Best 20 Things to See and Do in the Seychelles

Somewhere in the western Indian Ocean, south of the equator, you will find the Seychelles island cluster (officially the Republic of Seychelles). Consisting of 115 islands filled with emerald green rainforests, clear turquoise water, unique granite rock formations, and beautiful coral reefs, it’s no wonder this island getaway forms a popular romantic getaway destination. Whether you plan to sit back with a good book, swim in warm tropical waters, or take long evening walks, the Seychelles islands offers a myriad of things to do.

Here are 20 must do things when in the Seychelles.

1. See The Coco De Mer Palm Trees

The rare Coco De Mer palm tree only grows on Praslin Island. They were once believed to have sprouted from the ocean floor, and produce the world’s heaviest nuts, weighing up to 66 pounds (30 kilograms).

2. Go Hiking

The Seychelles has a great deal of untouched flora and fauna, making hikes a wonderfully jungle-like experience. The Morne Blanc hiking trail is one of the most famous ones among visitors, as it allows you to get the best of the island you’re on as well as surrounding islands. On this trail, you’ll also find tea bushes, ferns, and one of the world’s smallest frogs, known as Sooglossus gardineri.

Things To Do In The Seychelles

3. Rent A Car And Drive Around An Island

If you can’t stand the heat (and it can get pretty hot), then rent a car for just $47.80 (40 Euro), drive around the island, and see what you find. Remember, Seychellois locals drive on the left!

4. Go Shopping at Market Street, Victoria

Spend a day at Market Street on Mahe Island, and do some shopping. Here, you’ll find almost anything from bohemian style dresses to sarongs to spices and fresh fruits.

5. Visit a Tea Factory

If you’re a tea lover, then stop by the famous tea factory on Mahe. They offer tours around their plantation, and teach guests about the tea making process. Here, you can also enjoy a cup of freshly brewed highly reputed local Seyte tea.

6. Spend a Day Snorkeling

Snorkeling is possibly one of the best things you can do when on an island with waters as clear as here. With over 115 islands, you can be sure to find snorkel spots almost everywhere. Spend some time snorkeling around the marine parks, and explore the beautiful undersea life. Top snorkeling beaches include Curieuse Island, Anse Lazio on Praslin Island, Coco Island, and Vista Bay Rocks on Mahe.

7. Find Little Big Ben

Situated on the main crossroad in the middle of town on Mahe Island is a Little Big Ben statue. It won’t take a lot of time to find, but it is a beautiful replica of Big Ben.

8. Search for Pirates’ Treasure

What to Do in the Seychelles

There is an old legend in the Seychelles that says pirates used the islands as a hideout for their treasure. It is believed that one pirate hid a treasure worth $119,509 (100,000 euros), and it still has not been found to this day. Perhaps a day of living a rustic life like Sam and Jared from Into the Blue (2005) should be in the cards.

9. Catch Your Dinner

One of the great things about the Seychelles is that you book a fishing tour, spend an entire day out on the water, catch some fish, and bring it home to cook for your dinner.

10. Swim With the Dolphins and Manta Rays

Alphonse Island is the perfect place to swim with bottle-nosed dolphins and manta rays in their natural environment.

11. Take a Creole Cooking Class

Learn to make some delicious local food with a cooking class. There are many hotels in the Seychelles that offer creole cooking classes with their top chefs.

12. Explore Eden Island

Eden Island - Best Things to See and Do in the Seychelles

Eden Island is a man-made marina filled with holiday homes of the rich and famous. Spend some time shopping inside the high end mall within the marina, or have a cocktail alongside the luxury yachts.

13. Look Out for Endangered Species

There is plenty of wildlife to seen across the archipelago. Book a bird watching tour or go on a hike to scout out some of the well-known endangered species. Keep an eye out for the Seychelles paradise – flycatcher, the black parrot, and the Seychelles magpie robin.

14. Find the Granite Rocks

The Seychelles is one of the oldest Indian Ocean island clusters. What makes these islands unique is the geology found here. The islands themselves are not volcanic but are composed primarily of massive granite fragments. Everywhere you go, you will see giant granite boulders reaching upwards toward the sky. On the beach, within the forests, and even scattered through the various cities. Try to spot them as you go along.

Seychelles beach

15. Visit One of the World’s Smallest Capital Cities

Victoria on Mahé Island is one of the world’s smallest capitals. Spend a few hours here exploring the city center, taking in the sights of the creole-style houses and wandering around the market.

16. National Botanical Gardens

The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve forms a 48 acre wide UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Seychelles. Here you will find around 6,000 coco-de-mer palm trees and an abundance of endangered flora and fauna.

17. Island Hopping

Yacht - Best Things to See and Do in the Seychelles

Rent a catamaran or luxury yacht, and spend a day on the water. Island hop, find marine spots, and watch the sun set.

18. Try Some Local Delicacies

Seychellois cuisine is a fusion of African, Chinese, European, and Indian flavors. Being an island cluster, seafood is always on the menu. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then why not try the famous shark chutney or octopus and bat curry. If you’re a little less adventurous, then try the red snapper, king fish, and parrot fish.

19. Go Diving

Top Things to Do in Seychelles

The Seychelles are said to be one of the top 10 diving locations in the world. With over 70 dive sites that are accessible year round, this is a perfect opportunity to become at one with the ocean.

20. Sip Cocktails and Do Absolutely Nothing

Lay back, grab a good book, order a cocktail, and lounge on one of the giant hammocks. This is the perfect time to get some serious rest and relaxation.

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