Top 6 Things to do in Zimbabwe with Kids 

Zimbabwe is a beautiful landlocked country in the southern part of Africa. If you are visiting Africa for the first time with kids in tow, you might want to consider putting Zimbabwe on top of your list for the first country to visit in Africa. Not only will you feast your eyes with its dramatic landscapes, diverse safaris, and abundant reserves, you will also not have a hard time looking for Zimbabwe activities for kids. Also, Zimbabwe is on our list of the top 25 Best Countries to visit in Africa

Here are the top 5 things to do in Zimbabwe with kids:

1) Take a day trip to Victoria Falls

This is a sight you should never miss. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the largest waterfall in the world. This is a picture-perfect view which would make you want to see more of the country. Sitting on top of the Victoria Falls is the Devil’s Pool. Although swimming in the Devil’s Pool is an experience of a lifetime, it would probably

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe with Kids

best to leave the kids, especially the young ones, out of it. While in the town though, you can go walk with a bunch of lions in a guided tour. Guests who would like to “walk with pride” are advised to wear comfortable shoes and avoid bright coloured clothes. 

2) Interact with elephants in Mana Pools National Park

Next on our list of top things to do in Zimbabwe with kids involves national parks and elephants. There are plenty of national parks in Zimbabwe and our top favourites include Mana Pools which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a crowd favourite because this is one of the very few national parks in all of Africa where you are allowed to walk around on foot without a guide.

Elephant Mana Pools National Park - Zimbabwe with Kids

You will also have a guaranteed close encounter with elephants and zebras here. Although you are allowed to walk around by yourself, having a guide is still advised especially if you are with small children. You are also not allowed to bring any fruits in here. When planning your itinerary for Zimbabwe, take note that the Mana Pools National Park is closed during rainy season in the country which is from January to March

3) Get to learn more about Zimbabwe’s history at the National History Museum

The kids are never too young to start learning about other country’s culture and history. In fact, that should be an agenda in every trip to a new place. One of the top things to do in Zimbabwe with kids is to visit the National History Museum.

Natural History Museum - Zimbabwe with Kids Zimbabwe
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

All of the three floors of the building is filled with displays and exhibits of the country’s geological, natural, and anthropological history. The kids will be fascinated with the monster elephant in the taxidermy section. There is also a snake display which includes cobras and black mambas. 

4) Visit the Great Zimbabwe

This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to the 11th to 15th centuries AD. Spend a few hours roaming and exploring around this mysterious ruined city in Zimbabwe. There are three major areas to check out- Hill Complex, the Valley, and the Great Enclosure.

Hill Complex, Great Zimbabwe
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Each area has a different historical relevance. To better appreciate the place, hiring a local guide who knows about the history of the place is a great idea. 

5) Shop at Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artist Village

Of course, shopping is always part of the agenda during a trip. Another top thing to do in Zimbabwe with kids is to go shopping at Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artist Village. As per recommendations by the locals, this is the best place to shop African crafts.

African crafts - Zimbabwe with Kids

You will spend so much time going through all of the shops here that sells variety of items from jewellery to herbs. While here, you should not miss out on trying out the homegrown Zimbabwean coffee at The Africa cafe. The kids can sample delicious local cuisine here. 

6) Go on a cruise at the Zambezi River

Another item on our top things to do in Zimbabwe with kids is to go on Zambezi River cruise. This main entrance of the jump off of the cruise is near the Victoria Falls town. After taking in the beauty of the great Victoria Falls, this is a great activity to do afterwards.

Cruise at the Zambezi River - Zimbabwe with Kids

The cruise will let you explore the forest and savannah regions of the river. Along the riverbanks you might see elephants, giraffes, lions, and herds of sable antelopes which are living and thriving in the area. 

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