Top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in South Carolina

“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion”- Leigh Hunt.

South Carolina is one of those states that has it all; from beaches, mountains, forests and lakes, to its southern food and proud college football teams. Now, I am a native from the southernmost point in the Unites States, but when you think of “southern, ”South Carolina takes the cake, or should I say the peach pie! You’ll still hear that deep southern accent, and the slang terms and jargon “y’all” and “bless your heart!” when you’re down for a visit.  If you are looking for a destination state, this is the one. You will experience culture, naturally beautiful landscapes, and the coziness of American’s #1 small city for five years and counting.

1. Charleston

Here you’ll find old cobblestone streets among restored antebellum architecture. Hidden gardens and heritage homes make this city a living museum that families enjoy walking tours through to experience interactively. With its aquariums, water taxis,  and children’s museums, it is a definite destination when visiting South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina

2. Devil’s Fork State Park

At Devil’s Fork, families can enjoy hiking through waterfalls, boating with kayaks and jet skis, fishing, swimming, and  even scuba diving through an old submerged town! You can rent villas, or camp primitive style to really enjoy nature at its finest.

Devil’s Fork State Park - Best Things to Do in South Carolina

3. Revolutionary War History

There is no better place to learn America’s history than to attend a living reenactment, complete with the firearms used during the war and many other assorted artifacts which help define the war from 1775 to 1783 that changed our history. With 30 historical structures on 775 acres, there is so much for families to do that it could take days to see everything!

Best Things to Do in South Carolina

4. Edisto River Treehouse Adventure

Book a treehouse for your kids in the forest that towers over the the longest free-flowing blackwater river in the U.S. and you might just be considered the coolest parents of all time. Catch your own dinner, and roast up the marshmallows for dessert! Swimming is encouraged, but in the same breath, beware of alligators! 

Treehouse - Best Things to Do in South Carolina

5. Myrtle Beach

You cannot forget the iconic Myrtle Beach! Once your family’s done camping on Edison River, head over to a luxurious oceanfront resort in this rustic little town. With plenty of family friendly attractions and accommodations, you can enjoy the sandy beaches, fairgrounds, or delicious foods. 

Myrtle Beach - Best Things to Do in South Carolina

Whether you’re interested in history, nature, the culture, or food, South Carolina has an abundance of opportunities to keep your family entertained. It has earned its spot as one of the top states to visits in the U.S., and rightfully so, as you can enjoy the beach as much as the mountains.The food itself is in a category of its own with its specialty shrimp and grits, frogmore stew (you’ll be happy to know it has nothing to do with frogs), and the birthplace of America’s barbeque.

And nothing beats that southern hospitality, yall!

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