Top Kid-Friendly Airports in the World

No one likes being stuck in an airport for hours but if you’re going to be stuck in an airport you might as well have fun. Here’s a list of our favorite kid-friendly airports that make travel so much easier!


 1. Chicago O’Hare Airport, USA: Kids on the Fly Children’s Interactive Museum

Chicago O’Hare Airport, USA - Kid-Friendly Airports


2. Hong Kong Airport: Children’s Lounges

Hong Kong Airport: Children’s Lounges


3. Munich Airport, Germany: Kinderland

Munich Airport, Germany: Kinderland


4. Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Canada: SpacePort with exhibits and displays about outer space. 

Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Canada


5. San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, USA: Kids Spot and family security line.

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, USA


6. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Kids Forest Indoor Playground, Baby Care Lounge

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands


7. Changi Airport, Singapore: Indoor Playground

Changi Airport, Singapore


 8. Heathrow, London, United Kingdom: Family Lounges

Heathrow, London, United Kingdom


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