Top 10 Places to Visit in Latvia With Kids

As frequent travelers, you might be constantly looking for new destinations every year. If you are one of those travelers who prefer to explore lesser known places, then this article is for you. Latvia has been labeled as Europe’s best kept secret. This is a great country to explore as a family. If you need some convincing to add Latvia in your destination list, here are the top things to do in Latvia with kids:

1. Dzintari Forest Park

Dzintari Forest Park - Latvia With Kids

Most of the kids in today’s generation are hooked with their Ipads and smartphones. Taking them on a vacation and going somewhere where they can spend more time offline and with nature is a great way to go. Dzintari Forest Park in Jurmala, Latvia offers a lot of recreational activities that are perfect for kids. Take a stroll along the park’s walkways and appreciate the beauty and scent of the hundreds of pine trees in the area. Rollerblading during summer season and skiing during wintertime are some of the most popular activities in the park that kids love to do. The playgrounds and restaurants in the park would also make you want to stay even longer.

2. Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum - Visit Latvia With Kids

Riga Motor Museum reopened to the public on July, 2, 2016. If your kids are into automobiles, then this would be a haven for them. The museum has the largest and most diverse vintage motorcycle collection in the Baltics with over one hundred motorcycles and automobile displays. With a touch of modern technology, Riga Motor Museum is perfect for kids since they now have interactive exhibits, virtual reality, operable models, and touchscreen monitors to name a few. Make sure to add this in your list of places to visit in Latvia with kids.

3. Jurmala Beach

Jurmala Beach - Visit Latvia With Kids

Kids love the beach, and Latvia has a lot of beautiful beaches you can take your kids to. Jurmala Beach has a long stretch of shoreline which is perfect for beach volleyballs, sandcastles, and sunbathing. If you need some quite and lazy time just relaxing and listening to the sound of the waves, head up to Jurmala Beach. While the kids are swimming in the warm, blue waters, you can read your book at the beach as you enjoy  the sunshine. There are plenty of good restaurants nearby as well, so you need not worry about feeding the hungry kids after an eventful day at the beach.

4. Livu Akvaparks

Livu Akvaparks - Latvia With Kids
Credits: Livu Akvaparks

Livu Akvaparks is a popular waterpark in Latvia. Spending a day here is one of the highly recommended things to do in Latvia with kids. The park has a lot of waterslides which include a family waterslide which can accommodate the whole family all at once. Their Tricky Dome or Wet Bubble is also popular among kids. For adults, a diving pool and Kamikadze slide are available for extreme adventure. The waterpark also has a wave pool, fountain island, and Chewits River for  all-day water fun for the entire family.

5. Cesis Medieval Castle

Cesis Medieval Castle - Latvia With Kids

Take the kids on a historic cultural trip to Cesis Medieval Castle. If they have been watching or reading about knights, princes, and princesses, they will find this castle interesting. You can climb into the tower and enjoy the view of the town from above. Some parts of the castle are already ruined, but the castle prison in the dungeons is still intact.

6. Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park - Latvia With Kids

Gauja National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Latvia, which was established in 1973. You would need more than a day in order to fully enjoy the beauty of Gauja National Park. For vacationing families with kids, Ligatne Nature Trail is a popular spot in the park. This gives the kids a chance to watch wild animals and birds that are normally found in Latvia. You can also take the entire family on a cable car ride from Sigulda to Krimulda which has been proven to be an unforgettable experience. Other activities such as bungee jumping, hiking, boating, and cycling are popular in the park, especially during summertime.

7. Riga Zoo

Riga Zoo - Latvia With Kids

Another place to enjoy Latvia with kids is to spend a day at the Riga Zoo. They are open everyday from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. The kids would enjoy seeing rare species of eagles, owls, and falcons to name a few. The zoo houses around four thousand animals of nearly five hundred species. The zoo also has a petting area where the kids can pet sheep and goats. Once they have seen all their favorite animals, the kids can spend time in the playground or the small park in the zoo. Cafes are also available, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for a quick bite.

8. Venta Rapid

Venta Rapid - Latvia With Kids

Latvia is home to Europe’s widest waterfall. Venta Rapid is Latvia’s magnificent waterfall in Kuldiga. You can try crossing the river to the other side when the water is not that deep and enjoy the cool water and the great view. If you are not in the mood to get wet, you may enjoy the view of this magical waterfall from the bridge. It is one of the must-see places while you are in Latvia with kids.

9. Tervete Nature Park

Tervete Nature Park - Latvia With Kids

Latvia has a lot of great nature parks, and one of them is Tervete Nature Park. Visitors love coming here because it transports them to the fairytale world full of characters created by Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. The most popular spots in the park among little kids are Fairytale Forest, The Playground, and the Dwarf Forest. The park also hosts at least thirty events all year long that are suitable for families.

10. Ventspils Children’s Town

Ventspils Children’s Town - Latvia With Kids

If you are in Latvia with kids, Ventspils Children’s Town is a must-visit. This amusement park has a lot of things that will keep your kids occupied from bumper boats to water slides and playgrounds. You might even catch a motocross show if you’re lucky.

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