Top 10 Things to do in Macau

Bright lights, amazing skyline, and casinos are what make Macau standout among the list of metropolises in Asia. Dubbed the “Las Vegas of Asia,”Macau is a true haven for the casino enthusiasts, but there is definitely more to Macau than just casinos!

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and if your family and friends are looking for adventure, a dose of history, and luxury, head on to Macau and enjoy these 10 key things to do as soon you land in the Vegas of the East.

1. Visit the Ruins of St Paul’s

Ruins of St Paul’s - Best Things to do in Macau

Macau is one of the few Chinese cities invaded by the Portuguese several centuries ago. Though the presence of the European conquistadors has since ceased to exist, remnants of their rich contribution to the Macanese culture are still visible up to this day. Some of the many good things they have left are the beautiful Catholic churches, or at least the ruins of these churches that adorn the city.  The Ruins of St. Paul’s has withstood the test of time for almost half a millennium, and will continue to exist as one of Macau’s true tourism icon.

2. Take a snapshot of and at Senado Square

Senado Square - Best Things to do in Macau

Another best-known landmark you shouldn’t miss when visiting Macau is Senado Square. Situated at the heart of the city, the square gives anyone who visits that European-city vibe through its pastel-colored classical buildings. Visit during Chinese New Year to see how the square can transform into a beautiful garden decorated with colorful flowers. So ready your camera and head on to Leal Senado Building, the best place to take a photo of the square.

3. Test your limits and try the World’s Highest Bungy Jump

Bungy Jump - Best Things to do in Macau

If you think that Macau is just pure casinos and no fun, you’re completely mistaken. The city is a Guinness title holder for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world. So if you and your friends are adrenaline junkies, head on to Macau Tower and test your limits by taking the greatest leap of your life from a 764 foot platform.

4. Enjoy the view of the city from above the Macau Tower

View of the City From Above the Macau Tower

Not everyone is a daredevil who would dare jump off a tower, but it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the adventure. You can still have fun and get a little dose of thrill by enjoying the 360-degree view of the entire Macau Peninsula and the neighboring areas from Macau Tower’s observatory deck. A high-speed elevator will take you to the 60th floor, and the ride can also be pretty exciting.

5. Take a friend to the largest casino in the world

Venetian Macau - Best Things to Do in Macau

Not so many know that the world’s largest casino, the Venetian Macau, is located in this Portuguese-colonized city. The 3000-suite luxury hotel is so large that you’ll probably spend more time here than in any other casinos in the city. While you’re in there, I suggest that you take a friend or your family with you on an authentic gondola ride. Plus, if your budget can afford an extra spending, then the best venue to place your bet is here.

6. Meet and greet the cute panda

Panda - Best Things to Do in Macau

To put some contrast in your Macau trip, pay the pandas at the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion a visit. Admission to the park is free where you will meet several animals, but the pavilion collects a minimum fee from visitors who wish to see the adorable pandas.

7. Get mesmerized by the amazing fountain show at Galaxy Hotel

Fountain Show at Galaxy Hotel - Best Things to Do in Macau

Aside from playing poker, Macau Galaxy hotel offers visitors a wonderful, colorful, and watery treat. Tourists are welcome by a 10-minute fountain show called The Diamond Fountain show that displays nothing but extravagance.  You do not have to check-in at the Galaxy hotel to witness the show. All you need to do is hop on and head on to the hotel lobby. Take note that the show is definitely free.

8. Enjoy Paris in the East

Parisian Macao - Best Things to Do in Macau

You do not have to fly to Paris to see the world-renowned Eiffel Tower. While in Macau, you can drop by The Parisian Macao and fall in love with the city of love. Take a few snaps of the hotel’s most famous landmark, the half-scale Eiffel Tower, while you enjoy a few bites of your Parisian macaroons.

9. Treat your taste buds with some Macanese snacks

Macanese snacks - Best Things to Do in Macau

After a grueling day of walking and endless bus rides, take a breather and grab some of Macau’s local delicacies. The city is famous for its Portuguese egg tart, but you shouldn’t miss the pork chop in a bun or pork burger. Its well-marinated and tender pork chop bun is to die for.

10. Free taste and free rides alert

Macanese delicacies - Best Things to Do in Macau

You don’t have to rob a bank to taste what Macau has to offer, because your family and friends will have a good time trying out some local Macanese delicacies. The best part is, most of the shops offer a free taste to visiting tourists. While on the streets, be on the lookout for the shops along the road going to the Ruins of St. Paul’s from Senado Square. Must try are Portuguese egg tarts, and Koi Kei’s almond cookies and egg rolls.


Tip: Moving around the city has never been easier. The known secret to getting around Macau for free? The casino buses! Most of the casinos and hotel offer free shuttles that will take you to places in different parts of the city. So you can go around without having to spend a dime on transportation.

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