Things to Do for a Week in Budapest with Your Family

Finding something that can give everyone in your family a fun time is what makes for a great vacation with your spouse and children. It’s also important to find a new location so that you don’t get bored with your current preferences. If you’ve never been to Budapest before, then we recommend booking a trip there right away. Budapest, Hungary, is on our list of top safest countries to visit this year.

The attractions in the capital of Hungary make for great additions to your photo collection, as well as provide a chance for your kids to learn about history. You’ll also be treated with unique ways to relax when the sun is out. Here are some things you should do for a week in Budapest with your family.

1. Political Landmarks

Some of the best-looking places to explore are those involved with politics. In the case of Budapest, you should take your family to the Hungarian Parliament, which features towers, statues, paintings and decorated rooms that show the best that architects are capable of. Buda Castle gives tourists a chance to explore the inside and outside of a medieval castle that served as the home to different kings since the 14th century.

Hungarian Parliament

You can also take your kids to the Hungarian National Museum to check out some artifacts and documents from important parts of history in the country in case you want to do a little more exploring inside an attraction. Another must on your to-do list is visiting the Liberty Monument, which was built as a tribute to the Soviet soldiers who liberated the city in the 1940s. The Royal Post Savings Bank also serves as a beautiful building to add to your photo collection, as well as a chance to learn how the banking system works in Budapest.

2. Tours on the Water

One of the biggest attractions that are common in major cities around the world are rivers that run throughout the area. Budapest is no exception, featuring the Danube River as a large, amazing body of water that runs through the city and gives tourists a variety of locations to check out along the way. Boat tours are available throughout the area, and we advise picking one that takes you on the river when the sun is setting so that you have a beautiful view.

Danube River

Boat tours will be able to take you past a variety of locations, such as Castle Hill, which is full of cobblestone streets that make you feel like you’re in the medieval times, and the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, which gives you the chance of being in the photo collection of another tourist who is taking pictures of the river. You will also be able to pass by the Buda Castle and Parliament Building if you’re looking for easy transportation to sites on different ends of the city.

3. Tours on Wheels

While staying somewhere for a week provides plenty of time to see different attractions, going to spots on foot can limit what you can see in a day and how long you can stay there. Using alternatives gives you more time to see what you want, and Budapest is full of options for bus and bike tours that can make it possible to get to museums, monuments and other locations within a matter of minutes.

Bike tours

This city is full of routes that work for both kids and adults, making bike tours and activity that the whole family can enjoy. It is a chance to get some exercise and enjoy nice weather along the way, and there is always a restaurant around the corner in case you want to stop for a bite. The bus tours come with options aimed at going through specific areas in case you have a particular list for your travels, and your kids should enjoy seats on the roof so that they can get some fresh air while checking out the river and castles.

4. Religious Buildings

Some of the greatest examples of architecture are churches and synagogues, and Budapest is full of them in case your kids are aspiring artists and designers and you want to give them some inspiration. First there’s St. Stephen’s Basilica, which is capable of holding over 8,000 people in case you were worried about it getting too crowded for your family to fit in. You’ll be able to check out artwork for statues and glass, as well as the mummified right hand of St. Stephen.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Mathias Church has similar features and shows off the best that neo-Gothic architecture has to offer. If you want to learn about the history of Jewish people in Hungary, then you have to visit the Great Synagogue, which has several levels for tourists to explore in addition to beautiful lighting and structures. Among the notable parts of this synagogue is the Hungarian Jewish Museum & Archives if you want a more detailed experience.

5. Popular City Spots

Whatever city you’re visiting for a vacation should have a variety of activities to keep things fresh. That’s not a problem with Budapest, as you can take your family for a fishing trip at Fisherman’s Bastion one day and spend the next day exploring areas closer to the city such as Heroes’ Square, which is a must if you want a valuable photo collection. If your kids are into art, such as drawing, painting and sculpting, you can take them to the Museum of Fine Arts on the third day.

Thermal Baths

The thermal baths in the city are heated by natural thermal springs so that you can relax in water at the right temperature outside before or after spa, sauna and massage treatments. Nagycsarnok is the perfect market for getting food to take home and make a dinner for the whole gang with food that they’ve never had before. The Great Market Hall is full of souvenirs and clothes that you can take home and remember the trip by.

Put these activities on your to-do list so that your whole family can have a blast in Budapest, one of our top European cities to visit with kids.

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