Top Kid-Friendly Airports in the World

No one likes being stuck in an airport for hours but if you’re going to be stuck in an airport you might as well have fun.

To keep your kids entertained in airports can be incredibly difficult. With long lines of queues, hours to wait for your departure (especially during delays) and the lack of entertainment, airports can easily stress a child out and lead to intense tantrums and flustered parents. Thus, it is optimal to know which airports in the world provide the best facilities for kids, so as to not have your holiday or vacation ruined before they even start.

Here’s a list of our top favorite kid-friendly airports that make travel so much easier!

 1. Chicago O’Hare Airport, USA: Kids on the Fly Children’s Interactive Museum

Whether you’re travelling with an infant or a toddler, Chicago O’Hare airport considers all needs for mothers and their children. The airport includes four terminals which offer private rooms for nursing and diaper changing facilities. For kids who are older, the airport’s grand ‘Kids on the Fly’ museum is a space to enjoy and pass the time by playing.

Chicago O’Hare Airport, USA - Kid-Friendly Airports

 This special exhibit includes interactive educational games as well as models of control towers and helicopters. This place gives your kids enough activities for them to be engaged for hours.


2. Hong Kong Airport: Children’s Lounges

The children’s play area or loungers are specific courses designed in Hong Kong’s airport Terminal 1 and comprise a variety of games and other activities. Children can choose to either busy themselves by going through small obstacle courses or lounge by watching cartoons in the TV area. Parents also have the availability of nursing rooms and can get infant/ baby strollers if needed.

Hong Kong Airport: Children’s Lounges

Besides the Children’s Lounges, Hong Kong airport also includes an Aviation Discovery Centre, a built-in IMAX Theatre and a maker’s workshop. The Dream Come True maker workshop is another area for entertainment which directly involves your children making whatever they wish for. In addition to this, children can also take part in the experience of being a pilot in the Aviation Discovery Centre. 


3. Munich Airport, Germany: Kinderland

Kinderland sums up everything that a child might want–from play areas, climbing courses, playground slide and a maker’s workshop area where they can colour, draw or craft. There are separate environments for children of different ages including specialised play areas being dedicated to toddlers and infants as well as older kids.

Munich Airport, Germany: Kinderland

However, the greatest facility that Munich Airport in Germany provides is the professional care where your children will be continuously supervised by well-trained adults, giving you the time off to relax in the adjoining Parent’s Lounge. There are also diaper changing rooms, highchairs and other amenities which can be provided when asked for. 


4. Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Canada: SpacePort with exhibits and displays about outer space. 

Located on the third floor of the airport, SpacePort is a gaming attraction that is based on all things space. This attraction offers the chance for kids to experience first-hand what it is like to be in outer space with hands-on displays and exhibits of space materials and artefacts. 

Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Canada

SpacePort also features a real-life model of NASA’s personal Space Shuttle orbiter, something that would definitely spark interest among kids as well as adults. Additionally, you can find simulation games like car racing, fighter jets and being in a space capsule. Both parents and children are allowed entry in Calgary Airport’s SpacePort. 


5. San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, USA: Kids Spot and family security line.

The Calgary International Airport has a number of different facilities catering to children of all ages. The Kids’ Spot is one of the most favorite area in the airport, specifically for its themed play area. This particular spot includes weather-based equipment which children can use to both play and learn from.

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, USA

These dedicated kids’ areas can be found in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. In addition to this, families also have the convenience of a dedicated security line which curbs the tiresome wait of a normal security checking line. 


6. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Kids Forest Indoor Playground, Baby Care Lounge

Schipol Airport, Amsterdam maintains a complete indoor playground that is surrounded by trees and other natural elements to make it look like an outdoor environment. Kids’ Forest Indoor Playground has everything you might need to keep your child occupied while also giving them an experience of an outdoor playground in an area with tree houses and climbing courses along with standard slides and swings.

Schiphol Airport

Beside the playground stands the BabyCare Lounge which is perfect for families who are travelling with infants because of the large variety of amenities offered in this place. 


7. Changi Airport, Singapore: Indoor Playground

Singapore is well-known for its breathtaking airport, which is complete with all the facilities you might need to pass your time away, from movie theatres to swimming pools and more. This convenience also applies for children who are looking for a fun time as the airport maintains different play spots in designated terminals.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Children can find all sorts of toys, from playground swings and slides to kiddy rides and merry-go-rounds. Children can also spend their time drawing and coloring in Changi Airport’s woodblock rubbing station. Furthermore, there are a number of baby changing rooms located quite conveniently throughout the Singaporean airport. 


 8. Heathrow, London, United Kingdom: Family Lounges

Heathrow in London comes rather prepared when handling children since it includes play spots in most of its terminals. These play areas or family lounges include standard playground equipment, but during certain seasons, the airport arranges cartoon costumed characters to visit the areas and spend time with the children.

Heathrow, London, United Kingdom

Heathrow also has special game zones and kids’ quiet room for children who are over the ages of 10. Mothers can easily nurse their infants in private rooms that are located around the airport. 

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