travel and how many other things you do in addition to swimming with the pigs for your tour.  

Are the Pigs in Bahamas Dangerous

The pigs in Bahamas are not really dangerous, but they can be if you provoke them or if they are being mistreated.  They are wild animals, so you must use the regular precautions that you would with any other animal out in the wild.  

Swim with Pigs

How Far is Pig Beach from Atlantis

It is almost eighty-three miles to Pig Beach from Paradise Island, Atlantis.  Paradise Island is one other place to visit for fun in Bahamas. 

How Did Pigs Get on Pig Island

No one is really sure how the pigs got onto Pig Island in the Bahamas, but there are many stories and legends floating around.  One of the stories has the pigs being left behind by sailors or pirates, because many people did that back in the 1500s. However, other people believe that there was a shipwreck, and the pigs swam to this island from it, while another story has them swimming away from a farmer on a more populated island nearby.  As you can see, there are many stories out there when it comes to how these pigs got onto this island and no one really knows the real story! 

What Do the Pigs Eat on Pig Island

The pigs on Pig Island in Bahamas love to eat apples, grapes, bananas, carrots, and corn.  They will also eat insects, eggs, and meat without bones. These pigs are not fond of any citrus fruits, but they would probably eat it if they were hungry enough.  

How Far is “Swimming with Pigs” location from Nassau

It is approximately eighty-nine miles to the swimming pigs from Nassau, which translates to seventy-seven nautical miles. 

Do Pigs Bite?

The pigs on Bahamas Pig Island do bite if they are provoked or if you are trying to feed them right out of your hand.  They don’t have great coordination, so their mouths and teeth get a little too excited when they are eating. Therefore, it is best to just toss the food to them to protect your fingers.  It is also a good idea to never turn your back to any of these pigs, because they have been known to bite a person’s bottom if they think that person has food for them.  

Going swimming with the pigs in Pig Island, Bahamas is quite a fun thing to do when you are on vacation in the Caribbean.  If you have never experienced this phenomenal activity, you now know everything you need to about this amazing adventure that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.  So plan the ultimate pig island Bahamas vacation! 



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