The First Luxury Space Hotel is Making Our Astronaut Dreams Come True

Yes, you read it right. The first ever luxury hotel in space is now a possibility. Can you believe it? This is really happening. This means we can travel to space and see multiple sunrises in a day even if we are not astronauts. This is literally a chance of a lifetime!

Scheduled to welcome guests and take flight in 2020, Aurora Station, developed bya Houston-based company named Orion Span, can accommodate six people in a single take off. Two of these will be the crew members, of course, while the other four seats are allocated for guests. You can start emailing your friends for this ultimate squad goals trip. You can also share this experience with your closest family members to make it even more special and memorable.

Since this is probably the most extraordinary hotel the world will ever see in a long time, it is no surprise that all guests will be required to enroll to a training program that will last for a couple of months to ensure that everyone will be ready and safe up in space- just like how astronauts are required to take training sessions.

You may have stayed in luxurious and expensive five-star hotels before, but being a guest in this space hotel will be extremely expensive.  Have you ever spent $9.5 million before for a twelve-night stay in a hotel? Yes, $9.5 million, it is which is, well, expensive. That is the estimated starter cost for each single guest for this space hotel. Interested guests are also advised to have enough money to spare, as the cost could hike up to around $12 million. Spending this much for a hotel and vacation trip allows you to experience a twelve-day zero gravity stay up in space. It also orbits at two-hundred miles off Earth’s surface. Amazing, right? Aurora Station is set to orbit around Earth every ninety minutes. That means you get to experience sixteen sunrises and sunsets in a single day. If you were amazed by the Northern and Southern Lights in Finland or Norway, you will also get to see them up in space. Talk about a magical vacation!  Guests will also be part of research experiments the crew will be doing, such as growing fruits and vegetables up in space. Aside from having fun, you will also make a huge contribution to growing life in space.

 First Luxury Space Hotel

I would be very much willing to spend my life savings on this twelve-day trip. That is if it would reach that amount, of course. If you and your squad or family are interested, you can go ahead and reserve your seats now. Reservation deposit is at $104,000. If your fear of heights will consume you and you will change your mind in the future, you don’t have to fret much, because the reservation deposits are fully refundable. Just like most things new and extraordinary, the cost of booking a trip for Aurora Station may eventually become a little bit cheaper in the long run, according to Orion Span’s founder and CEO Frank Bunger. He also added that their company’s main goal is to get a lot of people to go to space and experience it. They are also hoping to eventually find a way to make living in space possible and sustainable. It sounds like an ambitious dream, but we have come so far, so that may be a possibility in the future.

Aside from being wealthy, you also have to be healthy in order to book your slot in this luxurious space hotel. The management would require any interested guests to go through a health screening. You need to be physically fit to be allowed to board and tour around space. After the health screening, you can then start the required three-month certification program for you to be space-ready. Some of these are done online, but for the second half of the training, you need to be physically present at the Orion Span’s facility in Texas. But of course, if you are training for real astronaut skills, you would need to go through a twelve to twenty-four-month training. So, a three-month certification as a guest is justifiable.

First Hotel in Space

The CEO provided a heads-up though that unlike other five-star hotels with an unlimited buffet of delicious food, the food that Aurora Station would carry would be highly likely the same as what astronauts eat in space- freeze-dried products and powdered drinks. So, if you are expecting sushi, lobster, or grilled steak as vacation food, then this is a big let down for you. But nevertheless, the view and the experience would probably be totally worth it.

Oh, the company which is developing Aurora Station is also talking about putting up a condominium in space. If you are into outer space real estate at all, this would be something you may look out for. This is a wealthy introverts’ dream living situation I believe.

Also, you do not have to worry about not being able to post at-the-moment photos, my day photos, or Instagram stories so your friends and family will stay updated on your amazing vacation, because this space hotel is said to have high-speed Internet. This means you can get connected with anyone on Earth if you want to. You can facetime your family while witnessing the 8th sunset for the day or when you pass by the Northern Lights for the nth time. You can probably go on live in Facebook or Instagram and share your wonderful space experience with your friends online, too. Another feature in the station would be a “holodeck.” This is said to offer a virtual reality experience to anyone on board.

Isn’t this all amazing and exciting? Yes, Aurora Station won’t be operational until 2020, but this does not mean you cannot start planning your luxury space trip as early as now. I for one would surely follow your pages in social media once you start posting photos and videos from outer space.

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