Things to do in Cartagena, Colombia

Looking for sunny skies, great weather, and the perfect beach resort vacation?

Cartagena, Colombia may be the place for you.

This colonial-era Colombian port city has some of the best beaches and vacation resorts in South America.

It’s time to plan your next vacation to this South American tropical paradise. Our guide below will tell you everything you need to know so that you can make your next trip in style!

Cartagena, Colombia Weather

Travel South for the winter to beat the heat with the sunny skies of Cartagena.

This 16th-century city stays warm all year round, meaning that you can stay warm no matter when you choose to go.

Things to do in Cartagena, Colombia

Do note, however, that summer temperatures can get extremely hot, with the record temperature in every month of the year peaking at over 100°F!

That being said, make sure you can handle the heat before heading to Cartagena—but with its beautiful beaches, it probably won’t be too hard finding a way to cool off.

Because Cartagena is a tropical city, make sure that rain won’t interfere with your trip. Plan ahead of time, and try to avoid the latter fall months, as this is when the area receives the most rain on average.

Cartagena, Colombia Nightlife

Cartagena is a city that doesn’t sleep.

As the sun goes down and the beaches close, the real fun for some is finally beginning.

Cartagena boasts one of Latin America’s best nightlife scenes, bringing adult and group fun to tourists and locals alike.

Nightclub - Things to do in Cartagena, Colombia

If you’re looking for a great nightlife experience and have someone to keep an eye on the kids, be sure to check out some of the hot bars and clubs in Cartagena during your stay.

With a wide variety of places to visit, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. Whether you choose to go alone or with friends, you’ll love Cartagena’s great nightlife experience.

Check out the following must-see clubs in the city:

La Movida Nightclub — This upscale club in the heart of Cartagena offers a can’t-miss experience. With a beautiful interior and drinks, La Movida is home to some of Cartagena’s best parties. When the sun goes down and the lights go out, head over to La Movida for a little extra fun without the kids of course. This compact-sized nightclub is filled to the brim with tourists and locals alike for one of South America’s greatest international parties. Come out and make worldwide friends as you party like never before at La Movida.

Demente — Demente provides a unique experience. This cozy bar and pizza joint has no roof and an interestingly-designed interior, adding to the overall vibe of the place. Not to mention, the pizza itself stone and oven-baked, making for some of the best late-night food you can find in the city.

Alquimico — If you’re looking for a fun and up-scale drinking experience, Alquimico might just be the club for you. This up-scale venue mixes traditional Colombian fruits with alcohol for an authentic Colombian experience. Come sip various cocktails as you get a real taste of some of Colombia’s finer adult culture. This great joint will leave you wanting just one more taste, as you sample some of the finest cocktails in all of Latin America. Make a mark on your trip by checking out Alquimico—we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Best Time to Visit Cartagena, Colombia

Because the weather is warm in Cartagena all year round, you don’t really have to worry about coming and finding the city too cold.

Things to do in Cartagena, Colombia

What you do have to worry about, however, is the rain. In October, for example, it rains on average sixteen days out of the month—not a good thing if you’re expecting to come play on the beach.

For this reason, late winter through the end of summer is generally the best time to come to Cartagena. You’ll be able to focus on some of the city’s best features while cutting down on the chance of rain.

Things to Do in Cartagena, Colombia

This culturally-rich city has a lot to offer in the way of family-fun entertainment. Check out some of the great activities below:

See the History — Visit some of the most-historic places in the city, such as the city’s walls, or take a tour through downtown on a horse-drawn carriage.

Visit the Rosario Islands — These islands lie just a few miles off from the city and offer a natural escape.

Rosario Islands - Things to do in Cartagena, Colombia

Iglesia de San Pedro Clavar — Visit this historic monetary to get the full impact of Cartagena’s history. Designed as a safehouse for slaves in the colonial era, this monastery provides an educational historical lesson.

Beaches — Finally, if you go to Cartagena, be sure to check out one of its many beautiful beaches. With clear-blue water and great weather, Cartagena’s beaches are some of the best in the world. For the best experience, check out Playa Blanca. It’s more affordable than some of the others and is the most-famous beach in Cartagena for a reason.

The Bottom Line

Cartagena is a magical South American city with a lot to offer tourists—both during the day and at night. Follow the guide above to help make your trip to this Latin American paradise the best it can possibly be.

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