Top 10 Things to Do in Estonia With Kids

When I first heard its name, I thought Estonia was a fairytale country like Neverland. In fact, most travelers I know don’t know where Estonia is located exactly. Estonia is in Northern Europe and has Latvia, Russia, and Sweden as neighbors. If you are looking for a country to add into your upcoming Euro-trip with the whole family, Estonia is a great candidate. It is a beautiful country with so many things to offer that both parents and kids can enjoy.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Estonia with kids:

1. Swim and Slide in Vudila Playland

Vudila Playland - Things to Do in Estonia With Kids

If there is one thing that almost all kids would say yes to, that would be a day in a waterpark. Vudila Playland has a huge waterpark that would entertain kids and adults. Slides, pools, barrel sauna, trampolines, and water wheels are some of the facilities you can enjoy  here. While your kids enjoy the waterpark, adults can take a stroll and enjoy the scenic view of Lake Kaiavere just few minutes nearby. It is also one of the popular spots that tourists visit while in Estonia with kids.

2. Experience the wonders of science at the AHHAA Science Center

AHHAA Science Center - Things to Do in Estonia With Kids

AHHAA is the biggest science center in Estonia. This center promotes science, technology, and the scientific approach to solve common problems. There are a lot of interactive displays that show different branches of science from physics to biology. If you are in Estonia with kids, take them here for a fun and educational day.

3. Snowboard at Kivioli Adventure Center

Kivioli Adventure Center - Things to Do in Estonia With Kids
Credits: Kivioli Adventure Center

A trip to Estonia with kids won’t be complete without making a stop over at the Kivioli Adventure Center. If you are in the country during wintertime and are looking for some snow activities for the whole family, Kivioli has it all for you. You can find a ski slope, a snowboarding park, and a snowtubing run here during winter. These outdoor activities will surely keep your little kids energized and entertained. Once the snow melts and summer kicks in, the whole adventure center is transformed into running tracks. A zipline is also put up every summer. One of the most anticipated summer events here in Kivioli Adventure Center is the two-day Motocross Festival. This would be a fascinating show to catch, especially for motorcycle fans.

4. Spend an afternoon marveling at the beauty of Angla Windmill Mount

Angla Windmill Mount - Estonia With Kids

These Dutch-style windmills were built at the beginning of the 20th century, and are one of the must-see spots in the island of Saaremaa. You can see the insides of the windmill and learn about their history. While in the area, you can also check out old farming equipment and farm animals which the kids can interact with. You may even see a miller at work. This is a great spot to visit in Estonia with kids. Plus, the place is such a good spot to take the perfect family vacation photos.

5. Have a magical day at Ilon’s Wonderland

Ilon’s Wonderland - Estonia With Kids

This is a family favorite amongst locals and is highly recommended to guests traveling to Estonia with kids. Ilon’s Wonderland is a theme center that showcases the works of the popular illustrator, Ilon Wikland. He is the illustrator of the Astrid Lindgren’s children’s books. The building is a  three-floor wonderland for kids. It has a gallery, a cinema, an exhibition hall, Karlsson’s Room, as well as Ilon’s Kitchen and Playroom. Workshops and thematic events are held here. Ilon’s Wonderland is open to public from the months of September to April. From May to August, the courtyard remains open and activities such as target-throwing, stilt-walking, and fishing are available.

6. Let the kids be policemen for a day at the Estonian Police Museum

Estonian Police Museum

Yes, you read that right. In the Estonian Police Museum, you get to experience in a fun and interactive way what it is like to be a policeman. If you have children who aspire to someday be policemen, they will have a blast here for sure. They can try on police uniforms, take someone’s fingerprints, solve criminal cases, and even try their reaction skills at the wheel of a police car. There is also a special spot for kids called The Children’s Police Museum which teaches kids about safety rules and detective games. Include this in your list of top things to do in Estonia with kids.

7. Have some sea and sand fun at Parnu Beach Promenade

Parnu Beach Promenade - Estonia With Kids

Take a break from day tours and theme parks and take the kids to the beach. Parnu Beach Promenade is one of the most popular beaches in Estonia. Have a relaxing day swimming and sunbathing by the Baltic Sea. Let the kids play on the sand and build sand castles while you lay on the beach, enjoy the sights, and just take it all in. Fountains, parks and cafes are lined up along the coastal area. You can rent a bike or enjoy an afternoon stroll along the paved pathways by the beach. Benches are available if you would just like to sit, read a book, or watch the sunset. 

8. Take the huge family to Lottemaa Theme Park

Lottemaa Theme Park - Estonia With Kids
Credits: Lottemaa Theme Park

Lottemaa Theme Park is the largest family theme park in Estonia. If you are traveling in large groups, you need not worry about keeping everyone entertained here. There are over a hundred attractions, thematic houses, cafes, and gift shops in the park. The park is in a beautiful forest by the sea, so if the attractions will tire you out, you can head to the beach right away. 

9. Visit Seaplane Harbor

Seaplane Harbor - Estonia With Kids

The Estonian Maritime Museum is located in the Seaplane Harbor. Take the kids here and let them learn and explore about 200 maritime artifacts which include a submarine called Lembit, a century-old ice breaker, a seaplane, and the remains of the oldest Estonian ship.

10. Take a daytrip to Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park - Estonia With Kids

Lahemaa National Park is the perfect place to be if you need to recharge and interact with nature. The park has a scenic view and a tranquil ambience. This is a great place for picnics, strolls, and outdoor adventures with your kids while you are in Estonia.

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