Tips for Picking the Right Hotel for Vacations

The things we enjoy often require a great deal of preparation. That especially applies to planning vacations, as one of the first things you need to once it’s been decided on where you’re going is picking where you’re staying. The family-friendly hotel you spend your break at has a major impact on how much you’re able to enjoy yourself.

There are a variety of factors that you’ll need to consider about prospective hotels so that you are able to kick back and unwind when you’re not out having adventures. Your final choice needs to make it as cheap and easy for you to enjoy yourself in and out of the hotel. Make sure to follow these tips so that you pick the right hotel for your next vacation.

1. Location

Whether you’re venturing into the great outdoors or want to stick around the hot spots of a major city, the location of your hotel plays a major role in how much fun you have on your time off. If your place of stay isn’t situation somewhere that makes it quick and easy to get to destinations, then you may not be able to check off everything on your to-do list.

When it comes to cities, you should pick a spot that’s within walking distance or a short drive from parks, museums, restaurants, skyscrapers and other major attractions, or at least close to subways, buses and other forms of transportation. Staying in the city center also makes travel an easier time. Staying at hotels at national parks or other outdoor sites will save you time on getting closer to nature.

2. Room Accommodations

It’s hard to have fun on rollercoasters, hiking trips, tours and other activities if you didn’t get the right amount of sleep the night before or had the tools needed to freshen up. That’s where accommodations come in, as the bed designs, size and positioning play a role in our ability to relax, even when we’re not sleeping and just watching TV on our downtime.

Hotel room

Your bathroom(s), depending on how many people you’re bringing along for the trip, needs to have the right amount of soap, shampoo, towels, hair dryers and other equipment so that you start and end your days smelling and looking great. It also helps to read reviews about accommodations so that you know which hotels are quick to respond when you need extras.

3. Pet-Friendliness

Not all hotels are able to provide the same hospitality to cats, dogs and other animals we make part of our families as they do to humans. Whether it’s because of space, allergies or other issues, certain places won’t let you bring your furry companions with you. This can be an even bigger issue if you can’t find anyone back at home to take care of your pets while you’re gone.

However, some hotels are more lenient in this situation, and they have rooms specifically designed for cats, dogs, parrots and other animals that people tend to take with them on their travels. Call hotels to make sure that you have space for your pet, as some may let you bring them along but have stricter rules on how to take care of them.

4. Budget

Vacations serve a variety of purposes, and what you decide to do on your break will depend on how much money you have on hand. You may be looking for somewhere to go with your family to celebrate a birthday, planning a bachelor’s party for your best friend before his wedding, or in need of a place to spend a week away to get some peace and quiet.


The more people you bring along for your vacation, the more money you’ll need for your activities. You may not need as much money if you plan on staying for a couple of days, or if you don’t plan to do as much and just want to relax in a luxurious environment. We recommend picking a hotel that meets these needs so that you don’t spend more money than you have to.

5. Inhouse Activities

Depending on where you decide to spend your time off, the wrong weather can put a hold on your plans. Rain, hail, snow, wind and other weather factors can be an issue if the activities you have on your to-do list are outside, whether it’s surfing, skydiving, hiking, biking, or playing sports. If this ends up being the case for you, then wherever you stay should be able to provide just as much entertainment.

Hotels around the world have a variety of activities that you can take part in, such as pools for swimming or water sports, gyms for working out. Check to see if they even have arcades and casinos, which should be extra fun if you’re traveling with family and friends, as well as different restaurants so that you have something new for dinner each night. A bonus would be if your hotel has entertainment centers for local singers and performers.

Keep these tips in mind so that you get as much out of your stay as possible. And if you need to, refer to our list of top ten best accommodation booking sites to save more money on your next site.

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