Top 25 Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Our list has been updated on Feb 1, 2020 to reflect the safest countries to visit in 2020! These countries are safest for travel with kids, solo travelers, travel for women, and general travel and vacation for the entire family.


Wondering about the top safest countries to visit this year? How many places are on your bucket list for this year’s travel goals? It’s already the second quarter of the year, and if you haven’t listed your top picks yet, we can help you with that. Aside from being beautiful and offering a lot of things to do, one of the things you should also consider when picking a travel destination is your safety.

So, here is a list of the top 25 safest countries to visit this year:


1. Iceland

Iceland - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Iceland has been ranked as number one on the safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index for a long time running. With its low crime rates and excellent medical care, Iceland is not only a safe place to live in but also a safe place for tourists. Since nature is Iceland’s best feature that attracts visitors, it is important to take note that the country’s weather conditions could be extreme and harsh at times. It would still be best to take extra precautions, especially during winter time.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

New Zealand is a vacation heaven. Its beaches, national parks, and geothermal spas draw tourists in. Although it is a given that you should never be complacent while traveling in a foreign country, your safety is one less thing to worry about when travelling in New Zealand, because it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. New Zealand also has very few recorded endemic diseases, plus it has a great healthcare system.

3. Japan

Japan - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

It is normal in Japanese culture for parents to let their kids as young as first graders commute to school alone. That’s how safe Japan is. If a six-year-old can navigate the busy Tokyo streets alone, it’s pretty sure that any tourist would be safe roaming around the country too. If you left a bag in the station or at the park, chances are it would still be there when you come back for it. This is why we rank Japan as one of the top safest countries to visit this year.

4. Denmark

Denmark - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

It is a fact that there are few accidents in Denmark and the crime rate is pretty low, but low does not mean zero. When travelling in the country and enjoying Tivoli Gardens or visiting The Little Mermaid statue, one should still be cautious of the surroundings. Make sure to also take note of the local emergency hotlines, just in case you run into any problems.

5. Norway

Norway - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

You can enjoy looking up the sky while admiring the magnificent Northern Lights without worries in Norway. The country ranks highly in safety and security. The winters could be biting cold and the temperatures are extremely low, but at least crime rates are low in the country as well. This is why Norway is one of the top safest countries to visit this year.

6. Canada

Canada - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is known for its beautiful national parks and untouched nature. You can visit Banff National Park and Niagara Falls anytime you want and not worry about being in danger, because Canada is part of the top ten safest countries in the world on almost every list and survey there is. The only thing you probably won’t be safe from is the cold temperatures, especially during winter time. Make sure to wear proper gear.

7. Austria


With its cobbled streets, opera houses, and the Blue Danube, Austria is really a bucket list-worthy place to visit. It may be a small country in Europe, but it surely does hold a lot of reasons why it is worth the trip. Good thing is, it is also one of the top safest countries in the world, although locals have warned tourists to be careful when taking money from ATMs due to reported frauds. But you have to go even if it’s just to see the beauty of Salzburg!

8. Switzerland

Switzerland - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

You can enjoy touring around the beautiful lakes and mountains of Switzerland without worrying about violent crimes. According to the Swiss, a tourist’s biggest enemy here is nature itself. Before going on extreme outdoor adventures, make sure you are properly equipped with skills, gear, and information about the place and the sport you plan on doing. And don’t forget to enjoy, Zurich, a financial and cultural hub for anyone interested in culture and history.

9. Finland

Finland - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

According to the recent World Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world. If your country is not high up on the list like mine, you can visit Finland anytime and mingle with the happy people. Studies also show that the happier the country, the safer it is as well. You can see why we rank Finland as one of the top safest countries to visit this year.

10. Sweden

Sweden - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Sweden is the perfect place to visit if you would like to explore coastal islands, museums, and palaces in a Scandinavian nation. Like its neighboring countries Denmark and Norway, Sweden is also a safe place for both locals and tourists.

11. Germany

Germany - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Germany knows how to keep itself safe. It has been dubbed  the world’s best country a couple of times although it is not a secret that it experienced terror attacks a few years ago. Currently, the country has a tighter security and has increased its safety measures. This qualifies this beautiful country to earn a spot on our list of the top safest countries to visit this year.

12. Luxembourg

Luxembourg - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Luxembourg may not be everyone’s cup of tea as an ideal place to visit, but this charming little country in Europe has its own fans. Anyone who likes beautiful and calm places to visit should make a trip here and be enthralled with the old castles, museums, and vast valleys. It is one of the safest countries in the world, too!

13. Singapore

Singapore - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Singapore is popular among businessmen from all over the world. Its popularity increased even more especially to shoppers and tourists when the book Crazy Rich Asians was released and made a buzz in Hollywood. Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you have nothing to worry about, because almost everyone in the country speaks English. They also have excellent transportation, low crime rates, and advanced medical facilities.

14. Netherlands

Netherlands - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Overall, the Netherlands is considered a safe country, especially the countryside areas. Windmills and tulip fields in full bloom always draw visitors in. It cannot be denied though that some petty crimes such as pickpockets happen in urban places like Amsterdam, so you still must be careful, especially after having a couple of drinks. In case of emergencies, you can always call 112 in Netherlands.

