The 20 Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

It can be difficult to find different countries to travel to while on a budget. Thankfully, the strength of the American dollar can help gain some leverage during currency exchange. Going to different countries to travel is fun and memorable, but it can also be rather expensive to do and hard to budget in. From the cost of airline tickets and hotels to eating out, it all tends to cost money. When you are on a tight budget, this can make travel to other countries especially hard, however, it’s not impossible. All over the world, you can find exciting, exotic, and budget-friendly countries to explore and travel to. The key is matching your interests with a budget-friendly country. Below we will cover some of the best countries to visit for travelers on a budget.

Countries To Travel On A Budget

There are several countries around the world that are very affordable, however, are often not always considered. Since we are focusing on cheap options, we are setting a $50 USD per day benchmark to try to stay under. With this in mind, you may not be staying at the swankiest hotel, but your accommodations will be safe and relatively inexpensive.

20# Ljubljana, Slovenia–$49.55

Take a trip to southern Central Europe and visit the capital city of Slovenia to enjoy so budget traveling. Ljubljana, also commonly spelled Lublana, is known for its nature and green spaces like Tivoli Park.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

With plenty of free parks and outdoor destinations like Lake Bled, you won’t have to break to the bank to enjoy yourself. You can find a good room in one of the many hostels for around $20–$30 a night. For eating you can also find budget-friendly meals from breakfast starting around $2–$5 to dinner ranging from around $7–$15.

19# Seoul, South Korea–$48.28

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is a huge high-tech city, although it can be very budget-friendly for a thrifty traveler. Despite its modern skyscrapers and architecture and its high-tech public transportation, Seoul has something for every budget.

Seoul, South Korea - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

With plenty of attractions around Seoul, there’s sit-down dining for around $5–$10 and subway rides around $1, so you won’t go hungry while exploring this massive city. You can find hostels to stay at staring around $20 throughout the city, it just depends what part you are looking to stay at.

18# Tenerife, Spain–$47.80

Tenerife is the largest and the most popular of the Canary Islands on the coast of Spain. Home to Mt. Teide, the largest mountain peak in Spain, the beautiful scenery is truly breath-taking. Being a year-round destination does make it a bit more pricey, however, there are still plenty of deals to be found.

Tenerife, Spain - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

A good budget hostel will set you back around $20–$30 a day. Breakfast and lunch start out around $2–$3 and max out at around $7. As for dinner, you can find sit-down dining for around $7–$14 and good beers to wash it down for around $3.

17# Santorini, Greece–$45.38

One of the nicest countries to visit for budget traveling is to the Greek island of Santorini located in a group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Devastated long ago by a volcanic eruption, Santorini now is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit when coming to Greece. With so much history, there are lots of things to explore and plenty of outdoor activities along the coast.

Santorini, Greece - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Santorini has options for every budget, so finding boarding is not a problem. Hostels range from around $15–$20 a night. A stop at the popular Museum of Prehistoric Thira featuring 3,500-year-old exhibits cost under $4 for adults admission. Food, if you become hungry, is relatively inexpensive ranging from $4 up to $12 for dinner.

16# Prague, Czechia–$44.91

If you are looking to experience Gothic and medieval architecture on a budget, then trying visiting Prague. This Czech Republic capital city has lots to offer for a low price. Hostels cost around $7–$20 a night, while hotels can cost a bit more in this tourist town.

Prague, Czechia - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Getting around the city by tram costs under $2 and a 24-hour tram pass is under $5. Having a meal in a restaurant can cost around $3–$11 for dinner. Hotdog stands can be found throughout the city and hotdogs cost under $1 each. Not to mention that they can be pretty filling.

15# Amman, Jordan—$43.80

For many people, Amman, Jordan is a great bargain travelers destination. Amman is often a starting point to other nearby destinations, however, the city still has plenty to offer. Although some things are not as built up as they might be in a more western city, traveling on a budget in Amman is still very possible.

Amman, Jordan - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

 Typically hostel cost around $7–$10 per night for a very basic room. Most of the popular tourist attractions in the city are well under $10 for adult admission. You can also sit down in a restaurant for dinner for under $10 as well.

14# Panama City, Panama–$41.10

Budget travelers looking to have an adventure down south can consider Panama City, Panama. This budget-friendly city is not only the largest but also the capital of Panama. Panama City is a great option for low-cost countries to visit in the South America region.

Panama City, Panama - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

For under $20 you can find some top-notch hostels to stay at throughout the city. Food is generally around the $5 mark and tops out at around $10 for hungry bargain-seekers.

13# Shanghai, China–$39.97

Although Shanghai is one of the more expensive cities in China, there are still plenty of amenities for travelers on a budget. Hostels are pretty inexpensive ranging from $8–$13 US dollars are they will definitely help you save money when compared to some posh hotels in the city.

Shanghai, China - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

For under $8 you can get a 48-hour city tour bus pass that allows you to hop-on and off at numerous points around the city. As for food and drinks well they can be found well under $10 for any meal of the day.

12# Cairo, Egypt–$38.68

Hanging where the locals are is a sure-fire way to find a bargain in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo is a pretty inexpensive destination and is great for budget travelers. Food all day generally goes for $3–$8. Dinner is usually the most expensive, which goes for $5–$12.

Cairo, Egypt - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

For local hostels, they can be found costing between $5 and $10 dollars. There are numerous attractions for under $10 and a metro ride in the city will only cost you pocket change at $0.12.

