Top 4 Things to Do in Dubai With Kids

One of the world’s leading tourist destinations, Dubai, is a city that is just the right place to expect your holiday to be filled with adventure, leisure and joy. This marvelous city boasts an exciting abundance of shopping, activities, and attractions – offering something different and fun for all ages.

1. Burj Khalifa (At the Top) – Lose control of your senses as you witness incredible views of Dubai

If you want to enjoy Dubai in all its glory, then you must head to – At the Top, Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, offers guests unobstructed, panoramic views of the city at three different levels – 124, 125 and 148. Enjoy a world class experience with kids as under as age 4 years old in the world’s highest observation deck – where floor-to-ceiling glass walls offers mesmerizing views of the desert, ocean and the contemporary city of Dubai. Here, the night time is a sight to behold – stars shining above, and the brightly lit city down leaves you feeling truly uplifted.

Dubai With Kids

You can learn all about the technology and architecture behind this iconic structure while feasting on real time views of the city with one of the deck’s special telescopes. Do not forget to take home a unique souvenir photograph on the 125th floor that will allow you to relive this unforgettable experience every time you feel like going back.

2. Dubai Desert Safari – Live up the authentic Arabian adventure with the fam bam!

There is no shortage of fun things to do at Dubai Desert Safari – exhilarating dune bashing, sand skiing and camel riding to fire shows, henna painting and full filling buffet dinner- makes going on a desert safari one of the MUST things to do in Dubai with your little ones. Of course, learning how to ride a camel is a must in the desert.

Dubai With Kids

Although the morning and evening desert safaris offer similar ‘main’ services, the evening safari offers a lot more exciting surprises that can make time spent with your loved ones truly unforgettable.

On your exciting dune drive, make a quick stop to catch hold of the mesmerizing sunset over the vast desert before heading to the campsite where many activities will await you – like henna painting, sand boarding, and bumpy camel rides. It is ‘hands down’ the most prominent family destination for entertainment, promising unique and extraordinary experiences creating the perfect memories with your dear ones.

It is worth noting down that the desert safari tours are not recommended for children below three years.

3. Ski Dubai – Escape the Dubai heat in this full – fledged ski resort

Missing the cold? Want to enjoy thrilling snow activities with the little ones while in Dubai? Then head over to Ski Dubai, where there is snow much to do for everyone. Offering a range of amazing indoor snow activities, Ski Dubai is Middle East’s first indoor ski resort which is a must visit for families new to Dubai.

Dubai With Kids

With attractions like the ice cave, giant zorbing ball and the Mountain Thriller ride, Ski Dubai’s indoor snow park is a one of a kind winter wonderland that allows kids to engage in fun activities like no other. In addition to enjoying a thrilling slope adventure, kids can enjoy an up-close encounter with incredibly fun King and Gentoo Penguins. These cute waddling friends are one of the many surprises that await adventure seekers in this incredible ski resort in between the Dubai desert.

4. Global Village – Travel across the globe with your family in just a day!

Global Village is the perfect family-friendly destination to be in when you are in Dubai. It boasts a range of various attractions including different country pavilions, giving you a whiff of diverse cultures and traditions.

Dubai With Kids

House to several cultural cuisine themed restaurants, Global Village is a great place to get your palate tingling with flavors from across the globe. Traditional performances take place in several pavilions including India, Africa, Iran, Pakistan and more. What makes Global Village a unique tourist spot is the culmination of products and clothing from various countries.What’s more you ask? There is an entire area dedicated to various rides and games, making it the ideal location to be in with your young ones. There are rides and games for all ages, so you wouldn’t miss out on the fun either!

The latest highlight of Global Village has been the ‘Speed, Chase, Action’ stunt show which is an entertaining show, one-of-its-kind, that happens three times a day. The show includes zip-line as well as free-fall stunts which are enhanced with visual and sound effects. It mimics almost a real-life scene straight out of a movie to elevate the experience of the viewer. Don’t forget to catch this show to make your experience a fulfilling one!

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