15. Slovenia

Slovenia - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Slovenia is a safe country whether you are travelling with children, friends, or travelling alone. You can pretty much enjoy the country’s lush mountains without worrying about getting into trouble. Always make sure though to follow traffic signs and national rules as you would in your own country to avoid hefty fines and loads of paperwork.

16. Spain

Spain - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Spain is rich in culture and traditions, which make it a fascinating country to visit. Although generally it is a safe country, you have to be careful about a couple of things. According to Spain’s safety tips, you have to watch out for pickpockets in crowded areas. Also make sure to avoid walking alone on empty streets. If you run out of cash and need to use the ATM, it would be safer to use those that are located inside the banks than those on the sidewalks. It may seem unusual, but you have to stay clear of women offering you a flower or rosemary, or those who are carrying cardboards and asking for signatures for a good cause. Aside from that though, the country is nothing but a beautiful place to explore and appreciate.

17. Ireland

Ireland - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Ireland is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery and magnificent architectures. It is also a go-to country for a lot of Hollywood films and TV series. Ireland has low crime rates and is one of the safest countries in the world; however, when visiting here, one should note the minor troubles that may happen, especially when doing outdoor activities. Make sure to always pay attention to the local news and weather updates.

18. Malta

Malta - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Malta is a beautiful island country near Italy. If you google Malta and then check images, it would be so hard for you not to go and search for available flights right away. Its beautiful beaches, temples, and ancient ruins would make your vacation even more interesting. Malta is a safe country, too. You can walk around the dock or on the streets and not feel scared or unsafe. The locals are very friendly and accommodating, too.

19. Australia

Australia - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Australia is one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is one of the safest, too. Australians are friendly and fun, and their beaches are beautiful. The country has a low crime rate. The dangers that you would have to watch out for while you are in the country are those imposed by the country’s fauna and flora. When exploring forests and natural reserves, make sure to have an expert guide with you. Some of its beaches are shark infested, so be cautious when surfing or swimming in some areas. Always make sure to consult a local guide before exploring the beautiful nature of Australia. And of course, be sure to add Sydney to your list of cities to visit while in Australia.

20. Poland

Poland - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

After surviving centuries of political conflicts, Poland has stood proud and independent as a country. It has enticed visitors for the past years with its scenic landscapes, rich culture, and magnificent infrastructures. It has beautiful castles, huge lakes and sand dunes, and picturesque towns that would make you want to stay for a week, so you can explore them all. Safety is a major importance here, and Poland has made itself safe over the years. This is a perfect holiday getaway, especially if you are travelling as a family with small kids.

21. Slovakia

Slovakia - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Petty crimes such as pickpockets and purse snatching still happen in Slovakia, but that’s mostly it. It is still generally a safe country to live in and to explore as a tourist. During your vacation, you can explore castles, tour museums, go hiking, or chase waterfalls without having to worry about safety. You can see why we rank this gorgeous country on our list of top safest countries to visit this year.

22. Bhutan

Bhutan - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Bhutan takes pride in being a safe country for tourists. It is a stunning destination, especially if you love outdoor activities. It has a lot of temples and museums that you can visit to learn more about the country’s history and culture. During peak seasons, it is important that you book your accommodations ahead. The locals here are warm and friendly.

23. Hungary

Hungary - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Hungary does not often see violent crimes and is viewed as a safe country. If this is on your travel list this year, there is no need to hesitate; go ahead and start planning your itinerary right away. The beautiful city of Budapest seems to be the number one choice when exploring Hungary, and it has been dubbed  the “Paris of the East.” The Buda Castle is a sight to behold. The grand Danube River flows through Hungary and gives the Budapest that enchanting feel to it. Of course, other cities and villages are worth checking out, too. Lake Balaton’s popular holiday resorts such as Tihany is also a favorite destination among tourists and locals.

24. Portugal

Portugal - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Just like most of the countries on this list, Portugal is safe, but has experienced occasional petty crimes in crowded areas such as Lisbon and Porto. Pickpockets often frequent crowded transportation areas such as trains and buses. When at the beach, make sure to be careful about leaving your valuables when you go for a swim. It is better to leave expensive valuables at the hotel or rent a beach locker if available. In case of emergency, you can always call the national toll-free number 112. So long as you are not complacent, you surely will have a great time, since Portugal has a lot of wonderful sights and activities to offer including beaches, museums, and winery to name a few.

25. Mauritius

Mauritius - Safest Countries to Visit This Year

Mauritius is a dream vacation for anyone who likes to feel a genuine island vibe. It has beautiful peninsulas, white powdery beaches, lush mountains, and wonderful people. Mauritius is a safe country, but it still does mean that you make sure your hotel rooms are safe and secured, you avoid walking alone in dark places at night, and you always are vigilant when withdrawing money from ATM machines, especially those that are not located within the vicinity of a bank. Aside these petty crimes, all you need to worry about is how to fit everything into your itinerary with so many things that country has to offer.

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