11# Antigua, Guatemala–$36.75

A trip to Central America can be pretty inexpensive, especially in Antigua, Guatemala. While there are plenty of hotels on the high end, there are also plenty of hostels that are very affordable.

Antigua, Guatemala - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

For around $5–$10 you can find a nice safe hostel to stay while visiting. Food costs are a little higher than other Central American countries, however, you won’t have to break the bank. You can typically find breakfast and lunch under $7 and dinner for under $10. If you need to get around the city, a taxi ride will cost you a little over $1.

Top 10 Budget Countries To Travel

10# Warsaw, Poland–$35.66

Warsaw in Poland is a beautiful city that can sometimes be a little pricey due to a lot of business taking place in the city and people traveling for work. However, the Old Town area is still full of great deals and bargains for travelers on a budget.

Warsaw, Poland - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Hostels start around $6 and max out around $20 for a night’s stay. There are tons of popular attractions costing around $5 for admission. A tram, metro, or bus ride in the city is around $1 or under. The food is also relatively cheap, with most meals costing well under $7.

9# Lima, Peru–$34.15

Peru is a beautiful country, rich with history, and the city of Lima is no different. The cost of traveling in Peru is fairly cheap when compared to other countries. You can find a good safe hostel for around $4–$9.

Lima, Peru - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Transportation around the city cost well under $1. As far as food goes, the costs are just as low. Breakfast and lunch can be found for under $3 and dinner under $5.

8# Taipei, Taiwan–$31.48

One of the best countries to travel to on a budget is Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei is a huge city that has anything you might need for every budget. With plenty of amazing sights and food, it’s no wonder Taipei is a popular destination. While there you can find a good hostel for under $20 a night.

Taipei Taiwan, Turkey - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

There are numerous attractions charging under $10 for admission so you won’t break the bank on activities. Getting around the city will cost you around $2 or less. Food on a budget can easily be found and meals are generally under $5. Dinner, however, is a little higher at around $3–$9.

7# Krakow, Poland–$29.77

Another one of the top places to travel on a budget is to Krakow, Poland. You can experience the European charm in one of Poland’s most interesting city. The price of the attractions there are pretty reasonable and food and boarding cost are very good by European standards.

Krakow, Poland - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

A hostel will cost anywhere from $8 to $20 a night in the city. All-day tram/bus passes can be bought for under $4. Even in sit-down restaurants, you can enjoy a good meal for under $8 for dinner.

6# Bangkok, Thailand–$27.75

Bangkok, Thailand is another good place to travel on a budget. The costs are affordable for just about any budget traveler. For a room at a good hostel, it’ll cost you about $7–$18 a night. To get around the city, it’s also very affordable and will set you back around $3 or less.

Bangkok, Thailand - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Breakfast or lunch in Bangkok can cost anywhere from under $1 to around $6. You can normally find a budget dinner for under $9 as well. Most attractions that you may want to do are also pretty well priced with numerous activities going for under $10.

5# Buenos Aires, Argentina–$25.52

Buenos Aires, Argentina is another great budget-friendly city to explore and travel to. Although prices have risen since the early 2000s, there are still plenty of deals and bargains to enjoy in the city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Finding a room in a hostel will cost you under $20 a night. Getting around to explore the city typically costs well under $2. A lot of popular restaurants charge less than $5 for a meal, which is really good. Especially considering that Buenos Aires is a popular foodie destination for many tourists.

4# Manila, Philippines–$24.44

One of the top five countries to visit on a budget is the Philippines. In the massive city of Manila, you can really stretch your budget to get the most out. You can find a decent hostel to stay the night for around $10 a night.

Manila, Philippines - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Transportation in the city typically can cost well under $1. The food is also very good as well. A typical breakfast or lunch might cost you $2–$3 for a meal. You can even find a budget dinner in a sit down setting for under $7.

3# Delhi, India–$22.17

With lots of free and cheap attractions, Delhi, India is one of the top countries to visit when doing budget traveling. You can find a good room in a hostel for around $7–$12 a night in the city.

Delhi, India - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Even admission to the famed Taj Mahal is only around $15, which is a great deal when considering that you’re visiting one of the most famous structures in the world. Geeting a meal will cost you just a couple buck to about $5 for dinner. Even transportation around is well under $1.

2# Pokhara, Nepal–$20.23

In Nepal, the capital city of Pokhara is a great destination for travelers on a budget. The city is a popular destination due to its location near Kathmandu. You can find numerous low-cost options for rooms at hostels.

Pokhara, Nepal - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Generally, they will cost you around $3–$6 a night. Even a decent sit-down meal will only cost around $3–$6. If you need to get around the city, it only cost around $2 to rent a bike for the day.

1# Hanoi, Vietnam–$18.29

Finally, the number one country to visit on a budget is Hanoi, Vietnam. Although there aren’t many big attractions to see, the busy city has plenty to keep you entertained. You can find transportation around the city for a little over $1. 

Hanoi, Viet Nam - Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

Rooms in a decent hostel will only cost you around $3–$8 a night in the city. The food is delicious and very economical for a budget traveler. typically breakfast and lunch cost under $3. Dinner in a sit-down setting can be done for around $3–$7 a meal.

Overall, despite your budget, you actually can afford to travel and see the world. There are a number of budget-friendly countries just waiting for you to explore them! 

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