Best Water Parks in Asia

When it comes to leisure and fun, there is no better place to go for it than a water park. From swimming pools to slides and everything in between, water parks are an excellent way to spend a holiday and even enjoy a vacation. If you happen to be traveling across Asia, you might want to check out the many amazing water parks it has to offer. There are several amazing water parks located throughout this vast continent, leaving you with a host of different choices to go for.

Given in the list below are some of the most important ones around on this vast continent.

1. Caribbean Bay, Incheon, South Korea

If there is one park in South Korea worth visiting, it would be Caribbean Bay.

Named after the beautiful tropical region of the western hemisphere, this is one park that you will definitely enjoy visiting. And the theme of the park very much justifies the name it has been given as well, as the entire park is essentially a Caribbean themed one.

Caribbean Bay

The park itself is divided into five different zones, namely the Sea Wave, Bay Slide, Fortress, Wild River and Aquatic Center.

Each of these places has an interesting aspect to it unto themselves, which range from slow rides to adventure and adrenaline packed adventures.

In addition to this, the park also features a resort, where one can get features ranging from massages and sauna to a beauty salon.

Ticket Price: Starts at around $22.

2. Black Mountain Water Park, Thailand

The Black Mountain Water Park is located near the town of Hua Hin, and is said to be one of the best water parks in all of Thailand.

In addition to the more common water activities, there are a few interesting ones that can’t be found elsewhere.

Black Mountain Water Park

One of the most interesting here include a 17 meter high tower, from where one gets to choose nine different slides, which in turn will launch one into distinct pools.

And then there are a few other attractions as well such as the wave pool and lazy river, for those who want to take things at a slower pace.

Ticket Price: Starts at around $16.

3. Waterbom, Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia, well known for its culture, landscapes and laid-back atmosphere. Of all the things that is island has to offer, one of the most interesting would be the Waterbom Park.


The park offers a whole range of rides, ranging from the usual splashes and twists to the things that are a bit more exotic. Some of the most important here include water cannons, pull ropes, etc.

Another interesting attraction that visitors can look forward to is the Flow Rider where one can enjoy surf, without heading the beach. And then there are the adrenaline packed ridges like the Euro Bungee, where you get shot up into the sky, quite literally.

Ticket Price: Starts at around $33.

4. Legoland Water Park, Johor Bahuru, Malaysia

As the name would suggest, this is a park in Malaysia that is based on the popular construction toys.

Legoland Water Park

The park itself has been a big hit ever since it was created, due to the unique blend of a childhood icon and a watery adventure like no other.

In addition to the many water-based activities, there are other activities that one can engage in as well, such as the creation of Lego-based toys like boats for races and more.

Ticket Price: Starts at around $29.

5. Adventure Cove, Singapore

This is by far one of the best water parks in Asia, and one of the most popular in the city state of Singapore.

Adventure Cove

The place is not really a water park, but rather a mix of water facilities, along with other attractions. Some of the most popular attractions in the water park are the slides, racers, coves and a ‘hydro-magnetic’ coaster.

In addition to this, there is also a ‘wet maze’, where one has to find their way across a vast network of watery passageways and more.

Ticket Price: Starts at around $25.

It should be added here that the ticket prices are given as per standard exchange rates. The exact price may vary depending on the price fluctuations of the exchange market.

As a whole, there is plenty of amazing water parks located all across Asia.

From stunning attractions to fun-filled adventures, these parks offer it all to anyone who are seeking for something more out of life.

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